Blaire White Is Putting Trans People In DANGER

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Blaire White has recently been involved in a scandal involving Trans athlete Janae Marie Kroc after spreading misinformation and lies about her, today we are going to take a look at that and also other scandals involving Jeffree Star.
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4:29 Janae Marie Kroc Situation
14:00 Janae Interview
27:26 JK Rowling Situation
32:12 Jeffree Star Situation
35:28 James Charles Accusation
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iNabber - 4 måneder siden
someone commented "a cis white male telling a trans person what she's doing to the trans community" - I literally interviewed Janae, a trans woman in this video and it was her words.
Harley's Bucket
Harley's Bucket - 12 dager siden
@Bella Somnium He is a cis white male. He was born a male.
i z
i z - Måned siden
Blaire is trans
OptForThyName •
OptForThyName • - Måned siden
Yeah and a HUGE majority of trans people feel the same way. Just because you're cis doesn't mean you CAN'T speak on trans issues - or more relevant - call somebody out.
Salty Dino Nuggies
Salty Dino Nuggies - Måned siden
As a transgender man who has had yo listen to cis men assert their opinions over trans people; i appreciate this video. I dont even have to watch the whole thing to know you wont talk over us.
Hannah Borges
Hannah Borges - Måned siden
@abigail mary I’m not quite sure whether it was strictly her choice or if she was persuaded to do so by officials, but from what I’ve read, it seems like it was mostly her choice.
Pacific-Northwest Artist
Pacific-Northwest Artist - 3 dager siden
Janae is lovely and deserves the best
Nicole LEWIS
Nicole LEWIS - 5 dager siden
Maybe Im an asshole, but I can't tell her apart from ssssssssssssniperwolf and the other chick who annoyingly comments videos... They're all very pretty but I'd die if my life depended on choosing the legit whoever it would be I had to pick.
Jonee Lillard
Jonee Lillard - 5 dager siden
Opening this was a shock.because Ms. Kroc's first name is pronounced exsxtlynlike the simplified social pronunciation of my name.
Cosplay Cloud
Cosplay Cloud - 5 dager siden
Tbh Blaire white made me hate my gender identity. She made me hate my self so much to we're I almost hurt my self because I thought I was faking everything and was a bad person.
fredrica gordon
fredrica gordon - 6 dager siden
Blair white is awesome and I love her. I’m sorry but you all conflate gender and sex. She doesn’t lie. She actually deals in reality. She apologized and I think that’s the most you can do.
Nikki Baby
Nikki Baby - 7 dager siden
iNabber: *passionately ranting*
Kenji: *dozing off while on inabber’s moving arm*
-v0lume- - 7 dager siden
Hello! I ummm was working on my hard no core world in Minecraft while watching this video :>
JekyllHydeClub - 7 dager siden
This happened because she didn't see the comments reporting her error. The reason this is is all the negative comments she is constantly hit with. I know how it feels, we only had it on one video, we were merely stating an opinion about the harm mee too can do when not handled properly and it was insane amounts of ugly from people not even listening to what we actually said. She gets a lot more so it's actually the fault of haters as without them she'd read more. It really is bad!
Always Hangry Girl
Always Hangry Girl - 8 dager siden
27:29: stop shaking your arm! You woke up Kenji 😤
3DMusic 603
3DMusic 603 - 9 dager siden
She’s not transgender, she wants to be. It’s an abuse of propaganda that she’s had to realize at some point only fuels her toxic fan base.
R ø b i n
R ø b i n - 11 dager siden
as someone who used to be a viewer of Kalvin Garrah (not so much Blaire) while I was figuring out my own gender identity, it caused a lot of my views of the community to shift to such a toxic mindset, I thought that anyone who couldn't pass didn't belong in the same category as people like Kalvin (I don't now bc that's just pure stupidity). I had internalized transphobia (on top of the internalized homophobia so yay) and didn't believe that I was valid enough to be in the trans community. now I've grown away from that and I'm very much comfortable being non-binary even if I'm not "real" in Blaire or Kalvin's eyes or "valid" or whatever. I think it's incredibly sad that they have that mindset.
also: i wish they would chill with the pick me/i'm not like other trans vibe js, it's honestly exhausting at this point.
oh and i hope everyone who reads this is safe and healthy
Harley's Bucket
Harley's Bucket - 12 dager siden
If J.K. Rowling wasn't ACTUALLY transphobic, her book wouldn't have been so bad. She is though, so her book is garbage. Things like that DO happen in real life and there's multiple movies like that, in most of them, it has nothing to do with being trans. It's not even about being trans in her book, but because she's so transphobic, that's what it's about and what it should be about. Everyone needs to know how transphobic she actually is.
Harley's Bucket
Harley's Bucket - 12 dager siden
It sounded like she wanted to cry. 🥺
Yuukio Moon
Yuukio Moon - 13 dager siden
Janae is so kind and understanding in this whole thing ;-; bless her honest sweet heart.
She honestly deserves a proper apology on YouTube.
Thank you for giving her voice a platform to defend herself here on YouTube.
EqualiTEA Café
EqualiTEA Café - 13 dager siden
being a transperson and being transphobic against ones self is kinda like dysphoria lmao.
frog - 17 dager siden
Your a great person ly 😭👍
ElfrododoBird - 18 dager siden
I just want iNabbers dog ngl
͛ - 20 dager siden
What's the music at the end of the video?
Salimyra 007
Salimyra 007 - 23 dager siden
This is such an unfortunate story for Jenae, nobody deserves that sort of accusation when there is absolutely no evidence that Blair's initial claims were true. Janae seems like such a lovely and honest person, I feel so bad for her. And then hearing that the drag queen was getting death threats - that is unforgivable. Blair really needs to raise her standards with complete transparency and ALL available information, not just sensationalize a story.😕
pancake - 27 dager siden
i will say that its not impossible to read 900 pages in 12 hours. you'd have to read 75 pages an hour, which is absolutely not average, but i love reading, i've read 600 page books in like 5 or 6 hours before by speed reading. not defending blair!!! cause trans rights
I'm The Ray
I'm The Ray - Måned siden
Major respect for iNabber for not misgendering Blaire White because he disagreed with her 🖤
pastel person
pastel person - Måned siden
janae actually seems super sweet🥺
SmokeShop Girl559
SmokeShop Girl559 - Måned siden
She looks like a buff Reba McEntire so lit
salxm4nd3r - Måned siden
the music is feelin' good about getting the cool shoe shine.
Ally - Måned siden
I fucking love Samantha lux glad u found her videos
Courtney Cooper
Courtney Cooper - Måned siden
Okay I know its not relevant to the topic but I can confirm that it is in fact possible to read a 900 page book in 12 hours 😂😂😂
Spicy-Snek - Måned siden
Inabber: I suggest u go subscribe to samantha lux
Me who already followers her: 😎
Heck N' Frick
Heck N' Frick - Måned siden
Blaire white intentionally makes malicious content towards trans people. Specifically those she views as the "wrong type" of trans. She also doesn't believe nonbinary people are trans
LunarAmeranth - Måned siden
I follow Blaire. I watched this video and I never would have known about this mistake on Blaire's part had I not seen this
Blood chief
Blood chief - Måned siden
Still not at 35000 likes 😜
The Batzinator
The Batzinator - Måned siden
That's the kind of misinformation that gets people hurt or killed.
Dessie Moore
Dessie Moore - Måned siden
Umm.. I could read it that fast. But I'm an old school book nerd who reads and can't stop.
Mina Ashido
Mina Ashido - Måned siden
I hate that I use to support Blair White even though she said my identity was fake, dk why I still supported her but anyways-
Courtney Hammett
Courtney Hammett - Måned siden
Thank you so much for standing up for the trans community. She's hurt so many ppl
Faceless - Måned siden
Trans girls have the advantage
That jaw is eye-catching 👀😏
Tobi - Måned siden
Blaire have been problematic for years yet this comment section wants to keep their rose colored glasses. Okay.
Starfowl Shift
Starfowl Shift - Måned siden
Kenji’s brains are stirred, but no dogs were harmed with the making of this video
Matthew Weston
Matthew Weston - Måned siden
A pharmacist, that's fucking awesome. I wanted to be a pharmacist once upon a time. I do wonder what she takes.
Jay Burgess
Jay Burgess - Måned siden
Me thinking that iNabber must be obsessed with using Feel good inc as their background music for no reason.
Saga R
Saga R - Måned siden
It feels like an internalised transphobia from her part, where blaire is cracking down on other trans people to win approval from Conservative people and pine to their opinions. She is hurting herself indirectly
That one loser u talk to
That one loser u talk to - Måned siden
Janae is so pretty I swear Blaire did her wrong if only she like did research people wouldn't get the wrong idea
TheImpossibleSnicks - Måned siden
Imagine getting so pressed about *m o n k e*
Ruby Blue
Ruby Blue - Måned siden
it's almost as if she's intentionally trying to twist the trans narrative so that she can solidify her status (in her mind and cis people in general's mind) as "one of the good ones" and then profit off of that
Electric Evan
Electric Evan - Måned siden
she is such a pick me
Moon Weeb
Moon Weeb - Måned siden
he has light mode on-
Mackenzie Kenyon
Mackenzie Kenyon - Måned siden
not the wii music bye
QUEEN of PEANUTS - Måned siden
i feel sick feeling bad for her, she is horrible
Oompashreka The dumbass
Oompashreka The dumbass - Måned siden
Janae seems so sweet I feel so bad 😢🥺
Destany Roedl
Destany Roedl - Måned siden
Thanks so much for setting this straight and getting it straight from her mouth. Much respect for your content.
Night Night!
Night Night! - Måned siden
You deserve more
Kami - Måned siden
Broooooo janae is gorgeous !!!!!! Like I can't she's so pretty!!!!
Sacred Drågøń
Sacred Drågøń - Måned siden
I still don’t know why it’s such a big deal for a trans girl to compete against girls and for genders to compete against each other. Just saying, if it’s a matter of strength or such or just how the body develops or something. Why can’t we get over it. We both have weaknesses and if we can do everything else together. Why not sports
Carlo Canovaccio
Carlo Canovaccio - Måned siden
omggggg Janae is so pretty T u T
_Hollyology_ - Måned siden
26:44 awwwww Kenji. Sleepy😂
Durandus - Måned siden
Nabber, I could read a 500 page book in 8 hours as a kid when i was only allowed to read during the week days, but 900 in 12? considering how little research she does, i dont think she can read more than 100 pages in a day.
Alexander Ross
Alexander Ross - Måned siden
please do a video about Blaires newest vid called forced transitioning the information is not true and shes making me mad
ElizabethNightingale - Måned siden
I fucking love the Gorillaz in the background lol (also I can finish big books like that in 12-18 hours depending on how good the book is Dx)
Megan Kugs
Megan Kugs - Måned siden
I’m gonna go subscribe to Samantha, I’m really glad to have found out about her through you, thank you so much for that 😊
mi pájaro me esta buscando
mi pájaro me esta buscando - 12 dager siden
Samantha is lovely :)
blvkhrt - Måned siden
jk rowlling kinda got a point though
clair - Måned siden
I think Blaire aims her hatred more at the gender non-conforming/ gender fluid community than the trans community because if you look at her thumbs, the people she deems as predators or for lack of a better term " the villain" of her videos are the ones who either visibly have both male and female features like the bearded drag queen or outspoken in their use of pronouns like they, xie, xe, hir, ey, etc or state it clearly that they are gender non-conforming . Also I find that it seems almost as if, if you don't meet her standards of what a trans person should be then you don't belong in the community.
owen w.
owen w. - Måned siden
ive never even watched a blaire white video and i heard about what she said about jk rowlings book and believed it to be true. that's very unnerving how widely misinformation spreads
Glasstrash - Måned siden
Blair White is the most transphobic trans person I've ever seen
Kaitlyn Cramp
Kaitlyn Cramp - Måned siden
I thought maybe Blaire meant audiobook instead of ebook but nope- audioboook is almost 32 hours at normal speed so even at double speed the timeframe wouldn't work.
it's so izzy
it's so izzy - Måned siden
it's completly possible to read 900 pages in 12 hours, I'm not saying she did, I'm just saying that it's not impossible
Literally_wig - Måned siden
Me: :(
Gorillaz music in the background
Me: :)
Cherish Steele
Cherish Steele - Måned siden
Even if it is ignorance, there's a point where ignorance does become malice when it's someone's job to know something. And it is Blaire's job to know these things, she's failing people so it doesn't matter whether it's intentional or not (which, I think it is, at least on the lack of research bit) it's still malice. Until she gets her stuff together, get good research and actual facts she doesn't deserve to cover such sensitive topics like this.
Liyah - Måned siden
just realized that he has gorillaz playing in the bg of his vids unless im wrong
WildSpirit420 - Måned siden
.com? More like.. .ORG Ha!
boughns - Måned siden
what is the song at 1:03
shaffdog - Måned siden
19-2000 by the Gorillaz! :)
Omēga 15
Omēga 15 - Måned siden
She literally said that what Jk Rowling wrote against trans people isn't transphobic... Girl, it is transphobic, you need to check what you stand for more closely, k? K.
Celine G
Celine G - Måned siden
Does anyone know if she's actually apologized or not? As in on this platform. Lol, what a pathetic human she seems to be. Wouldn't it be grand if creators were held accountable for spreading hateful ignorance. ***eye-roll***
Alyssa Reminiec
Alyssa Reminiec - Måned siden
I've stopped going to Blaire White's channel ,not because of her being misinformed ..
But , Due to my disinterest in it !
Cas P
Cas P - Måned siden
I'm so late to this Blaire drama, but Janae is so pretty ,,,,,
ChloSky Skies
ChloSky Skies - Måned siden
I kind of wonder, if she wasn’t intentionally lying about Jenae, if someone sent her the information as a video idea submission and Blair just took all the info and made a video without fact checking the claims. (Especially if said submissions contained the screenshots that she used with out look at them beyond a cursory glance)
It might explain how she was able to miss such a widely known piece of information
KNG Hades
KNG Hades - Måned siden
Who we shipping him with😳
CookieCat - Måned siden
Blaire moves her hands more than the average resident of the hidden leaf village
Charles Jackson
Charles Jackson - Måned siden
As a trans person I feel like I have enough room to say this: if your a trans person, especially a trans person with such a massive platform and audience who will take whatever you say as fact, and you’re consistently transphobic? Even if it’s deep-down, that’s clearly a LOT of self-hatred/self-esteem issues that she really needs a proper therapist to unpack; that’s not an insult, either. I don’t like her but jfc this woman needs to learn to love herself and maybe stop throwing trans ppl under the bus to make a crap attempt at covering up her internalized transphobia while she’s at it.
Hannah McLaren
Hannah McLaren - Måned siden
Thank you for talking about this my father is trans and his generation has had enough scrutiny the information Blair puts out can hurt your father your friend and future children. It seems unimportant but it's the perception of the trans community as a whole.
Samantha A
Samantha A - Måned siden
I use to watch her and believed what she said before I did my own research.
BubblesCanGame - Måned siden
Blaires basically a transphobic trans woman
Unicorn Sparkles
Unicorn Sparkles - Måned siden
That’s always what blair says when she “makes a mistake”
“I didn’t know I didn’t do enough research“
Amanda-Marie C
Amanda-Marie C - Måned siden
The girl in the pink suit in Blaires vid is literally my good child school friend. Like she just randomly grabbed Canadian competition picture and used it? That's not right. Keep being you though, your great
sewer rat hel
sewer rat hel - Måned siden
janae seems so so sweet too :((
Brett - Måned siden
I think what's so dangerous about Blaire White is she uses the "I'm transgender" card to excuse her own transphobia. She says she is okay because she's the "good kind of trans person" all the while attacking other trans people.
jewels - Måned siden
anyone else notice gorillaz in the background? mad respect
Moose Tracks
Moose Tracks - Måned siden
blaire is a transphobic transperson, and it hurts to see as a fellow transperson.
bepis - Måned siden
Honestly, thanks for making this video dude. Most of the trans community on the internet really dislike blaire and have been trying to call her out for years. Her purpose on the internet is really only to pander to ignorant cis people who want to cement their bigoted views on trans people while simultaneously convincing themselves that theyre definitely not transphobic. And what better candidate for them to do so than blaire white, a conservative post op trans woman who looks "normal" by society's standards. Its not lost on me and many others in the trans community that most of the videos she does covering trans people are targeting nonbinary or (as she puts it) "outlandish" looking trans people. Basically she dislikes every trans person that does not look like her or fit into the gender binary and she will go out of her way to make them look bad, as in the case of janae who, by the way, has mentioned that she identifies as genderfluid/nonbinary in the past and absolutely does not fit this tiny little box that blaire has forced "valid" trans identities into.
shojinshi - Måned siden
Straight up defamatory
Marina Azores
Marina Azores - Måned siden
She did it yet again 😂 I hate this woman I swear
Thatonekid - Måned siden
Blaire on Jessica yaniv pulling out a pre transition picture of Blaire on her livestream: you don’t do that to trans people. You don’t do that.
Also blaire: using pre transition pics of Janae in her video, misgendering several people in her videos, invalidating people’s identities based on things irrelevant to that at all, condescending towards people who don’t pass or don’t have the resources to transition medically, doesn’t believe people are trans until they have at least started hormones and are planning surgery
Also also Blaire: shaming and attacking people who are more eccentric and also happen to be trans cause apparently if you’re trans you can’t be more ‘special’ than that, you need to be noRmAL
Also also also Blaire: says it’s wrong to only think of a person as trans since it’s a very small part of her identity and it doesn’t define all of her as a person.
She needs to stop. I feel so bad for Janae she seems like such a sweet woman and an amazing athlete and she has been so hurt by this. She doesn’t deserve this bull crap that Blaire is spewing, and neither are so many others that Blaire has ‘exposed’ like Barbie Kardashian who is literally 18 years old, mentally challenged and has been identifying as a girl for three years etc.
Harleen Quinzell
Harleen Quinzell - Måned siden
Thank you for letting janae speak her piece man she deserves to be heard
TheKaylaGirl *
TheKaylaGirl * - 2 måneder siden
You're soo beautiful
TheKaylaGirl *
TheKaylaGirl * - 2 måneder siden
You're soo beautiful
Calego - 2 måneder siden
everybody else: talking about the topic
me: replaying 4:40 over and over
Dudy Garcia
Dudy Garcia - 2 måneder siden
I think she did is to Janae because she is Non Binary, Blaire is very enbyphobic and love to make Non Binary people look bad
J. McConnell
J. McConnell - 2 måneder siden
Ooh, still deleting comments are we big man
Barbara Ives
Barbara Ives - 2 måneder siden
She only gets away with so much because she is beautiful. People concentrate more on her looks than what is coming out of her mouth. I HATE the way she attacks trans who are not as pretty as her. She seems to have a problem with EVERYONE. Who the hell made her "Trans Queen" anyway??? I feel so sorry for you Janae. By the way honey, you are stunning. xx
PixelAce 64
PixelAce 64 - 2 måneder siden
i vibed so hard hearing the gorillaz music as i listened
Caden Pichler
Caden Pichler - 2 måneder siden
Are you Seamus Gorman