Dream's Response To Creepy Fans

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Dream is a Minecraft Speedrunner who has recently been involved in controversy and Dream exposed videos after people accused Dream of cheating in his Minecraft speedrun. Today we will be speaking about Dream, TommyInnit and many other in the Dream Team.
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In this video I discuss a large amount of creators including Dream and TommyInnit who are a big part of the Dream Team SMP which includes the likes of: Wilbur Soot, Quackity, Tubbo, Dream, Sapnap and George. These creators are mainly known for their Minecraft streams, Minecraft highlights and Minecraft speedruns.
0:00 intro to dream
1:51 dream "cheated" his speedrun
4:58 the dream stan community
15:58 the dream face leakers
Runtime: 22:02


diesel patches
diesel patches - Måned siden
Kenji isn't a war criminal he just really likes oil
Jacob Cochran
Jacob Cochran - 17 dager siden
*really really really* likes oil
Alex - Måned siden
Omg daddy diesel
Lennon Carpentier
Lennon Carpentier - Måned siden
Kenji is america
ThE oNe mE lOl
ThE oNe mE lOl - Måned siden
Whatcha doing later daddy diesel?
Kay Plays Today
Kay Plays Today - Måned siden
Symbiote2k - Dag siden
bruh u are telling me there is legit tommyinnit p**n wtf is wrong with people
Zi Xuan Yeoh
Zi Xuan Yeoh - 2 dager siden
vjwasyoda - 2 dager siden
Ok small spoiler of the Dream SMP so if you don't want to spoil anything just be aware
Nailas Fantasie
Nailas Fantasie - 4 dager siden
Malin Söderberg
Malin Söderberg - 8 dager siden
I am a Dream fan and what's a stan? I don't understand
Liam Gregory
Liam Gregory - 9 dager siden
You are right dream is encouraging this behaviour he does not care about sexual fanart he only cares about the views and money but who doesn't
Liam Gregory
Liam Gregory - 9 dager siden
Y u hating on me teens can be alright I'm subed I'm normal human being
play4says - 9 dager siden
Dyde tommys 16
kaito katsuki
kaito katsuki - 9 dager siden
fun fact: they're all kids
Bolt - 10 dager siden
ireally like the way he says 'sunshine`
Ashtron of Masks
Ashtron of Masks - 15 dager siden
1:50 hold up- cicada 331? oh hell yes
CADEN - 16 dager siden
the fact that they added trigger warnings like it wasn’t a big deal, dude, what the fuck
John Adler
John Adler - 16 dager siden
"I've not seen the youtube community this upset since last week!" You sir, have just described the youtube community more perfectly in this one sentince than I ever could with even a ten page essay! Lmao I'm dead🤣🤣🤣🤣
UncreativeWeeb - 19 dager siden
Idk why people make such a scandal about a faceless YouTuber and a game, honestly I’m just so confused
ShadowMusic Gamer
ShadowMusic Gamer - 20 dager siden
The kids have the power to bash those dipshits out
Jack Ashton
Jack Ashton - 22 dager siden
I'm 15....I hate me too tbh:)
Fusionnite - 23 dager siden
Wikipedia - 23 dager siden
7:11 Literally made me recoil and gasp. That is disgusting. Imagine if that happened to them, would they be aroused then? Fuck no.
Tally Blue
Tally Blue - 24 dager siden
The worst part is the ones lusting after Tommyinnit and Tubbo considering they are LITERAL children.
Dark ShadowSlayer
Dark ShadowSlayer - 24 dager siden
First video and I had to sub
Flower - 27 dager siden
I'll be a teenager in 1 day so I'll subscribe
Free Cookies
Free Cookies - 28 dager siden
I know this is a serious matter with the tommyinnit harassment but when he said you're going to jail sunshine it made me laugh
ju ju
ju ju - Måned siden
yes,l youv summoned us, what is it that u want, normal human being.
Alexis Connor
Alexis Connor - Måned siden
Dream , that man is so nice

(if you haven't caught up with the "doxing" scandal you wont understand this comment)
Bb o
Bb o - Måned siden
"if you have 50,000 some of them are going to be serial killers" -technoblade
Paris Pack
Paris Pack - Måned siden
not all dream stans are bad its just that few that are being creepy, i disagree with the haters that just want to find whatever they can to get mad or ridicule him[obviously not all dream haters] the speed run thing is that the argument that he faked it has been debunked so... that's my view
ashley 15
ashley 15 - Måned siden
“I haven’t seen the YouTube community this upset since last week” AHH truest shii I’ve EVER heard
flobo1 Meerkat
flobo1 Meerkat - Måned siden
Tommyinnit stans:
natalie mariya
natalie mariya - Måned siden
you know what , i don't even care if dream cheats 😭 he's funny & his videos are entertaining are to watch
Anime EXP
Anime EXP - Måned siden
"I don't care who you are but shipping real life people with each other when they've clearly stated that there uncomfortable with it is just wrong.. especially fucin children"
Eduardo Castelao
Eduardo Castelao - Måned siden
As a teenager I can say:
Yeah, we are just a bunch of weirdos.
señor porko
señor porko - Måned siden
Dream is a nice person to his friends and makes good videos who cares about a stupid speedrun
Toasted Stranger
Toasted Stranger - Måned siden
I lost interest in the Dream SMP before the war I'm still not gonna go back now. also *H U M A N I T Y IS R U I N E D*
the - Måned siden
PaykaChu - Måned siden
dude this video needs to be popular...people needs to see this
Kitteso - Måned siden
I'm very late but I want to explain the whole speedrun cheating thing in a very short comment here. The chances that Dream got lucky the way he did is pretty much 1 in 20 sextillion. The mod team calculated the chances of any speedrunner getting as lucky as Dream, and way overcorrected for biases. That is the 1 in 7.5 trillion number. Dream's 1 in 100 million number is absolutely wrong, but even with that, the company that he hired concluded that the most reasonable assumption is that Dream cheated.
Long story short, Dream cheated, in case anyone was still unsure about that.
Emma Plays
Emma Plays - Måned siden
People he is SIXTEEN you may have a crush on him or something just dont make him uncomfortable and simp respectfully and dont sexualise him :D and even though teenagers are annoying AF belive me i am one and ik im annoying af but atleast i understand why thats wrong ._.
Emma Plays
Emma Plays - Måned siden
You have summoned me 😎
Arthur H.
Arthur H. - Måned siden
Everyone: Youre to lucky to stay alive*
nphy - Måned siden
me: *has never watched dream and doesn't like minecraft*
also me: "hmm... interesting"
DecipherThe Cipher
DecipherThe Cipher - Måned siden
Dream Stan's fighting anti dreams. Me who just likes dream but doesn't care what happens:😶
Super Fire 64 Gaming
Super Fire 64 Gaming - Måned siden
Honestly, if you want to have a nice life, don’t go on Twitter.
It’s so easy
Little Silly
Little Silly - Måned siden
wait how is this fence sitting I am confused
Al _ animenerd
Al _ animenerd - Måned siden
When inabber says “I hate you so you still stay subscribed” I was about to go off until he said “I don’t hate you” and I was so happy
Six Paths Of Pain
Six Paths Of Pain - Måned siden
I have moar subscribers than dream
Random Non 3859
Random Non 3859 - Måned siden
I love these type of videos just making fun of twitter IQ, you got me subbed, also kenji can you like nuke the entire planet so we can start over lmao
Ace _
Ace _ - Måned siden
simple note to people that hating : if you don’t like a content in youtube just press the 3 dot thingy on their youtube and just press “ not interested “ :)
Ace _
Ace _ - Måned siden
for : “ the hating people “
youtube or other social media is where people be them self you shouldn’t judge that person , you don’t even know what they are going through ..
for : the youtuber who hating on other youtuber because they are more successful than you
as a youtuber or a creator you should support other youtube , NOT hating them .. well if they did like good thing if they did like bad thing like showing bad thing as is uhm “ negative “ stab , bully that .
Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee - Måned siden
The sad fact is that some people made a fucking sexuality from dream and I just don’t understand he’s a 21 year old Minecraft streamer that laughs like a tea kettle
EsbjörnIsShort - Måned siden
12:46 what makes it worse (for those who havent seen an ss of the og tweet) is im p sure they were talking about a creator that happens to be a minor
people are seriously f-ed up
Emma Frost
Emma Frost - Måned siden
I have a question is looking up YouTubers height bad because I don't want to be a rude person
David PeoplesTV
David PeoplesTV - Måned siden
Well, I don’t care about Minecraft speed running, but I like entertaining Minecraft videos, and Dream makes those so he’s cool in my book
Jâčk Mįdørìya
Jâčk Mįdørìya - Måned siden
When you’re a teenager watching inabber: 🥲👍🏻
terror wrist watch
terror wrist watch - Måned siden
0:35 pewdiepie has entered the chat
Kurger_Bing - Måned siden
I can completely understand Dream is upset cus like INabber said, Dream is human like the rest of us, and has the right to be frustrated about people claiming hes cheating. It takes many hours to record and edit a speedrun as far as i know, and being a big YouTuber isnt easy at all. And being doxxed on top of that must be stressful AF. And me being a fan (not in a stan way) just want to enjoy the content and nice vibes.
Steel_Warfare - Måned siden
I really hate when people just bully a youtuber or someone into doing "face reveals" if they want to keep it private then they should be allowed to keep it private. it happened with jaiden animations so much to the point she had to do a video explaining why she didnt do a face reveal
HotDoge For1st
HotDoge For1st - Måned siden
kenjie looks cute ngl
kestal - Måned siden
Is no one gonna talk about the thumbnail?
iamvery_okay withthis_
iamvery_okay withthis_ - Måned siden
people are being so dramatic. even if he did cheat, why is it that big of a deal? in the end of stuff, the videos are fun and entertaining.
Kitteso - Måned siden
This is about so much more than just the cheating. You probably weren't there when he called one of the mods a biased clout chaser, by name, half-heartedly apologized, and then still implied that the mods were biased against him, causing a lot of hate to be sent to the mods. He even had the audacity of commenting on the mod's tweet that was an obvious joke about the situation claiming the tweet was misleading, when it was merely a joke, causing even more of his fans to send hate to this mod. This was after Dream was "done talking about this". This was a 3 month long drama in which he only changed his tone about the mods at the very end, not calling them biased who only want to take him down cause they dislike him, but merely implying that. So yeah I think this is why it's a big deal, he clearly doesn't care about anyone here, only about saving his face. I don't know his exact relationship with the mods before this, but they were mostly on good terms. Dream even helped them catch cheaters before, he was part of some cheating investigations. I think it's pretty awful how he just turned around and stabbed these people in the back. I don't know if I'm being dramatic, but this is one reason one might be dramatic about this.
xxflowerlyxxul - Måned siden
i just noticed i am like ranboo and hes thw main character
boneless specter
boneless specter - Måned siden
There’s still hope in the world with youtubers like you to help the community
mugzzyscriptz - Måned siden
cool ur at 800k
0x0ism - Måned siden
Cancel humanity, got it.
Carissa SmilesMUA
Carissa SmilesMUA - Måned siden
I don't watch Dream because his content is one that I would necessarily watch, but I don't bully anyone who does like Dream. Because I'm not a rude person, and I respect others around me who like other creators.......except for Onision stans, they're......something else
MF99K - Måned siden
people just shouldn't draw nsfw art of anyone without their consent, ESPECIALLY a minor
minecraft hoe
minecraft hoe - Måned siden
Guys trust me I've seen them and it's not good
Matthew Weston
Matthew Weston - Måned siden
He's a fucking cheater and it's bullshit because it takes a lot of time to learn any games route
Aubrey Britt
Aubrey Britt - Måned siden
✨Every bloody time 😞😔✨
ElizabethNightingale - Måned siden
Hey, you probably wont see this iNabber, but you mentioned Cryotic and I didnt know Cry had any controversies... Maybe you have a video of it/them but if not I would be very interesting in learning about it. I always thought that Cry was a wholesome youtuber....
jolly animations
jolly animations - Måned siden
your dog kenji is so cute lol
TSP5 Watermelon
TSP5 Watermelon - Måned siden
Yessica Gonzalez
Yessica Gonzalez - Måned siden
I hate the comment on the thumbnail i swear it has been stuck in my head for two days
8miceinabox - Måned siden
The Dream Stans and Haters are both bad.
BelleIs_live - Måned siden
I hate me too!👌😂
Galaxy the Starwing
Galaxy the Starwing - Måned siden
Person: the thought of him struggling in my arms is so f****ing arousing
Me ( a dream fan) : GET SOME HELP!
bruh moment_69
bruh moment_69 - Måned siden
17:22 i swear this guy has eleven different channels
Dove2745 - Måned siden
Reading fanfics about real people is extremely weird.
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman - Måned siden
And shipping
Bob F
Bob F - Måned siden
Just remember if you are taking sides in any of this you are arguing about a fucking minecraft YouTuber.
Kiarra600hamony - Måned siden
I'ma ✨kid✨ (I'm subscribed)
Noobiedodo - Måned siden
him: more than you
every other bigger youtuber: are you sure about that
Spooky Chan
Spooky Chan - Måned siden
(Googles everyone on Dream SMP)
Dream-21 Good.....
Quackity-19 okay...
Tommy-16 O H N O...
Le smiley Mangaka
Le smiley Mangaka - Måned siden
It's not touching Dream, it's touching Clay and his family
I’m an idot
I’m an idot - Måned siden
the thing abt the community is that if u have a lot of followers and say something they dont agree with there will be many ppl reacting very negatively instead of educating the person- i guess thats just how twitter is but its still annoying
I’m an idot
I’m an idot - Måned siden
twitter stans just try their best to make twitter a safe space or something, cancelling people over slurs etc but that just makes it less of a safe space cuz a new person says something bad and boom no theyre out theyre done for
FrankyBoy NL
FrankyBoy NL - Måned siden
something not on the topic

congrats of 800K :D
Sawyer Kirby
Sawyer Kirby - Måned siden
Kenji’s cute little face says hahahahhahahhaha I have more
DittoNito - Måned siden
I am ashamed to say in the Gacha community there is a very dark side where they actually sexualise real life people but not everyone there are ppl who sexualize them there are ppl who like making innocent stuff where its not sexualized at all.
Jandore Robles
Jandore Robles - Måned siden
I just unsub u said so
Red Riot
Red Riot - Måned siden
I wish drawing sexualised fan art of fictional minors was also illegal, there’s not enough bleach in the world to cleanse my soul after downloading Twitter
Fi Fi
Fi Fi - Måned siden
Even if you do hate me (I’m a teen, 14) that’s just something we have in common 👉👉
WeebofWonders - Måned siden
Dream is just a radioactive nugget with a paper stick man taped onto him
Shreksterz - Måned siden
Guess who the dislikes are from, you guessed it.
Nooby Boi
Nooby Boi - Måned siden
Ultra - Måned siden
This man is one of the most logical people I’ve seen
idk what to put here
idk what to put here - Måned siden
Im a stan but im not that weird i just stalk them for clips i need and mkae edits and draw them and watch them 24/7😣👊
idk what to put here
idk what to put here - Måned siden
U know sometimes i have a good day and having a amazing morning and night but then i remember ppl like those ppl stil exist and my morning or nigh gets ruined
AmphaTheBobRoss - Måned siden
I am a teenager that is subbed to you. You're welcome!
Welp - Måned siden
No offence Inabber, but it kind of feels like you're using a kid as clickbait and further exploiting an issue
Chaotic Pvp
Chaotic Pvp - Måned siden
ItsMeWolfie - Måned siden
there are reasons why i say im a Tommyinnt fan and not a Tommyinnt AND Dream fan... i shouldn't feel this way and it makes me feel soooooo ill to think, hear, and see what some people do. when Tommy calls himself a child it's bad! the DSMP has a small percent of toxic stans, but they sure make themselves known and heard. it makes me sad.