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I like making funnies every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

zarat taraz
zarat taraz - 7 timer siden
Ryland is just fake af, always thought he was only using Shane for his money and clout, he'll leave him once his money is all gone, mark my words.
Natalie Basin
Natalie Basin - 7 timer siden
Even if she was naturally skinny she must be severely under weight and needs medical attention anyway
jimzed - 7 timer siden
Maddi is like a daughter to sia and sia gives her a platform this is why she got the role, they work together it’s not about casting an autistic person, we’re not casting murderers for horror movies now are we. An autistic person can play whoever they are capable or playing and a non autistic person can play whoever they are capable of playing to
Michaela - 7 timer siden
It frustrates me that a marriage and family therapist is speaking on such sensitive issues. Katie is not qualified to diagnose. Misinformation is a big issue, and someone more qualified should have been the first to speak. As a student who originally wanted to be a therapist, my entire course studies would have been primarily focused around family and human services, not true psychological research. A psychologist with a PhD should be the “expert”, especially with the number of people who are exposed to her content.
dogsndisney - 8 timer siden
people actually watch this? lmao the merch looks exactly like ever other single merch i’ve ever seen
willist RainH2O
willist RainH2O - 8 timer siden
Onision is worse, at least the Dark Lord of Mordor isn't being investigated by Chris Hansen
gucci b
gucci b - 8 timer siden
Lol so she treated autistic peeps like a normy (harsh/unfairly) and people ripped her a new one XD news flash the world aint fair. Kids are born armless live in poverty live in hunger terminal illness ect ect ect we all get screwed over thats the norm
MatthewPlays_YT - 8 timer siden
Flufux - 8 timer siden
Wait, saying that someone is 'disabled' is not a bad word? Honestly, if someone were to tell me that my autism makes me 'disabled', as if it is only a bad thing, then I would get angry and insulted.
BRIX WXSHACID - 8 timer siden
This is very close to the reason I left wanting to fulfill acting, The Directors need to realize that their views should change to fit around the cultures and groups they are trying to represent. If they can’t then they are not a true artist. A true artist is represpentpve of the world around them, that why art is made. Sia should have been able to adapt her film to please autistic viewers, not herself. Art is for everyone. This is clearly garbage.
Michael Love
Michael Love - 8 timer siden
As an adult autistic person, I hated this movie. It's just what happens when people don't do their research, I was hoping for good representation this go around.
Tooda Man Lil Bubba
Tooda Man Lil Bubba - 8 timer siden
Shut up I might be young but what do you have to do with it
Writing Geek
Writing Geek - 8 timer siden
Tiny edit on front: We use the term disordered, not disabled. In Dutch, my language we use “stoornis” (disorder) instead of “handicap/onbekwaamheid” (disability).with my autism, I am perfectly able (to learn) to blend in and mask my behavior. But it is okay, most people don’t realise the difference so much. 4:40 I have autism, having Maddie play an autistic character is the least of my concerns and also tends to be mostly a concern by neurotypical people instead (as far as I have noticed, your opinion is validated nonetheless, don’t get me wrong). Why is that the least of my concern? Well, acting is acting. It’s much more important to me that the actor, writer, director, etc. is respectful and diligent at correctly protraying a character than actually having an actor who is on the spectrum. If I were an actor, I would face the exact same problems as most actors trying to portray someone with classic autism (I myself have PDD-NOS) so it’s irrational to me to gatekeep autistic characters, actors with neurological disorders constantly play neurotypical characters too. Also, why is it that musicals for example are okay with black actors playing white characters? Shouldn’t the actor be white as well then? Why are Asian nations holding productions like Les Mis when most of their ethnicities are Asian? Etc. Characters are characters, it does not matter what actor portrays them, as long as it is respectful (and good). Edit: Also, if you don’t agree with me right now. Try to look up actors with autism, there are some well known examples who are actually diagnosed. Like Sir Anthony Hopkins, Dan Aykroyd, Daryl Hannah, to name a few.
Steph Fletch
Steph Fletch - 9 timer siden
ryland’s socks make me uncomfortable
quinevere - 9 timer siden
comment for the algorithm
cloud - 9 timer siden
Sorry about your cats :(
Mrs StraightTalker
Mrs StraightTalker - 9 timer siden
OMG OK so it’s not just me, it’s boring as shit. I only finished the video because of you 😂
TheGalaxyBunny - 9 timer siden
i'm 13 and i understand "yo that's a crime i'm tryna get a job not a cell mate"
cloud - 9 timer siden
Mrs StraightTalker
Mrs StraightTalker - 9 timer siden
Fraser love, not to be a nitpicker, but I thought you’d like to know that the plural of series is literally series :-) The English language is just stupid like that haha.
Ruby Morrison
Ruby Morrison - 9 timer siden
This is just to help :) people comment and like
Vi Serpentine
Vi Serpentine - 9 timer siden
I really enjoy your channel. From your accent to the content to the editing, great quality and quite entertaining while also informative. Keep up the good work.
Jessica Hunnewell
Jessica Hunnewell - 9 timer siden
Her eyes look like she’s on crack
Katie Squires
Katie Squires - 9 timer siden
Also interesting that before Shane he was a host and producer on clevver tv - essentially a gossip NOburn channel. ‘Tea’ has basically been this man’s whole life
Yuly Triana Lopez
Yuly Triana Lopez - 10 timer siden
This really just shows she didn’t care about the message she was trying to portray but rather cared only to be seen as “woke” or something while also making money out of it.
Worst Asian Emily
Worst Asian Emily - 10 timer siden
Ryland peaked in high school. Clearly he will never get rid of his mean girl act and continue to be problematic
The New Khan
The New Khan - 10 timer siden
I just wonder, why so many people are afraid to say somebody is disabled or autistic. It's not a slur. A disabled person and their family will not be offended, trust me, we use these terms all the time. Calling someone who struggles all his life with disability "special" is weird... Disabled people got obstacles in their lifes, not "special powers".
TheGalaxyBunny - 10 timer siden
poopy stinky
Gabriela Trinkl
Gabriela Trinkl - 10 timer siden
I LOVE LAURA, I was so happy and surprised to see it was her. I've followed her insta for ages
MisFrijoles2099 Queso
MisFrijoles2099 Queso - 10 timer siden
Luna7643 - 10 timer siden
serioualy they should have just named the podcast the ryland show and lozzy should have her own podcast cuz id rather listen to her
xxOMGgalxx - 11 timer siden
For me, I don't mind actors acting even if they don't fit the demographic completely (like straight person acting as a gay person). The most important part is that they actually talk to people in these demographics. Like how do I not make an utter ass of myself in these scenes. If they don't cast a person in these groups at least have a consultant (i.e. actual human that experiences these on the day to day) to make sure the representation is true. Actors can act if they do proper research and communication. I also blame the directors for NOT attempting to try hiring the actual demographic or trying communications at the very least.
Andie Pearce
Andie Pearce - 11 timer siden
Empire is an anti war film
Noa - 11 timer siden
Liza - 11 timer siden
I have been following her behaviour for 3 years... And nothing changed. Am i surprised? Am i disappointed?
Shelby Spider
Shelby Spider - 11 timer siden
Not confused one bit.
Halfshinesketches - 11 timer siden
I’m pretty sure that baby animals aren’t used because 1-not a lot of meat on babies 2-the animal could be used for breeding and killing the animal before they are old enough the genes end there
Felicity penn
Felicity penn - 11 timer siden
I'm autistic and ADHD (asd, asperges) and does that make me a power ranger now? Wtf nice sis special abilities wow ffs not every austisic person is the same and in girls it's so much harder to identify than malea because of our hormones Im upset I haven't see the movie don't want to but from what I have seen I'm disappointed and horrified that someone said to her "that's good we'll realse it" not "isn't that offence?" fuck her and everything she stands for were not inanimate objects WE ARW HUMAN were just special needs not ability. Sorry for the rant but this needed to be said she doesn't even know the struggles the meds the appointment with CAMHS blood pressure, height, weight taken every 2 weeks mentally not happy because your not "normal"
Livia Chayanam
Livia Chayanam - 11 timer siden
Tomminit: exists ThatVeganTeacher: Ima ruin this whole mans carrier
Hannah Leigh D
Hannah Leigh D - 11 timer siden
the autistic self advocacy network (ASAN) is one I've heard a lot of autistic people champion, they have a full board of autistic people. I've read a few things on their website and they're really dedicated to speaking for themselves and not allowing neurotypical people speak over them! they even have a button on their website to make it easier for dyslexic people to read it!
Connor's Relm
Connor's Relm - 11 timer siden
This video is about a movie. It has Kenji in it. Kenji the Movie. Let's make a youtube movie about Kenji.
Alyssa Reminiec
Alyssa Reminiec - 11 timer siden
Repzion did a severe review on Onion brain's failed try at being a "author"..He really racked Greggy over a lot of hot coals
Shelby Spider
Shelby Spider - 12 timer siden
She's being pretty ableist all the damn time. One tick tock she calls out a guy who said he used to hunt game to feed starving African villages.... She was literally all, how do we know they don't have any alternatives???? Umm, maybe the guy who was working in a not for profit hunting game in the Savannah desperately trying to feed starving children was the first clue crops were off the table.
Cecilly Blanton
Cecilly Blanton - 12 timer siden
But can we talk about how Sia is and has been basically obsessed with a CHILD?!?!?! Her ✨muse✨ for the last what like 7-8 years has been basically obsessed over since she was 11. Yes she’s 18 now. But that doesn’t make anything that was done any better
king becca
king becca - 12 timer siden
u are gorgeous 😡😡 don’t let anyone tell u different
Flub Penfold
Flub Penfold - 12 timer siden
[Attack on Titan fans have entered the chat]
TealFlight - 12 timer siden
A pog for the algorithm
Rebecca Page
Rebecca Page - 12 timer siden
Everyone if you wanna know another youtuber i like you can watch him here @Pancho
carnivalmutt - 12 timer siden
Being treated like I’m a fucking superhero
Mr. Jamjuice
Mr. Jamjuice - 12 timer siden
Kenji pog
Rebecca Page
Rebecca Page - 12 timer siden
Ummm guys ima go watch #TommyInnit if y'all wanna to bai guys
M B - 13 timer siden
We love the nuggie king
Lilyyy Maeee
Lilyyy Maeee - 13 timer siden
Someone should remake it Making it more about autism rather than gaining money And actually casting a autistic actor And taking out all the flashing and needless bright colours
James Georgia
James Georgia - 13 timer siden
I just think its beautiful I can go from hearing a far cry 3 quote at 9:07 and end up buying and playing it by 24:30.... I remember things like this taking AGES 10 years ago and now it takes like 15 minutes.... beautiful
M4Snow - 13 timer siden
I just lost my cat yesterday. It's been a rough few hours but seeing your personality makes me feel a little bit better and takes my mind off of it. Thank you
faith lynn
faith lynn - 13 timer siden
It’s also sad that this wasn’t brought to light sooner because they tried hiding it with the snowman song trend on tiktok, I feel like if we brought it up sooner we could’ve had someone else casted before too much was shot
Racine YoUtube
Racine YoUtube - 13 timer siden
Shane dawkins The mad weird experience Part 34 M.oney time
Lindsey Sloan
Lindsey Sloan - 13 timer siden
What's eating Gilbert grape is one of my favorite movies
molly white
molly white - 13 timer siden
James Georgia
James Georgia - 13 timer siden
Im just here for the 5 seconds of above average luck
Black Pocahontas
Black Pocahontas - 13 timer siden
Mannnnn let this been a 19 year old guy ....
Peter MacPhail
Peter MacPhail - 13 timer siden
inabber is top tier yt
C H - 14 timer siden
Everyone hates Ryland because it’s very obvious that he’s so fake and everything he says is just b.s and trying to make Shane popular again
ghsfilet - 14 timer siden
the only thing stopping me from subbing to you is because you don't make a pronunciation difference between "create" and "curate". they mean two different things and are pronounced differently.
Kayla-Elizabeth - 14 timer siden
the way sia talks about autistic people sounds like she’s describing x men like ????
Lunar - 14 timer siden
Racine YoUtube
Racine YoUtube - 14 timer siden
I think there is a difference between taking about drama and then gossiping about people and their situations while offering no constructive advice or education... -Drama isnt a necessity, people choose it.- Its because people love hearing when other people's lives are going wrong as it brings comfort in the face of struggles in their own. I guarantee you everyone has issues and even though we play poker face and act as if one is better than the other, everyone struggles behind closed doors. I highly doubt when you get older you wont be posting about drama etc and if you are I pray you find happiness.. :D
Kylie Reed
Kylie Reed - 14 timer siden
She was so proud of her “they’re called special abilities now”. Oh Sweetheart...
Luci Malign
Luci Malign - 14 timer siden
as an autistic person I personally don't think the actor has to be autistic but I think it is VERY VERY important to have an autistic person there on the set and throughout the film process so that the people are in check bcoz even if u are a psychiatrist most of them ngl do not know anything about autism lmfao the only good depiction of autism i have seen is atypical