Corpse Husband Responded To EVERYTHING

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Corpse Husband is a NOburnr known for his creepy videos and Among Us videos with Pewdiepie, Valkyrae and Pokimane. Today we are going to take a look at even more of the exposed threads about him, people saying he fakes his voice and people talking about his face.
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iNabber - 3 måneder siden
Yes yes i uploaded this yesterday but I had to take it down for technical reasons. Can you guys help me out by liking it, and commenting? just wanna get it into the algorithm bc am scared it won't perform too well due to it being a reupload! So lets set a goal of 30,000 likes and... 3000 comments?
The XXV - Måned siden
@Misty Bakugo no one ask
Misty Bakugo
Misty Bakugo - Måned siden
We hit the goal!
The XXV - Måned siden
@Elle Bb Did I mention your name? Stupid. I was replying to iNabber's comment. I'm calling him a fangirl cos he sounds really gay about corpse
The XXV - Måned siden
@Elle Bb not talking to you
The XXV - Måned siden
Lol corpse husband fangirl. You want this to work well so corpse notice you. You simp. Just stop.
Aspen Bogner
Aspen Bogner - 8 dager siden
Hi "the only non toxic fandom is onicion. Because he doesnt have one" SENT ME. I don't even know who that is.
Bana - 9 dager siden
"if his voice ever gets leaked, we are all going blind."
*Alright I make a promise someone get me some bleach please.*
Also no I actually don't simp for him, I don't simp for real people. But he, sykkuno and Valkyrae have earned my respect and I love watching them. Ngl they are really entertaining
Lynn's Weird Corner
Lynn's Weird Corner - 9 dager siden
I feel like if corpse is faking his voice, he would have quit a looonnggg time ago. It would be exhausting to constantly make sure a voice always has a filter. And I have a serious question, how easy/hard is it to fake a voice on Instagram?
DarkShanook - 9 dager siden
I've watched corpses videos probably since about 2015 when reading reddit stories was really popular on YouTube. I think I've always seen comments on his videos saying they think his voice is fake, but now he has much more people watching him which always seems to increase the amount of hate Youtubers get.
Epiphany Syzygy
Epiphany Syzygy - 10 dager siden
18:08 This SENT me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
That aside, all of these people ripping on Corpsey are obviously jealous of his popularity. I've been a fan since 2016, and I'm so happy to see him getting more recognition!
ELLIE BUCKNELL - 10 dager siden
What if corpse was future president... *illuminati confirmed*
ELLIE BUCKNELL - 10 dager siden
I paused at 2:51 to do chores and didn’t look at the screen, when I cam back this is what I saw
ruben ibarra
ruben ibarra - 12 dager siden
This guy reminds me of the white guy I wished I was friends with after leaving school but I was busy doing druhgz
MAX MJ 27 - 13 dager siden
I never knew about this but now I know I’m pretty pissed off these people are horrible I can’t believe Thay saying such mean things about corpse
Calleigh Dela Cruz
Calleigh Dela Cruz - 14 dager siden
Them: Corpse's fans are 14 yo girls
Me who's 40: 🥴
I wont deny that I initially liked him for his voice. Is it bad to like something that gives you peace and helps you sleep well at night? Listening to his voice got me through tough times. I don't really care if he reveals his face or not. His deep, soothing voice won't change regardless of what he looks like.
Buddy Boi
Buddy Boi - 16 dager siden
PurrrfectpresentsAJ - 19 dager siden
im a woman with GERD, my voice is low for a woman from suffering from it since i was born. It can effect the vocals and voice. i get a lot of back throat pain. and it can be painful. I can't sing certain keys because it tightens the back of my throat. GERD if severe, can do extreme damage. i have to sleep upright as mine occurs when laying down or after i have eaten. The chest pains are horrible when it starts.
Shannon Porter
Shannon Porter - 19 dager siden
Am I the only one who doesn't know who Corspe is? Like recently I've heard so much about him but have never even heard his name before
Miss Cat
Miss Cat - 24 dager siden
Haters: *Corpse's voice is fAkE*

Me: *Then you're fake buddy*
SMILEY transe
SMILEY transe - Måned siden
I can confirm he said he was ugly so that is no longer an insult to anyone nobody is really pretty and perfect
SMILEY transe
SMILEY transe - Måned siden
Me personally I am not a simp I don't understand hiw you can simp for someone if you only hear their voice and saw a strand of hair and saw a hand
Clover Genetikz
Clover Genetikz - Måned siden
This is the most wholesome videos I have come across that talks about Corpse on a more real level and addresses the actual issue that affects so many popular people. People need to respect others more and respect their personal lives.
Nosferata138 - Måned siden
I don't think aoc was making fun of him though, i think he got her "excited" if ya catch my drift.
Ghost 8842
Ghost 8842 - Måned siden
Corpse Husband=Darth Vader
Guitarist Girl
Guitarist Girl - Måned siden
He's amazing!!❤❤❤😍
Andrew Blanton
Andrew Blanton - Måned siden
Yes, Skill Share is good, until you have to pay 300 dollars a month on premium because if you don't there is literally nothing useful on the platform.
DishRag - Måned siden
Corpse's laugh is the cutest thing- I-
꧁Cherryn_ Nikki꧂
꧁Cherryn_ Nikki꧂ - Måned siden
This is why I think the world may evolve when it comes to technology and other things, but in reality the world will never evolve with toxic people all around the world.
Calla Pratt
Calla Pratt - Måned siden
Yes I simp for corpse husband. He’s amazing
SnakeTheKing - Måned siden
I apologize for being American
Foreverthedopestkidd - Måned siden
I’m afraid of how people react when they find out that some cultures don’t let others see their face, or at least have an option for others to not see their face. Are you gonna snatch their dressings off their head to see their face? Is it really that deep...?
Christine Green
Christine Green - Måned siden
I just found Corpse on YouTube, and I have no problem with the fact that I don't know what he looks like. It is irrelevant. He has a great voice (real or put on) for telling stories. So, for the haters...
Kayla Smith
Kayla Smith - Måned siden
why cant sum of yall enjoy his content and not beg for a face reveal like, he just wants privacy. Whats the big deal?
Dark Fairy
Dark Fairy - Måned siden
Markiplier is 1 of the good looking cam YouTuber ☺️
kellie manns
kellie manns - Måned siden
I think your attractive . Dont be hard on yourself. Smh I got ya back hun
Gesshoku Koori
Gesshoku Koori - Måned siden
Im to young and also im gay -_-
Sean Muffin
Sean Muffin - Måned siden
I just want to say I think you’re super cute XD 💕✨🥰
Sophia Wilson
Sophia Wilson - Måned siden
I'm sorry, but you're really pretty? Like you've got such clear skin and your eyelashes are really dark and everything! Be more confident in yourself!
Jae Ontiveros
Jae Ontiveros - Måned siden
I hope Corpse husband never does a face reveal, I mean come on guys he is entitled to his privacy. He should never be pressured into showing his face if he does not want to. Also he started with reading scary stories, why does he need to show his face? (I hope this does not sound mean. I love Corpse husband, but I hate the people who feel they are entitled to his face.)
Emile Gore
Emile Gore - Måned siden
But like who cares if he was putting on a voice.
Jennifer Luong
Jennifer Luong - Måned siden
This was in my recommended and yes i was just in his channel screaming how much i was simping him
N A - Måned siden
I think really the only problem with the fan base is that a SMALL group of people sexualize him and ship him with the other streamers he plays with
Tina S
Tina S - Måned siden
I only just heard him for the first time. His voice is intense. That's really his voice. It's that deep. Has no one ever heard Pete Steele? Type O Negative band.
DummieGachaYT - Måned siden
Some people are really stupid. Corpse said that he was uncomfortable and insecure and some of you guys in the comments don’t respect that. He is so funny and all you do is ship him and try to force a face reveal. I don’t remember what stream it was but he asked not to be shipped. He also said he doesn’t show his face for a reason.
gemaui - Måned siden
Corpses voice: deep and scary
Clothes: all black
his personality: dino nuggies 🥺
baresuper - Måned siden
even if he was faking his voice so what? that still don't makes sense in hating on the guy and crying incels tears just because girls (and dudes) fan over him. he has a right to his privacy and refuse to show his face. many people on youtube does it. never a problem with them hiding their face. i see no point in these fake accusations and trying to unvail the man,.. the only reason i see is jealousy ?
Joan Miro Dela Cruz
Joan Miro Dela Cruz - Måned siden
Just wanna say this is real life
Not a game
So don't act like your superior and made the best points
On why corpse husband's voice is fake.
Zero Whitefang
Zero Whitefang - Måned siden
I’ve been following CH because I enjoyed the creepy pasta content and then watching him suddenly show up with all the among us content creators was actually really fun to see. I do miss his let’s read content, but I’m not mad that he changed what he’s doing. People change.
undeadliz - Måned siden
However he looks like, i will still be following him. Finding him through anthony padilla and watch his among us streams has made me so happy. The parasocial relationship is real! I adore his personality and him. He makes me smile and laugh when he is enjoying himself.
Moon_ Beam
Moon_ Beam - Måned siden
I look up to corpse, and I really like his personality
lost in time
lost in time - Måned siden
bro do you ever think about youtubers getting old? like 50-
Kelly R
Kelly R - Måned siden
Apart from the fact that people do not just like him for his voice, I'm getting the impression that no one really understands what GERD is. GERD alone did NOT make his voice that deep, it made it more raspy but not this deep. His voice is, as he said himself, a product of genetics, combined with GERD. But it's not like his voice would sound completely different if he did not have the condition. I have GERD too, and yes, my voice is also raspier, but not necessarily deep. It just bugs me so much when ppl are saying: O he just has this voice because of his illness. Nope, he doesn't (not that it would even matter why he sound as he sounds).
MonkeyIsBanana - Måned siden
The Sins
The Sins - Måned siden
A man shouldn’t be judged based off his appearance, he should be judged by the actions/deeds the man has done. People should not hating others and just love the ones close to you but I guess people can’t stop being this cruel to others.
The Sins
The Sins - Måned siden
Never hate someone for their looks
mcfaddenjp - Måned siden
Imagine like ping the new star wars trilogy
Bende S
Bende S - Måned siden
Ngl I’m gay for Corpse Husband.
Harum Skarum
Harum Skarum - Måned siden
This reminds me of South Park's "Mysteron" character plot
grilled_babies_r _yum
grilled_babies_r _yum - Måned siden
DoEs CrOps HusBunD wEaR eYePaTcH? -shitty company
What? Like yeah- he literally said he does- like use your brain plz.
Morgan Slaugenhoup
Morgan Slaugenhoup - Måned siden
i don't show my face ever
vestra gaming
vestra gaming - Måned siden
oof ive been caught simping
Heidi Casey
Heidi Casey - Måned siden
Corpse actually has an illness that makes his voice deep and raspy
And he has anxiety really bad
Also he is so so so insecure
Ashleigh Mikaelson
Ashleigh Mikaelson - Måned siden
oh and IDC if he ever shows his face!!! and IF he ever does, I will still love his voice and his channel!!!
Ashleigh Mikaelson
Ashleigh Mikaelson - Måned siden
I've been a sub since he started doing scary stories! he is what got me into those kinda channels: We Shouldn't Be Here, Let'sRead, etc.. but his voice is so damn sexy to me!!! and it makes the scary stories so damn much better!!!
The Anxious Panda
The Anxious Panda - Måned siden
Same here! When I started seeing his name more recently I was like wait what's going on? Dude reads stories lol
Anime Shinkõ
Anime Shinkõ - Måned siden
Why do people want to see his face anyway if he revealed his face cool if he doesnt oh well it doesn't mean anything
Bee Harris
Bee Harris - Måned siden
Pr0t0typ3 •
Pr0t0typ3 • - Måned siden
I'm a proud simp 😎👌
JTium Productions
JTium Productions - Måned siden
Lol he puts so much effort into his vids
I only pay attention to the potted plant and the cross necklace
Oh yeah don’t be stupid hoomans and hate on a random guy just because he likes his privacy, and also has a medical condition that actually sucks and just happens to make his voice deep.
Light - Måned siden
Next video: Mr beast fakes his money
Chonk_Y - Måned siden
you can tell someone's content/personality is bad when they use "14 year old white girl" as an unironic insult.
Taylynn Platt
Taylynn Platt - Måned siden
This video.... I honestly feel bad for Corpse Husband because if this. In my old channel, I was a faceless YouTuber and I had to comepltly stop making videos because of the amount of backlash from people saying I'm only hiding my face because I wasn't good looking and shit. It is very difficult which is why I deleted my channel. I actually hid my face for privacy reasons... So.... Yeah....
User. 1
User. 1 - Måned siden
Sh4rked [GD]
Sh4rked [GD] - Måned siden
the fact that there are many people forcing him to do a face reveal and threatening him if he looks ugly, like wtf?
Zane_ opro
Zane_ opro - Måned siden
Corpse is best youtuber no matter what but people like corpse deserves to be best not gonna lie :)
Isabella Tester
Isabella Tester - Måned siden
1:19 i almost balled cried
Cellestia Uriah
Cellestia Uriah - Måned siden
He seems like a decent person, considering when people pretended to have found his face, he felt bad for the guy who's picture it actually was.
Ginger333 .X.
Ginger333 .X. - Måned siden
Random people: why is his voice deep but his laugh isn't
Corpse: is my laugh supposed to be like "HuAh"?
Crispy PANDA
Crispy PANDA - Måned siden
You know his face is on top top.
Executioner Bedivere
Executioner Bedivere - Måned siden
Yeah cool video but why the fuck is it the russian national anthem over a fake british acc
Hannah Storms
Hannah Storms - Måned siden
i dont like beans either :(
Hannah Storms
Hannah Storms - Måned siden
Ashley Huang
Ashley Huang - Måned siden
Alpha115 - Måned siden
Beans and dumplings, two foods that will rule the world 👍
Amanda Heinau
Amanda Heinau - Måned siden
Hannah Storms
Hannah Storms - Måned siden
beans and dumplings
Alex - Måned siden
Michael Nee
Michael Nee - Måned siden
I litteraly have never heard of him until like last month and I really don't get the hype
LitchiSoda - Måned siden
I bet someone already said this, but corpse said himself that he sometimes needs to wear an eyepatch I forgot why exactly but I think it has to do with his cronic illness so that shitty company's thingy is not entirely wrong
I agree to the other stuff tho so no hate aaaaaah ;-;
Emilia The Hero
Emilia The Hero - Måned siden
People need to be more simple. If you dont like him that's ok move on with your life. Leave the people who like him alone. Must be nice to waste your time and energy on silly stuff.
FrenchToasties123 - Måned siden
I like to think he actually looks like Steve Urkel
Lizzy_DoesWhat - Måned siden
And for those people who say “his fans are cringe and overly obsessive”: he doesn’t control his fans or his popularity. You can’t say “he should’ve expected it” bruh, he didn’t ask for this
Emmy Beth
Emmy Beth - Måned siden
i think you beat your goal......
I.R.R. Anon
I.R.R. Anon - Måned siden
i put on a british accent to help with my lisp (it works trust me you're focused so much on doing a different accent correct you take more time with your words) and it's not easy to keep up i couldn imagine him fakin that
Ljsman23 Salty
Ljsman23 Salty - Måned siden
Honestly I like guessing to myself about what faceless youtuberd I like look like but I would never hate them if they weren't a god I would just say oh I'm wrong oh well.
I'm trying to say I would like to guess what he looks like sorta when you read a book but I wouldn't hate him because he didnt look how I pictured him. Also I would never tell people what I think he looks like and try to debunk him. I hope I'm not being a bad person I just like to pair a voice with a face but don't care what it looks like and dont try to debunk him.
Sarah McCraw
Sarah McCraw - Måned siden
I vote on hugs for corpse and hugs for all and positivity Turtles for all. Corpse husband fanbase are some of the most positive people.
Deivid - Måned siden
Well I don't simp but I like his videos and you look like a girl
Weird Liz
Weird Liz - Måned siden
British people are nice
And there accent is

So nabber
I reject you apology
Arcadia Copper
Arcadia Copper - Måned siden
i mean each time someone has a unnormal voice everyone says its fake
Lillie-Mai Laufeyson
Lillie-Mai Laufeyson - Måned siden
When I first came to this channel I stuck around for , primarily, how relatable you are. Of course I love the way you give evidenced unbiased views in a funny way but also... the coffee and, yes, geeky looks got me hooked too.
Хакан Калленджи
This happened to Undertale. People only saw the negative part.
Adeknya Omi Fushimi
Adeknya Omi Fushimi - Måned siden
"If Corpse is ugly, i'll..."

Dude, did your face is better than him? 🙄 I bet the hater's face are uglier than a *pig*
Sean Heeaney
Sean Heeaney - Måned siden
I mean it's pretty hard not to speculate what he looks like, I do it all the time. But I will never harass him because of it, and even though I don't watch his Among Us videos, I won't stop supporting him because of what he looks like because his horror story videos have gotten me through so many tough times.
WickedRegent - Måned siden
Algorithm go brrrrrrrrr
-v0lume- - Måned siden
You. Need. 5000000 subscribers.
valenotfound - Måned siden
omg your amazing