Blaire White’s Apology Was Awful

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Blaire White is someone who has been involved in a controversy recently after comments she made about trans athlete Janae Marie Kroc. Today we're going to talk about her apology, and why I think she lied. This whole video is an opinion piece.
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iNabber - 4 måneder siden
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Yenna van Eeuwijk
Yenna van Eeuwijk - 3 måneder siden
Did you know Blaire actually censored Janaes name from the comment section? Every comment in that video that mentioned Janae was automatically removed.
Rulya Mórrigan Ard Mhacha
Rulya Mórrigan Ard Mhacha - 3 måneder siden
@Red Headed Step Child She actually talks abt the book extensively in another video abt only the book. So...yeah.
Rulya Mórrigan Ard Mhacha
Rulya Mórrigan Ard Mhacha - 3 måneder siden
If she wasn't a Conservative, you'd have no problem with her. Anything she got wrong, you'd just ignore it. At most, you'd make a video saying "She got it wrong but she apologized so everything is ok now." And you'd defend her if anyone else berated her. This is socio-political, it's not abt any real problems you have with her.
Joey 0h
Joey 0h - 3 måneder siden
Liked and subscribed!
snailcat - 4 måneder siden
@Laurie Hand rightfully so i mean look at this- 9:57
None of Your business
None of Your business - 6 timer siden
You are 42 I thought you were 14

This is satire
Daddy Pope
Daddy Pope - 17 timer siden
No she said the book wasn’t transphobic but jk is....
Pretty Bird the Pet Goose
Pretty Bird the Pet Goose - 2 dager siden
Just fyi... I saw the original video & the "lets talk" as soon as each were posted... Idk if others did too? Just info im sharing 💞
Masked Shadow
Masked Shadow - 3 dager siden
My friend isn't human and read a big book in like 1hour, maybe 2...
She scares me sometimes
Christa Kwon
Christa Kwon - 5 dager siden
17 mins of someone talking shit about someone else - and ya'll get PAID for this? Fuck, I need to start my own shit talking channel.
Jimmy Culp
Jimmy Culp - 10 dager siden
I maybe in love? Blaire White?
Justa Clapper
Justa Clapper - 26 dager siden
I stopped it at 0:58 and i reas that the body builder is talking about wolverine lake, mi. Thats about a 1/2 mike directly down the road from my house
Salem - Måned siden
Who is Blaire White and what is her deal
sardonicGrip - Måned siden
wait are you actually 42 or was that a bit
Stacy Almanza
Stacy Almanza - Måned siden
I swear blaire only read the book immediately after hearing backlash on it to prove jk rowling haters wrong.
Stacy Almanza
Stacy Almanza - Måned siden
The thing that got me to stop liking her and following her ( it was around the Janae situation) was first off she lied about that whole video, and secondly it felt like she put no effort into her videos since every single video she makes especially at the time were barely past 10 minutes. She definitely leaves out information on purpose to make herself look right. I watched this video on a guy who was featured in one of blaire's videos where she made him (he was non binary at the time) look like an idiot sjw. She also constantly makes fun of people's looks instead of their opinion.
Stacy Almanza
Stacy Almanza - Måned siden
She also blocks anyone who slightly criticizes her.
☆ 《 _LeafyTea! 》★
☆ 《 _LeafyTea! 》★ - Måned siden
woah there’s 22k likes
we are his best friends now
Deadly Sniper
Deadly Sniper - Måned siden
75 page per minute
Valerie David
Valerie David - Måned siden
Hey ya'll,remember when Blaire said that "There are only two Genders."? Yikes!
Emma Keeney
Emma Keeney - Måned siden
she said she read 900 pages in 12 hours, however it takes the average person to read 900 pages in 25 hours
SOME WOKE FAGGOT - Måned siden
Kalvin garrah Is a transphobe like blaire white
Bad Bittie
Bad Bittie - Måned siden
Peep she said e-book which would take longer
Calla Pratt
Calla Pratt - Måned siden
Hello inabber, I hope you’re having a lovely day as well. Remember, you’re beautiful, and amazing.
Sacred Drågøń
Sacred Drågøń - Måned siden
0.7717 pages per minute
Sacred Drågøń
Sacred Drågøń - Måned siden
My brother can read a 950 page book in 12 hours because he takes a picture of each page with his mind and basically his mind is still processing that information while he flips to the next page. I do the same hug U take a mind picture of a single sentence so I read slower.

I’m not kidding

I showed him a random page of a random book and he summarized it perfectly. I showed him the page for about three seconds
Bianca M
Bianca M - Måned siden
Some people CAN read that fast and retain information, like the fastest reader in the world since a lot of our reading is basically inefficient
Joseph Douek
Joseph Douek - Måned siden
How dare you say that Revenge of the Sith is maybe good. We all know perfectly well that it is a cinematic masterpiece
Seriously though I love ROTS the whole way through
umaru is dying
umaru is dying - Måned siden
There isn't a possible way she could read/listen troubled blood in 12 hours... Since it's 32 hours long lmao
Sacha Pelerin
Sacha Pelerin - Måned siden
He’s 42, a millennial who understands us, I’m stunned, he looks like he’s 23
RandomLighthouse - Måned siden
Blair is a straight white male trapped in the body of a transgender woman.
nihale - Måned siden
Inabber " it is simply impossible to consume 900 pages of information and actually understand every single page within 12 hours"
me 12 hours before my final "watch me"
Amanda Baker
Amanda Baker - Måned siden
I don't agree with her politics, her lies, her in general, but... I find her videos very entertaining, so I am going to stay subscribed to her.
Chas - Måned siden
Omg he’s a bit much 🤦🏼‍♀️
I Just Ate Your Grapes Bro
4:10 The way you talk about titles in this video, and the way you did the Eugenia Cooney titles, then changed them is ALL I need to know about your insidiously disgusting practice. By your OWN admission here, you knew EXACTLY what you were doing with the title of that video, so much so that it was specifically planned and plotted out, and didn't care. You are a real piece of trash.
Yenna - Avyeon
Yenna - Avyeon - Måned siden
As someone who used to be a fan of Blair, I was ready to accept her apology. Then I realized she censored Janaes name in the comment section. All comments with her name in it were deleted.
Player Exe
Player Exe - Måned siden
and yet yandere simulator still isnt out after 7 years.
Isadora Moon
Isadora Moon - Måned siden
I can't believe I used to follow her! Maybe because I have grown as a person I started to notice that she lies constantly and is pretty toxic (to put it lightly) There's only one youtuber I dislike more than her and that's Kalvin Garrah 🙄 he literally bullies other trans people and almost drove couple of them to suicide (one of them actually tried to kill themselves) by basically telling his fans their real identities and urging them to go and bully them as well. His followers also left death treaths to them and deplatformed one of them. He still hasn't apologized and basically said that he never will 🙄
Snow - Måned siden
my reading speed is around 250 pages an hour, even with being distracted, its totally possible to read 900 pages in 12 hours (I dont think she did, but the wording bothers me) last year I read 1400 pages in like four and a half hours
Yenna - Avyeon
Yenna - Avyeon - Måned siden
Weird flex. I'm 100% sure you are lying. 250 pages / hour is about 1 page every 13 seconds. At that point you're not reading it and taking 100% of the information in, you're just skimming over the pages. Quit your bullshit.
Oliver McVay
Oliver McVay - 2 måneder siden
This situation was the nail in the coffin. Throughout most of 2020 I was starting to feel like I didn’t want to watch her but I wasn’t aware enough to realize why. Sam Collins and Dangelo Wallace calling her out was very eye opening and I’m glad I stopped supporting/defending her lmao.
Charelle Sno
Charelle Sno - 2 måneder siden
Shelby17 - 2 måneder siden
Yo I love Samantha lux! For those wondering, she’s the youtuber who stated Blaire was lying about the book having transphobic content in it. 3:17
Dumb Fuck
Dumb Fuck - 2 måneder siden
Blaire can’t be a terf, she hates feminists and is trans herself. Wow you really are as stupid as you look.
The BlockTV
The BlockTV - 2 måneder siden
Blaire is a fraud.
Ellen Smith
Ellen Smith - 2 måneder siden
I'm still not convinced that jk Rowling is transphobic. I have not seen sufficient evidence.
cigar - Måned siden
@Ellen Smith
Ellen Smith
Ellen Smith - 2 måneder siden
@cigar thats fine, just so you know, we may disagree on this and we can bicker, but make no mistake you are who you are and if I passed you in the street and anyone was making you feel uncomfortable because of who you are, you would see the difference between me having a heated debate and me just ripping someone a new one because they're an asshole. You have more allies than you think, dont forget that.
cigar - 2 måneder siden
@Ellen Smith im too tired rn so i‘ll stop, but what im doing aint bigotry
Ellen Smith
Ellen Smith - 2 måneder siden
@cigar you mean if you wont believe you unconditionally then you are refuse to talk to me? Cant you have a reasonable conversation with someone that disagrees with you? Are you that beyond rationale? That is literally what bigotry is. Stop pretending to be a victim, have meaningful discussions with people, don't tell people how they should feel and then sulk because they don't bend to your will.
cigar - 2 måneder siden
@Ellen Smith „bigoted opinion“ you‘re privileged lmao. if i can’t convince you that a woman who keeps talking negatively abt trans people is actually transphobic then you‘re not worth talking to.
Salome Verdiof
Salome Verdiof - 2 måneder siden
I mean I can’t finish 9 seasons of a series in 12 hours but not a book. 900 pages? If I want to understand fully I need 3-5 days.
Just orange
Just orange - 2 måneder siden
I pressed "replay" 4 times when you said "6 years". I felt like in Back to the Future 😂
Naomi - 2 måneder siden
Talking of cropping things out, she made a post making fun about 'SJW's' a while back and in it mentioned BLM, and she was wearing a black face mask. When she spoke about it in the video she cropped out the text (which was the context of the picture that made people mad) and was all like ahh I was just wearing a facial mask...
Edgy Boy Rave
Edgy Boy Rave - 2 måneder siden
Blaire is NBphobic
Niebieski Marcowy Zajonc
Niebieski Marcowy Zajonc - 2 måneder siden
I can't believe she actually cut out part of the tweet that was supposed to prove her claims. I can't think of any good reason that could justify such an action, this is disgusting and no apology can undo this.
Brittany Francis
Brittany Francis - 2 måneder siden
People make mistakes shocking
Marcus Otter
Marcus Otter - 2 måneder siden
Here is why i dont dislike or like blaire white. 1. I have different views then her on some things, 2. She tries to tell the facts and dive into what she knows, 3. She doesnt have bias for her friends, she was known friends of shane but said that even tho she was friends, what he did wasnt okay and needs to be held accountable. She has good points at times but she also can get aggressive with some peeps who disagree, i dont agree with everything she says, but like isnt that everyone? Hasnt anyone ever jumped the gun on an assumption or something u were told, a rumor or what not? The reason why i do agree with this criticsm is that although people do make mistakes, if shes gonna make videos on people and may ruin their lives and or careers in the process, she has to realize she needs to research deeper then just what is sent and i feel like she should know that. Lemme know if u disagree and why cus like genuinely i wanna hear others sides
Blaine Fiasco
Blaine Fiasco - 2 måneder siden
She fucked up bad, but the apology was fine, you're just nit picking.
Blaine Fiasco
Blaine Fiasco - Måned siden
@Yenna - Avyeon That doesn't make any sense as I sounds out of character
Yenna - Avyeon
Yenna - Avyeon - Måned siden
Fun fact, the apology wasnt fine. I was actually a former fan ready to accept the apology, then I realized Janaes name was censored in the comments. Every comment spelling her name correctly was autodeleted.
Blaine Fiasco
Blaine Fiasco - 2 måneder siden
This situation enforced a life lesson of mine, come to opinions of people based on how you deal with them, not what others say of them.
Can Tin
Can Tin - 2 måneder siden
900 / 12 = 75 pages/hr
But let's turn these hours in minutes.
12x60=720 mins
900 / 720 = 1.25 pages/min
Might've been possible, depending on the amount of text on each page.... But she would've needed to take no breaks. She must've been reading that book on the toilet, had a fridge next to her toilet with water bottles and food, and had no responsibilities whatsoever for the entire day.
Ahjahli Lula Amadeus
Ahjahli Lula Amadeus - 2 måneder siden
Blaire White is Transphobic.
Can Tin
Can Tin - 2 måneder siden
If you're going to have a YouTube channel centered around being a minority talking about issues linked with whatever you're a minority of (in this case, gender), you REALLY should research before putting your point across so you don't hurt your community. YouTubers such as Blaire White, Sam Collins and Jamie are ultimately the representation of all trans people on YouTube. Chances are, people aren't going to ask random people on the street whether they're trans and then ask them for their opinion on topics such as trans inclusion in sport. Instead, they're going to go to these popular trans YouTubers who share their opinions on such topics to the world. And there's no guarantee that an individual will read the comment sections on these YouTubers' videos.
Time and time again, Blaire keeps giving transphobes "evidence" on why to hate trans people. Why the hell is she doing this, as a trans person herself? Why does she want people to hate trans people so much she even provides lies to fuel transphobia?
Carlo Canovaccio
Carlo Canovaccio - 2 måneder siden
sis is on the same trash level as tana mongoose
Sauccy - 2 måneder siden
Thats a whole ass man😅😅
Gene XxX
Gene XxX - 2 måneder siden
It takes me months to complete books, because I reread pages multiple times before turning to the next page. I like to process what's happening before carrying on.
Fuzzy Bunny
Fuzzy Bunny - 2 måneder siden
I read the harry potter series in a week just reading on spare time totally possible to read 900 pages in 12 hours your just not gonna remember the details aswell if you took your time
Caitlin Brown
Caitlin Brown - 2 måneder siden
I actually read about 800 pages (i think, aka the fifth Harry Potter book) in three hours
bpdbutterflyy🦋🍒 - 2 måneder siden
she also said that she got overnight shipping on the book in her jeane apology but she had earlier said it was an ebook
Elsa Fever
Elsa Fever - 2 måneder siden
so i read a full book series in two weeks, and each book took about two days. SO, you speak the truth
kfed2580 - 2 måneder siden
Wait what is the lie!? Blair said that the body builder was competing in both and the body builder wrote that she was competing in the men’s competition, what is the lie? This is a genuine question.
Perfect Protagonist
Perfect Protagonist - 2 måneder siden
What is that music?
Joey LaFrond
Joey LaFrond - 26 dager siden
Sanctuary Guardian - Earthbound.
hello Studio
hello Studio - 2 måneder siden
Get over it bro
This is a threat
This is a threat - Måned siden
poiien - 2 måneder siden
Evelyn Kloubec
Evelyn Kloubec - 2 måneder siden
I remeber watching some of her videos and she was acting mildly transphobic and I was super confused.
Marshal Lee
Marshal Lee - 2 måneder siden
you are 26 not 40 stop lying omg-
LeilaKoch - 2 måneder siden
I know how to speed read, but Twilight, a book that 544 pages, took me 2 days to read.
Utatane Piko
Utatane Piko - 2 måneder siden
I think everyone knew she lied about the book since what stood out to me is basically saying transgender people can't be murderers, and the fact being that just because you're a male that dresses as a girl, it means you're trans...even though there's a lot of drag queens out there. Always got on my nerves
HARMONY WOOD - 2 måneder siden
i dont find her reading that book so fast to be impossible. fair, you cant take a single break to eat, drink, maybe have a break where you go to the bathroom while you read, but its possible. when you get invested in a book, you can read really fast and process the info. i have adhd and can hyper fixate on things i enjoy, and i was able to read a 500 page book in 10 hours (was part of a series and i loved it with all my heart). it also depends on the type of reader you are. i dont hear the words as i go, i just understand them and turn it into a visual scene, so its like a movie. if im fully invested, i never need to reread a line and can go full speed. but unless that book was a passion of hers that she enjoyed with all her heart, i dont see her doing it, but its not impossible
Steak Quake
Steak Quake - 2 måneder siden
honestly i can read 100-120 pages in an hour so it’s not that crazy
Fumbly_Figs - 2 måneder siden
Just like her personality
Xythlaly Tenorio
Xythlaly Tenorio - 3 måneder siden
i’m a procrastinator don’t play me. i’ll read and write an essay about a 14 chapter book in ONE HOURE BEFORE MIDNIGHT
scroew - 3 måneder siden
She said she read the book as an e-book, and then mentioned getting the book with overnight shipping in another video, self burn 💀
Lucas H.
Lucas H. - 3 måneder siden
She makes one mistake, apologizes without crying on camera, and yall get so pressed like fr cancel culture isn’t cute
cigar - 2 måneder siden
that wasnt just one mistake honey.. she‘s actively transphobic (despite being trans herself)
Crack toon
Crack toon - 2 måneder siden
Are you unironically think transphobia is "ok" and this is "cancel culture" You're probably just a horrible person
Laced Edwards
Laced Edwards - 3 måneder siden
I heard 900 words, not pages and was really confused for like 5 minutes lol.
sdrre1 - 3 måneder siden
I genuinely hate people like blaire white and kalvin garrah. People immediately think because they're trans, they have authoritry to talk about trans topics with 0 fact checking or objection. That's why their armies of cyber warriors have driven people offline and worse. :/
Agnostic Pagan Mum
Agnostic Pagan Mum - 3 måneder siden
Not quote marks. Semi colon
Aurica Elidesz
Aurica Elidesz - 3 måneder siden
You’re 42???? you look like a 20 yo
lilstaargirl - 2 måneder siden
he’s not lol
Kolton Faulkner
Kolton Faulkner - 3 måneder siden
The sad part is you can tell she’s educated but her lies make her seem very stupid
Kolton Faulkner
Kolton Faulkner - 3 måneder siden
I looked it up and it’s literally a 31 hour e book so she’s straight cappin
mdredheadguy1979 - 3 måneder siden
Wow, after everything Blaire did with taking responsibility for her mistake, you still aren’t happy.
Not a surprise really. You just can’t please some people.
Katy Breen
Katy Breen - 3 måneder siden
Watch the video, its a bad apology and she didnt adress a lot
nerd bonny
nerd bonny - 3 måneder siden
At the part that she said "thats why i sounded unsure" i remember her being just like in every other video. Also, to me, her lying about reading the book that jk wrote it just shows that if you lie about the smallest, simplest things that you dont have to then you have a lying problem. But maybe thats just me:/
the cripplingly Depressed sociopath
What's the music featured at 1:48?
twyla mercy
twyla mercy - 3 måneder siden
the fact that she started off her "apology" with "please excuse the background, (insert her saying unnecessary information that has nothing to do with the apology)." just shows this is a "youtuber apology" and not a real apology.
Cityman - 3 måneder siden
I could read a 900 page book in less than twelve hours. It's not that much of a brag.
robbie skywalker
robbie skywalker - 2 måneder siden
@Cityman hey that’s really cool man, good job
Cityman - 2 måneder siden
@robbie skywalker I learned German in adulthood in an evening class and I have no German relatives or connections whatsover.
robbie skywalker
robbie skywalker - 2 måneder siden
@Cityman if you can understand a book in a ‘foreign language’ it’s not foreign, you’re just bilingual.
Cityman - 2 måneder siden
@robbie skywalker No, but this is - I can read a 500 page book in a foreign language in less than 12 hours.
robbie skywalker
robbie skywalker - 2 måneder siden
then why,,,,are you bragging about it,,,?
Cinema Nerd
Cinema Nerd - 3 måneder siden
You kind of remind me of John Oliver
entertain7us14 - 3 måneder siden
it makes me so happy to finally see normie non-political commentators explaining how awful blaire is. hopefully this will really mean the downfall of her channel, and she won't be able to do as much damage as she's been doing for the last 5 years.
Cassidy Whalen
Cassidy Whalen - 3 måneder siden
Sad thing is, Blaire really went on Jubilee talking about the metoo movement going too far because “rape accusations can ruin someone’s life” (which they can, it’s sad), yet she literally has been lying about people like that for a living. Smh🤦‍♀️
rollmeister - 3 måneder siden
Get some Pro-ma Aloe hand & body lotion for your windburn or whatever it is.
StarWonder - 3 måneder siden
There are on average 488,500 words per 900 pages if font size is 11, or an average of 405,000 at font size 12, assuming Ariel font...Slow reading 750 pages takes about 50.0 hours, medium readers of 750 pages is at 20.8 hours and fastest speed readers take 13.9 hours to read 750 pages. Is Blaire a world record holder on speed reading? Cause even the best of the best would struggle to do it.

Also yes, I spent 20 minutes calculating it out, it made my Autism happy to do so but my ADHD hated doing it XD ❤️️❤️️❤️️
michelle roman
michelle roman - 3 måneder siden
She read a 900 page book in 12 hours yet failed to read the IG post. lol damn blaire
Tattle Girl
Tattle Girl - 3 måneder siden
iNabber you're so objectively average looking, like Mark Zuckerberg or an NPC. Must suck to not ever get called uglay or handsome.
Tattle Girl
Tattle Girl - 2 måneder siden
Well he calls tons of people uglay, he even calls beautiful people uglay just because he doesn't like them when he is the one who is not a looker. iNabber has the face of a robot or a lowly average plain guy who never gets the girl.
robbie skywalker
robbie skywalker - 2 måneder siden
are you ever called either of these things because judging by your comment it’s the former
Flattheyounger - 3 måneder siden
She didn't say she read the whole thing in 12 hours. People are so stupid.
Katy Breen
Katy Breen - 3 måneder siden
@Flattheyounger she said she got it the day before though and she lied about having the book lmao
Flattheyounger - 3 måneder siden
@huh No she didn't. She said " I've read the whole thing, I spent 12 hours rwading it today" funny thing about books. You can read them in more than 1 sitting.
huh - 3 måneder siden
She literally did
stopdropandrock - 3 måneder siden
I do agree with some things Blaire says but she really is obsessed with making negative videos about the LGBT community like... just do a fun lighthearted video for once.
AGlassOfWhine - 3 måneder siden
who cares? Blaire needs to be forgive for one mistake. She has done so many things for so many people, mostly young girls and trans people. She has called out so many pedofiles who dress up as women but are actually men to get attention. Blaire was the only ACTUAL trans woman who spoke out about the LGBT problems, knowing it will backfire. She had the balls that most people don't, cause they will end up being called transphobic.
Also Blaire has done donations to so many places, has given away money to so many people in need via Instagram.
Cancel culture needs to be fucking removed, cause you're basically canceling a person who has done more right than wrong.
Katy Breen
Katy Breen - Måned siden
Also why are you here misgendering someone
cigar - 2 måneder siden
@AGlassOfWhine shes transphobic
Crack toon
Crack toon - 2 måneder siden
@AGlassOfWhine yes, he has not been transphobic like her, you are right
Katy Breen
Katy Breen - 3 måneder siden
She lied about reading jk rowlings book just to prove it isnt transphobic, she completely invalidates non binary or people who havent transitioned yet and she joked about doing black face, how is that doing any good
AGlassOfWhine - 3 måneder siden
miss iNabber. I am also sorry but basically I do not see you doing as much nice things as she has, and you're calling her out, making fun of her just cause she made a mistake? I am so sorry, but literally.. idiotism
J. T.
J. T. - 3 måneder siden
You don't think Blaire can read 1.25 pages a minute nonstop for 12 hours?
Skyla Mendenhall
Skyla Mendenhall - 3 måneder siden
It's funny to me because honestly, he's making logical points about her more or less, there are some things about this I don't agree with - but the reality is yes, she did mess up. And walking through the logic of what she could have/should have done is like, maybe she just wasn't thinking like? She should have, she should have thought about the consequences, but honestly, the likelihood is she just wasn't putting any thought into it. And it also makes you wonder if there is something going on with her to be getting so many obvious things wrong that people can so clearly call her out on. Logically it wouldn't make sense for her to just blatantly lie about things that people can call her on right?
Holly Ebert
Holly Ebert - 3 måneder siden
I don't like how she loves to show pre transition pictures of other trans people or pictures where they don't pass well. It doesn't sit right with me at all and it's really disrespectful.
PaperParade - 3 måneder siden
Idk, my professors seem to think I could read 900 pages in less time 🥴
james smith
james smith - 3 måneder siden
She apologies to Janae privately (which Janae accepted by the way) takes the time to reflect on how she managed to make this mistake, you all kicked off because she didn’t apologise immediately. She apologies on social media, you all kick off because she didn’t do a video apology. She does a video apology, all you do is pick it apart. Anyway she only owed the apology for Janae, not you, why are you analysing an apology from one person to someone else who isn’t you?
As for the “consuming information in 12 hours bit”, she read the book for transphobia and said she didn’t find anything that made her think was transphobia, not analysing every single word.
Christy A
Christy A - 3 måneder siden
INabber: you can't read 900 pages in 12 hours and understand it.
Me: well....i read the last harry potter book in 10 hours
Google: thats only 600 pages
Me: oh.....nevermind then you're probably right. 😆
An Insomniac
An Insomniac - 3 måneder siden
Idk why I love a sassy ginger but I think I found my new fav tea channel. And as an avid reader, I can say YES it is possible to READ 900 pages in 12 hours, but to consume the information is bogus lol. I really feel like Blaire is just a brainless media tool. Accountability is as easy to come by as common sense sadly. Greatly appreciated such an honest and ethical response.