Amberlynn Reid Is A Serious Problem

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Amberlynn Reid is a weight loss NOburnr known for being exposed and getting in trouble, she started off her weight loss journey in 2013 and has currently gained 200lbs since. Today we will be taking a look at that story and why I think she is putting her fans in danger.
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this video is all opinion based.
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iNabber - 3 måneder siden
30,000 likes + 3000 comments and ill upload tomorrow!
Susanne Buchholz
Susanne Buchholz - 6 dager siden
I like your content! That's why I subscribed to your channel.Greetings from Hamburg/Germany✌🏻
Wo man face
Wo man face - Måned siden
Alyssa McCorkle
Alyssa McCorkle - Måned siden
Moe Steele
Moe Steele - 2 måneder siden
Hey, hope you're doing well :). Can you please add subtitles for your deaf/ hard of hearing fans.
Sharon Moore
Sharon Moore - 2 måneder siden
12 stone= 168 lbs it sounds better in stone.
Liza - 12 timer siden
I have been following her behaviour for 3 years... And nothing changed. Am i surprised? Am i disappointed?
Mia Schwarz
Mia Schwarz - Dag siden
As you say PRIMINK, do you maybe know if he is still alive and hopefully well?
Mad Lil' Hatter
Mad Lil' Hatter - 4 dager siden
I might actually make my own channel about my own weight loss journey. Mostly to give myself more motivation. Just like me working out and cooking healthy, as I don't like crazy diets. Not like I could stick to one anyway 😂
Love your content 💕💕💕
Pixel Ate
Pixel Ate - 4 dager siden
I admit I'm not exactly in the ALR loop, and I do get the criticism...but the amount of nearly-universal hate toward her because she doesn't successfully lose weight (bc she might "inspire a copy cat" (most people considering weight loss channels by definition wouldn't prefer to keep their weight & would prob more likely be more afraid of failure & the public turning on them....)) just doesn't feel like it's enough to make people hate her so much. At the end of the day people just do not like her & it feels like it's more about a random sampling of her hypocrisies & irritating people, plus the "scam" of ALR gaining users under the guise of weight loss with no intention of weight loss, but with a better justification about that being "dangerous"
LavenderFox 205
LavenderFox 205 - 5 dager siden
I feel like if she finishs her goal, she could make like a working out and diet channel 🤷🏽‍♀️
Scarlett Says
Scarlett Says - 7 dager siden
it's interesting and to iNabber's point that ALR doesn't feel comfortable eating 700 calories for some badly needed changes to her health and fitness, but she's more than comfortable eating 2,000 calories on camera, and binging up to 10,000 calories in one day, by her own admission... definitely suspicious
milli transylvania
milli transylvania - 7 dager siden
me not knowing who she is, after this video 👁👄👁 i regret asking ...
Akosua Boahemaa
Akosua Boahemaa - 7 dager siden
She loves being fat. She is
Mykayla Moe
Mykayla Moe - 8 dager siden
Lmfao I dont know the metric system. Shots fired
Sowneyy 7.62
Sowneyy 7.62 - 9 dager siden
Damn Bri ish
Terry Yawkee
Terry Yawkee - 10 dager siden
Trivial content lmao
Always Hangry Girl
Always Hangry Girl - 11 dager siden
What happened to primink? I enjoyed his videos
mmanda515 - 12 dager siden
Sadly I think there are a LOT of people on YT who could be considered a "bad influence" to viewers... Be that for extreme weight/eating habits (or lack thereof) ..... psychopathic behaviors, grooming, high levels of manipulation.... taking advantage of very young viewers, illegal 'gambling'/lottery presented as 'merch' or... 'giveaways'.... illegal non-disclosure of advertising & marketing... pranks that go way too far.... even abuse... etc etc. I do think things get exaggerated or she dramatizes certain things, people, etc. but ALR, I do think goes in w/ the best intentions wanting to lose weight & make changes. Quickly tho, for one reason or another (as we all have, just not publicly) it's SO easy to come up w/ reasons to be off track, give up.... try again, etc. A horrible cycle, esp... the more you gain, more depressed you become about it. At the other end of the spectrum, knowing a lot about behavior patterns, emotional development, toxic relationships/personality & having nearly 3 decades of experience/education.... there are many I've followed on YT, watched their careers just as a viewer over the years. A couple I think people see the surface of, but if they took a step back & really thought about some of the details or patterns even, might see a different picture. 3 immediately come to mind. 1... Onision. Finally, many are seeing but still not to the full extent. Imho, his emotional development stunted at a young age... his thought process, thinking skills, emotional connection, traits of personality etc.. altered or lacking. Highly manipulative imho & will just say, super toxic. Any situation, if anyone wants to know the actual intention or what/why he was doing something.... feel free to ask. Having a near photo memory helps, w/ lots of (to me anyway) useless details.. that might help someone else. There's another, quite similar BUT..... who also uses others too. Unlike Onision, this one.. manages to fool many & doesn't put all their fkery out there. Instead, pretends to have changed, while... just getting better at manipulating & at hiding their toxicity.... JS! In any given moment, he & O imho, impulsively say/do... whatever might work to get their OWN wants/needs met... w/ zero consideration, compassion, integrity OR insight... for anything or anyone else! So much of what he's put out there, has been calculated, purposeful & stated in a certain way, intending to mislead, deflect/distract, create, gain OR push away attention from.... OR.... to destroy. Some things, even created out of thin air imho OR.. having taken teeny grains of truth & spun them into something completely different that would better benefit himself. True... or not, he knows full well if he even says anything, people will run with it. Some close to, imho, also know this very well & its why they don't challenge him! O.. on the other hand, truly thinks his own feelings/perceptions about anything = facts. Rules, law, boundaries, social norms (he's SOOOO socially awkward... re-watch his convo outside his home last yr w/ billie the fridge, phew!!! Speaking of last year.. that event w/ his daughter, his behavior, then.... that tweet immediately after? Should speak VOLUMES imho. Being coincidence, not possible imho. Absolutely terrifying!) Lastly, for some reason the one I feel the worst for.... Eugenia. Imho it is what people think, just not for the reason they think. All the attention, accusations etc.... unfortunately imho, only making everything worse FOR her at home. Problem is.... what is one to do, I get that. Something has to be said, yet... at the same time, I have this sinking feeling that prob since she was young...... EVVVVVERYTHING about every second of her existence..... has been controlled. That she's NOT in a good environment, at all........ they keep her like a child, but also... as their means of support. People think she's just "overly nice.. too nice"... That too, can be a reaction to always being on eggshells, that she's always apologizing, trying to find the good in any/every situation... not able to use critical thinking or cognitive reasoning that comes w/ full emotional development. Unable to see around corners fully... to the consequences of someone's actions (nor the impact to anyone... not even to self) Again, can happen when everything is the opposite... & she HAS to be that way, as a means of survival. Thing is, since it's been so long, idk that she knows any differently TO know better. Technically an adult, but..... her development & maturity was kept as a young girl... When you aren't socialized or allowed to be around others unsupervised or for more than a moment..... your thoughts, beliefs, everything.... via gaslighting, manipulation, force.. being trapped... who knows...... might not even be her own. =( Just something to consider................. Stay safe & be well. #HIDDENABUSE #CycleOfAbuse #RedFlags #PsychopathFree #Nefarious15 #Evil8 #DoctorRamani #MedCircle #TheSociopathNextDoor #Flyingmonkeys #NarcissisticAbuse
Fat,Gay, and Tired!
Fat,Gay, and Tired! - 13 dager siden
I think what she did was so shitty. But if you do not agree with releasing messages then YOU DON’T share them. It’s pretty hypocritical to do so. I totally agree everything she did was gross and next level vile but if you use DM’s then you can’t also take an imaginary high road. You could have said “There are some pretty awful VM messages that involve abhorrent behavior. You won’t have an issue finding them, but because I don’t agree with sharing personal messages I can’t in good conscious participate in this behavior. I have issues with some vids but I AM a big fan, still am. I’m not hating with this, but am pointing out some problematic behavior with good intention. Looking forward to watching future videos.
BlondzRule All
BlondzRule All - 25 dager siden
7:15 she keeps looking for “someone to change her life forever”. And this is her pattern, she does not want to change her life style, she thinks going on a fad diet or diet plan for a few weeks is the answer. She needs a lifestyle change. If she actually started eating clean and healthy, exercised, she would lose weight and have so man6 followers. I would absolutely support her. But she does not really want to change, she is not wanting to put actual effort in.
Not Chris
Not Chris - 27 dager siden
Losing weight was the best thing that happened to me as a teen ( I never liked exercising before) but now I liked being healthy now
EleanorMae Lawson
EleanorMae Lawson - 29 dager siden
Am I gonna do a mukbang? No. I have morals. Lol I liked for that line alone ha ha
PotatoTron !
PotatoTron ! - Måned siden
I have had the exact opposite of this I was under weight and needed to gain weight
Kitten KC
Kitten KC - Måned siden
sorry nabber but you literally just repeated yourself in the other video about her
Darlin Clementine
Darlin Clementine - Måned siden
I lost it when you said you weren't going to convert stone to pounds because Americans should be British 💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣
Haokai and Taylor
Haokai and Taylor - Måned siden
I think slowly reducing your calories is a good way. Going from eating 4000 cals to 1500 will help shrink the stomach to a normal size and then you will feel more full. Also cutting out sugary things like sodas, fast food, highly sodium food items because they make you retain water and bloat. Once she loses some weight she can start doing easy workouts and feel like she can move better.
Kryptosimponite Legend
Kryptosimponite Legend - Måned siden
How do you not expect her to be involved in everything, that girl wider than all outside.
Apple Cider
Apple Cider - Måned siden
Alex - Måned siden
Are you trans?
Lemon Joyz
Lemon Joyz - Måned siden
·Emotional_Gack· - Måned siden
My dog is biting my foot. It's now numb. Oh wait my pinky toe-
The Batzinator
The Batzinator - Måned siden
Has anyone ever thought that maybe she's getting paid extra by "Feeders" to continue to get bigger?? As, I'm sure you know, there's a really dark side to YouTube...
AlyssaHiill - Måned siden
I’m obese. I have a drs appointment with a bariatric doctor for a weight loss surgery informational seminar (step 1 of the process) I’ve struggled to lose weight due to mental health but eating less calories is the point of losing weight. You’re eating different amounts of different foods you’re not used to. That. Is. The. Point.
Mang Pike Hence
Mang Pike Hence - Måned siden
I paused and read that DM from ANNIE that was up on the screen briefly at 18:20, and holy grammar and punctuation Batman! I don’t fully understand what ANNIE was trying to say, but I’m GOING to guess it was bad.
yellow potatoeee
yellow potatoeee - Måned siden
Even worse she is a flat earther
Percheron Eclipse
Percheron Eclipse - Måned siden
You are doing a great job documenting the modern concepts of social media. Thank you. Best wishes, And continue the research.
Percheron Eclipse
Percheron Eclipse - Måned siden
I don’t even know who she is. Thankfully you have done the analysis.
Emberlynn Rowell
Emberlynn Rowell - Måned siden
matthewosks - Måned siden
Do you write a script for this vid
HennaLang - Måned siden
Ooooo what's the song in your outro?
Bonnie Does What?
Bonnie Does What? - Måned siden
A typical diet program is 1200 calories a day. 700 calories isn’t good for you. It might be okay for the short term, but it’s not sustainable and almost anyone can loose weight on a 1200 calorie diet (maybe not if you are unable to exercise at all, but generally).
brightbruce - Måned siden
you're disgusting because of how you misrepresent veganism and vegan's.
Rem Mo
Rem Mo - Måned siden
@brightbruce ah vegan teacher 2.0
S0rc!ère - Måned siden
@brightbruce I understand your points and I'm not here to give you any kind of lesson and I don't want to, but be aware that people can find you a bit aggresive and this never helped any causes. If I gave you a speech about dysortographia while being aggressive, you probably wouldn't like it or gave any support to that cause
brightbruce - Måned siden
@S0rc!ère yes i made a choice to try and stop animal's being treated as object's and instead trying to get them a right to life and to be respected instead of killed when there are 88,000 different plants people can eat. i respect that you make a choice to cause animal's to suffer and die horrible all the time.
S0rc!ère - Måned siden
@brightbruce I recommend to not take this personally, those type of channel are based on opinions. You have the right to disagree or to find him offensive (I sometimes do) but if watching him makes you feel sad, then don't watch (and I don't mean it in an offensive way). I think that the videos he made about the vegan personnel was more about what she said than what she believed in. You can do whatever you want as long as you don't force people to do it. And I must say that I respect totally your choices !
brightbruce - Måned siden
@S0rc!ère that ok friend. this man is mean to vegan's and doesn't know how a vegan thinks about animals. he deleted my comment saying that he mis speaks about a vegan woman and that he made lies and then he said mean things about her and manipulated the subject. it is very sad to see him do this.
AI K05
AI K05 - Måned siden
Kalokairi - Måned siden
This is so crazy. My mom is going through cancer currently and she barely feels good enough to be on Facebook for a an hour or be on the phone for more then maybe ten minutes because the treatment makes her feel horrible. When somebody is sick like that you cannot hold them accountable for not socializing because in that time they are trying to rest and get better which is what really matters.
Rem Mo
Rem Mo - Måned siden
Hope the treatment goes well, buddy
Theresa MK
Theresa MK - Måned siden
This looks like disordered eating and her doing this on social media is problematic. She should probably stick to like, 2,000-2,500 calories a day and then go down from there. Trying to do fad diets that have you eating 900/day and then bingeing is so unhealthy.
Theresa MK
Theresa MK - Måned siden
Okay, wait. I don't think any nutritionist worth their salt would recommend 700 calories a day every day
All-out Jessica
All-out Jessica - Måned siden
I'm plus size and pregnant and I still eat less then amber in one meal like don't get me wrong I eat maybe 1700 calories a day I should eat more but sis this baby said "more food = more nausea " 😂 but she eats what me and my husband's eats in one week in a day for her
sp1k3_ eXe
sp1k3_ eXe - Måned siden
Nabber: u should simply be british
Me being american: but guns go pow powQwQ
The Vengeful One
The Vengeful One - Måned siden
I'm very glad I'm a girl who's the recommended weight. Minus my chest, which is above average for my area but that was my choice
Hecc Mann
Hecc Mann - Måned siden
23:17 *C H I K I N*
Muse - Måned siden
Okay, the comments alone of this video make me concerned. I will need to see the actual context but, for the record, 700 calories a day is a severe starvation diet that will only make you heavier, if not actually kill you from malnutrition. TODDLERS need 1200 calories a day. There's a difference between a diet and like... Actually actively doing more harm.
Muse - Måned siden
Ok so to elaborate more now that I'm watching it. A "weight loss doctor" is an incredibly broad term and doesn't always mean someone who has a doctorate of any kind. Pretty much anyone can take a few classes and call themselves a nutritionist, but that doesn't make them an MD or a registered dietician, who is who you'd need to see as far as a proper doctor to help you with proper nutrition and intuitive eating. And most doctors, the good ones, won't have weight loss as your focal goal. They'd focus on things like your blood sugar, cholesterol levels, hydration levels, etc. Weight loss is *sometimes* a side effect of proper nutrition, but sometimes your set weight is just higher. It's a massive factor of genes and family history. Especially being on and off of radical fad diets can make you retain more weight, because your body is literally being trained to hold on to calories, because it doesn't know when you'll next get food. (Not to mention the fact that it's been shown in multiple studies that up to 87% of the people who lose weight will gain it back within five years, if not gain more, because of how restrictive eating works.) Literally no sane doctor that wants what's best for you is going to suggest diets that give you only a few hundred calories a day, because calories are quite literally energy. Frankly, if a doctor told me only to eat 700-900 calories a day, I would report them for malpractice, because it's *not safe.* You're absolutely correct that the possible GoFundMe scam and being unappreciative and disrespectful to people can make her a negative person, as well as the allegations of animal abuse, but we can critique her without fatshaming someone and taking digs at how well she sticks to diets.
Bafflinnn - Måned siden
Dont do that intro again please.
S0rc!ère - Måned siden
Why ?
MelPlayz Gacha
MelPlayz Gacha - Måned siden
I think I’m 5. Something stone
sharp2257 - Måned siden
Just let her eat , let her become 1,000 stone
Ruby Blue
Ruby Blue - Måned siden
I get the vibe ALR is a horrible person and seems to thoroughly believe she knows better than everyone and has no problem with lying to meet her own ends, but something that frustrates me to no end is her inability to understand how calorie deficits work
(Also yeah a year is nothing in Real Adult Time lmao it’s no excuse)
Clover Jey-Haley
Clover Jey-Haley - Måned siden
"The money I was *going* to give you." ?? Did she not give the money from the Go Fund Me? What happened with that?
I'm new to this Becky's mom's cancer thing. If someone could answer my question, I'd appreciate it muchly 🤗
Clover Jey-Haley
Clover Jey-Haley - 25 dager siden
@Sugarplum Fairy Thank you! 🙃 😷
Sugarplum Fairy
Sugarplum Fairy - 25 dager siden
The go fund me was sponsored by Becky’s mothers significant other. Amber had nothing to do with the go fund me other than the video she did advertising it which was pulled for violating TOS. The money that she was going to give her was the money that she made on that video in which she told viewers to watch all the ads which is where the violation came in. It has been debated how much she did make on the video, but whatever it was apparently Norma never received it per Amberlynn’s statement.
Will Not
Will Not - Måned siden
Wtf did I just watch oO
Joe Blow
Joe Blow - Måned siden
iNabber I'd be more worried about that lesbian/butch hair cut you have going on, also I don't see the weight in your face FWIW
iwanttobeperfect101 - Måned siden
Next, turn your attention to foodie beauty. Good lord she is a train wreck and a half.
Zsayzwat - Måned siden
346 pounds later 😂🤣😂🤣😂
clair - Måned siden
I can't listen to her, she just sounds so manipulative and passive aggressive.
gosling the squid
gosling the squid - Måned siden
Organized Entropy
Organized Entropy - Måned siden
It’s ok. It’s only a matter of time till the problem takes care of itself.
Cry Baby
Cry Baby - Måned siden
a stone is ~14 lbs
Eli spidergod
Eli spidergod - Måned siden
She def does need to eat less calories but the first dietician wanting her on 700 a day is kinda sketch because 700 is starving yourself for someone w a normal bmi so I cant imagine going from 2000+ to 700 healthily. But its a pattern for her to not listen to dieticians. The 900 one with a meal plan she even said she felt full? So idk whats up w her ditching that
Nyetash Samosval
Nyetash Samosval - Måned siden
More like 300 pounds gained in 8 years on YouTube
ChaiiTea - Måned siden
Every person that subscribes to her was just sleep pressing buttons and forgot about it
chack - Måned siden
Kinda ironic a weight loss youtuber gained 200 lbs
neg ra
neg ra - Måned siden
kenji shibe
Pan With The Plan
Pan With The Plan - Måned siden
I cant handle her mukbang videos. They are so annoying
Amberlyn: *takes a bite* “mhm mhm mhm mhm. Mhm mhm mhm”
DivaAllyC - 22 timer siden
Then the rolling her eyes all the way back
Charlotte - 2 dager siden
Not to mention the thumbnails that she definitely doesn’t choose herself on said mukbang videos!
Pan With The Plan
Pan With The Plan - 12 dager siden
Yukorai a lot of them can be when the person is extra and sloppy but some are neat and pleasant and i like seeing all the new foods. It makes me interested in trying them myself
Yukorai - 12 dager siden
Popular opinion: mukbang is kinda gross
MILK - Måned siden
WTF YESTERDAY YOU HAD EXACTLY 700k subs HOW DID YOU GAIN 20k subs IN ONE DAY , GGs to you keep going .
Samanntha Swεεtnεss
Samanntha Swεεtnεss - Måned siden
“As much as I empathize and feel bad”
Feel bad for what? She did it to herself.
daydreamer :D
daydreamer :D - Måned siden
For Americans, 1 stone is 14 pounds
S0rc!ère - Måned siden
Thanks, I was lost 😅
♡sp0on♥ - Måned siden
Hope she can cook
Phantom Games
Phantom Games - Måned siden
some of the calorie count she is saying are unhealthy someone her height and weight should be consuming less than 1000 calories a day. her nutritionist was an idiot cause with 900 she is more likely to binge. Amber Lynn just needs someone to give her tough love. someone who is going to not just say okay. She doesn't have mature mindset.
cyan - Måned siden
Amberlynn is a 30 year old woman with a mentality and intellect of a 14 year old
Thot Cransen
Thot Cransen - Måned siden
My hentai collection is so big i can’t even show anyone it because I’m pretty sure some of it is illegal in the Us
S0rc!ère - Måned siden
😶 ... Why this comment on this video ?
vamperus - Måned siden
“For the money I WAS going to give you”
Meaning she hasn’t given her the money yet, yikes.
“Bringing negativity to my YT channel”
You mean how you put out the moms business about her having cancer when she asked you not to? And how you put her on camera when she asked you not to? And how you told her you were going to make a video and give her 100% profits when she specifically asked you not to? Hmmm. Strange.
Beckys sister and aunt made a go fund me for Beckys mom to raise money and ALR needed the attention.
Bizzle Jams
Bizzle Jams - Måned siden
Becky's mom is dead.
R Hobbs
R Hobbs - Måned siden
Constantly putting on weight and then buying clothes because she can’t fit into her old ones. If she was serious about losing weight she wouldn’t be doing that, she would be thinking “fuck I’ve put on a couple pounds, lemme just stop binging and work out more. wait until I’ve gone down a size then get some new clothes”
The fact it’s a continuous cycle of getting bigger and bigger and just buying new shit makes it feel like she’s ok with that and just buying herself clothes to celebrate
Astropathix XIII
Astropathix XIII - Måned siden
600 pounds of cancer
ScorpioXVirgo - Måned siden
Starting to think amberlynn is histrionic
Sugarplum Fairy
Sugarplum Fairy - 25 dager siden
There’s a lot of people who think that.
Depressed Carrot
Depressed Carrot - Måned siden
the whiplash i get whenever undertale soundtrack starts playing after just binging like four let's plays of it is crazy
KT 218
KT 218 - Måned siden
Sympathy for Becky's mom; I had a former friend do some similar stupid ish to me after I was in a life altering car crash. I was in a coma and most all of my friends and family came to visit including this girl who I'll call Jane. I was in hospitals for 4 moths after I woke up and for 6 months I got emails from Jane saying "If I only prayed hard enough" etc etc that I would be HEALED and walk again (I was paralyzed in the crash, still am). I told her I understood that she'd found religion and appreciated the thoughts and love but please stop telling me things that say it's my fault for not believing the same way you do that I'm paralyzed. Jane snapped. She sent me this scathing series of messages about "I had to LOOK at your messed up face in the hospital, you don't understand what it's like to be traumatized like that!" "It IS your fault for not believing in God the right way" and a lot of other...things. So I decided I didn't have the energy to deal with her and that was the end of it. Some people get weird when it's not all about them.
HamzIsAThing - Måned siden
SJ MC - Måned siden
Welcome to haydur nation everyone x Its hell here x
Ori Voss
Ori Voss - Måned siden
Jokes on you Frasier! I watch Supersize Vs Superskinny so I know stones!
castro - Måned siden
you don’t do something for thanks, you do something because you’re a genuinely good person. she’s just trying to feed her ego. while it’s decency to thank someone for doing something kind, you should NEVER go into something with the expectation to be thanked. borderline performative activism.
Just A Moth
Just A Moth - Måned siden
I watched Tom Harlock react to her
StandWithMe - Måned siden
I love this outro song 👾
Mae Robinson
Mae Robinson - Måned siden
she's like a car crash, I don't wanna watch but if I see a video like this or tom harlocks one I'm gonna click lol
SirTacocat - Måned siden
I came from Kenji
This is great
Bonnie Does What?
Bonnie Does What? - Måned siden
I have heard that women should not drop bellow 1200 calories a day. Maybe there is some bad but very believable advice out there.
Saturn Fisher
Saturn Fisher - Måned siden
Tom harlock also has a great comprehensive video about her
Wren Malaguti
Wren Malaguti - Måned siden
It’s messing with my sike 💔🥺😨😭
Corsair Carl
Corsair Carl - Måned siden
I'm a fat guy and even I'm like "Who the fuck is this fat chick?" Like I actually go out and DO SOMETHING and I keep my head down XD
amazingly_bookish - Måned siden
You give me doctor who vibes and even tho I can't explain this I still LOVE it 😅⭐
xn0 - Måned siden
Is this the clone of PhillyD ?
alwaysyouramanda - Måned siden
Have you.. have you lived off of 600-700csls a day for 3 months because that got me down to 117 from 132 in about 3 months or less.
alwaysyouramanda - Måned siden
Hit that 17.5 bmi
alwaysyouramanda - Måned siden
A doc wasn’t the one who told me to do it tho- I was depressed.
alwaysyouramanda - Måned siden
Cals** It felt like death. I don’t think the doc was on it with that one.
Clumsy Rabbit
Clumsy Rabbit - Måned siden
You didn't talk about her mental health at all, so I think your video is ultimately inaccurate in the totality of the situation. You're right that she is trapped in a vicious cycle for youtube views and money though - though she could easily so well if she started actually losing weight, too. She needs to address her mental health to escape the cycle. Your researchers should've caught that!
Huckle *__*
Huckle *__* - Måned siden
Rachel Anne
Rachel Anne - Måned siden
I enjoy your videos and agree that those messages from Amberlynn to Becky's mom were not great. That being said, I think if you're against leaking messages, it would be best not to spread them further, even if they're already public.While we can't avoid them being released, we can try not to share them even more.
kortmyster - Måned siden
Canadians don't know stone either please be nice to us!😂😂😂
phoebs69 - Måned siden
The best way to lose weight is to count calories. That's what I've been doing before. I can't now, because of my temporarily stoma ( I've had colon cancer removed). But I will do again, when my stoma is removed. It's crazy that this girl is counting the calories, just to eat more. If you're not hungry, then don't eat more.
mochiii moch
mochiii moch - 2 måneder siden
First found out Amberlynn through Tom Harlock, honestly didn’t think she would get worse.