Eugenia Cooney Needs Serious Help

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Eugenia Cooney is a NOburnr known for make-up but also other controversies. Today I will discuss my opinion on why I think Eugenia Cooney is endagering her fans by some of content she has been posting on her Eugenia Cooney NOburn channel. But I also want to discuss The Return of Eugenia Cooney (video by Shane Dawson) and why I believe that video was not really a good thing. I will also further disuss creators such as Onision who have been absolutely terrible to Eugenia in the past, discuss Eugenia Cooney's mother, the Discord Exposed situation and many other things. Eugenia appears to upload regular content such as Jeffree Star make-up pallette openings, but i think there is something darker happening here.

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This video is an opinion piece and not fact, please do not confront Eugenia Cooney in any way (social media or in person). Or any of the people mentioned in the video such as Shane Dawson and his team of Andrew, Ryland and Morgan.
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iNabber - 2 måneder siden
Seeing as my last video on a sensitive issue got halted in the algorithm: I'd really appreciate it if you dropped a comment, like and sub. It would really help push this video and get the message out there! 30,000 likes for an upload tomorrow?
Becca Maleka
Becca Maleka - 17 dager siden
Hey Inabber! I would love to be able to watch this as I have an inside perspective on anorexia as I had it for 11 years but I can’t watch this as it could be a bit triggering. I really worry about Her, she needs to get into a live in facility and off of the internet ASAP. She has a lot of work to do and she can’t do it at home or online, you need to go really deep into your mind and change what it has learnt. Anorexia is so terrifying, it literally changes how you think, what you can see, your logic, your reality, your whole world is completely an obsession, trust me, I just broke out of it and it feels like I have had a decade stolen from my life. I desperately hope she can get help. Love your videos Inabber, I’m binging them atm hahaha
Becca Maleka
Becca Maleka - 17 dager siden
Faye Laura
Faye Laura - Måned siden
I liked the video but her names Eugen-I-a not eugen-a
hashtagmate - Måned siden
If it makes you feel better I got recommended the video and I was not a subscriber :)
Twiztid YourNutz
Twiztid YourNutz - 2 måneder siden
@Alyssa Reminiec okay
Natalie Basin
Natalie Basin - 7 timer siden
Even if she was naturally skinny she must be severely under weight and needs medical attention anyway
Snark - Dag siden
Syliamew 4god
Syliamew 4god - 3 dager siden
I need to say something that is bothering me in the comments. Everyone saying ' She knows what she is doing.' I have been through anorexia and yeah we know what we are doing, but it is like a addiction. The fans are not helping her by saying she looks pretty and good! What is helping the one who are saying ' You need help.' I been in this state of thinking ' oh missing a couple meals is not that bad. I'm not that skinny.'
I'm doing good now! Looking back I realized. Please stop saying she knows what she is doing. This may be true, but it's like a drug addition. You know that you are taking the drugs, but you don't notice the effects. Your just happy with the feeling of the high you get from this. I'm glad she is trying to better. I believe her Mom had a lot to do with this because in Shane video she never showed up. I find very very odd. Sorry for getting heated. You don't know what the mindset of a ED is unless you been through it. I'm not excusing her actions. I think she needs to stay off Youtube until she is fully better.
Syliamew 4god
Syliamew 4god - 3 dager siden
@I yeah. The comments she knows what she is doing. Very true, but it is an addiction. It's not going to heal over night. Pointing it out depends on the person and the reaction. I agree somewhat with pushing. She might freak out and think I won't get better which I been through these emotions. They shouldn't interview her when she wasn't ready. Please give her time to heal
Syliamew 4god
Syliamew 4god - 3 dager siden
@I Totally agree. And thank you. I'm glad she is slowly healing. It might be her best interest to stay off NOburn.
I - 3 dager siden
I also think that the people doing videos on her and the brands sponsoring her are just exploiting and using her and it's honestly sad
I - 3 dager siden
Also I'm glad you are doing better now!
I - 3 dager siden
I feel like the people in the comment section of her videos saying "she looks so much skinnier" Or" she has changed a lot" is just fueling her ED and is very dangerous
It’s Me Again, Margaret.
It’s Me Again, Margaret. - 4 dager siden
As terrible as this situation is, Eugenia is right that it’s not her fault how people feel about watching her. Her “young and impressionable” audience is not her responsibility.
Dianna Abdala
Dianna Abdala - 4 dager siden
Please tell me that the segment with her holding the razor and blades wasn’t sponsored by Dollar Shave Club. If any company is sponsoring her, that’s disgusting.
Melissa Connors
Melissa Connors - 4 dager siden
"It is no measure of health to me adjusted to a profoundly sick society." -Krishnamurti
paulína - 7 dager siden
Please stop making videos about her. At this point, we all know who she is and that she needs help. This isn’t something new. Stop getting clout off of her, I know you don’t mean it that way, but that’s how it is
Amelia the weirdo
Amelia the weirdo - 8 dager siden
Eugenia used to be my favorite YouTuber, and at the time, I was going through a kind of rough time, and I felt as if I needed to look like her to be happy. I never got that skinny, but I didn't eat very much to try to lose weight.

This was when I was 9~
I did the same when I was 11
Abby's World
Abby's World - 9 dager siden
A little kid dosent even need to ask to go downstairs, babies and toddlers are completely different because if there not being watched then it’s neglect but even 5 year olds and maybe even 4 year olds go around there house without needing to ask but it of course depends on there situation, like for physical disabilities were regardless of age it’s neglect if there left alone, for example a severe type of autism to the point there nonverbal
William Frank
William Frank - 11 dager siden
She’s been “needing help” for a long time now...
Someone just give it to her cause I’m sick of seeing these shitty videos. I know she needs to take accountability and help herself but the girl has been in crisis mode for a long time and there needs to be an intervention.
My comments are turned off so if anyone replies I will not see it.
Sa - 11 dager siden
This video should be called “Eugenia Cooney needs to find a real job.”
BasicallyJustGay - 12 dager siden
As someone who has an eating disorder,this is honestly just so f^cked up.
foreign swagger
foreign swagger - 12 dager siden
t a n a m o j o
Johnny Knowles
Johnny Knowles - 14 dager siden
Eugenia Cooney claiming that she’s “naturally skinny” is like Rich Piana claiming to be NATTY. Rip🙏🏽
Becca Maleka
Becca Maleka - 17 dager siden
I would love to be able to watch this as I have an inside perspective on anorexia as I had it for 11 years but I can’t watch this as it could be a bit triggering. I really worry about Her, she needs to get into a live in facility and off of the internet ASAP. She has a lot of work to do and she can’t do it at home or online, you need to go really deep into your mind and change what it has learnt. Anorexia is so terrifying, it literally changes how you think, what you can see, your logic, your reality, your whole world is completely an obsession, trust me, I just broke out of it and it feels like I have had a decade stolen from my life. I desperately hope she can get help.
Polina She
Polina She - 19 dager siden
Cute doggo
From Space
From Space - 21 dag siden
I just found your channel today and I really like you. Thank you for judging people by their actions and behaviors instead of by their physical features. You are the ONLY person on Youtube that I have EVER seen call out Eugenia Cooney and Amberlynn Reid for all the right reasons, with maturity, and without cruelty. You're smart and cool, and you have a new follower - may you get many more! :)
Livvy Pie
Livvy Pie - 23 dager siden
That video was the worst idea ever
Gorilla Titty
Gorilla Titty - 24 dager siden
Onision never failing to show how awful he is. To mock her and her ED and have the audacity to say other people should have helped her. Gross.
Le_Tomboy - 27 dager siden
I’m going to cry... there is no way she’s like this again. This probably sounds so fucked, but idk how else to say it. Why her? Why? I just really want her to recover and be happy. :(
Amy - 29 dager siden
I hope she gets better. She’s a sweet girl. ☹️
Shane exploited her. She looked a little better for a while, but now she’s lost weight again.
Joker's Harley Quinn
Joker's Harley Quinn - 29 dager siden
Damn so the therapist is a Freud then 😄🤦🏻‍♀️
b_cvnt - Måned siden
I like Onision at least you know where he stands as a person... I have a problem with people like IamAlex
Claire - Måned siden
She makes me so sad, I hope she gets help and becomes happy and healthy
grifwastaeken - Måned siden
she scares me
Stark Bay Ltd
Stark Bay Ltd - Måned siden
I had no idea who this person was until it was mentioned in an anorexic support group (I'm a parent of a child with AN). Your you-tube was really informative and true to the facade of AN and how it is presented 'on screen'. We need more people like you. Thank you.
Shinelikealways - Måned siden
As someone who was hospitalised multiple times for anorexia and is now fully recovered and studying to become a psychologist and treat people with eating disorders specifically, seeing Eugenia and the internet's response to her just triggers me to no end. Get her hospitalised and don't let her out before she's doing better. Whatever they're doing now, is obviously not working. I feel so sorry for her :(
Diamond Kivi
Diamond Kivi - Måned siden
I really hope she isn't going to die :(
Micayla Hodges
Micayla Hodges - Måned siden
someone has got to take her social media away. the thing that 10000% gets to me is her fans are literally panicking in front of her, begging her to seek help and get healthy and she acts like she has no idea what she looks like. idc if you have a high metabolism or are naturally skinny, NO SKINNY, HEALTHY PERSON LOOKS LIKE THAT. it’s so hard to sit back and watch her say “don’t watch my videos” when you can tell that she secretly thrives off of any kind of attention comment she can get. but even though the “thigh gap” trend isn’t around as much as it was when i was younger, there are going to be vulnerable girls and boys who are gonna be suffering from body dysmorphia and self hate, and they are gonna be like “wow, i want to be like her.” in the end, eugenia is responsible for HER. she’s the only one who can change her path. i just don’t understand how you can see yourself in the mirror and see yourself in the camera lens and think you look normal like that?
Carly Boyd
Carly Boyd - Måned siden
Toru Ko
Toru Ko - Måned siden
It’s important to understand that she was completely delusional, in her head she was skinny but completely fine, she didn’t see anything wrong with her body so I personally I can see why she would post videos without hiding her body, because she didn’t see anything off about it. However, her audience is primarily children, seeing her content will dafenatly hard an effect. I’m not saying she should stop posting, but she should dafenatly filter her content, I think she is so sweet, but she needs to see that many people who watch her are not adults who can see good from bad
Walter Reed
Walter Reed - Måned siden
She needs some chicken nuggies
Brianne H
Brianne H - Måned siden
Great video. Honestly, I don’t have any criticism of it, I’m just commenting to help you get pushed into the YT algorithm. ❤️😁👍🏻 I did like it too, don’t worry.
x Errør_Gīrł x
x Errør_Gīrł x - Måned siden
iNabber reading all the arguments in the comments: 👁👄👁 🍩
lovetrances - Måned siden
there is nothing wrong with being naturally skinny. i myself am naturally skinny and struggle with it horribly because i yern to gain more weight. but eugenia has an ED, there is no if and or buts about it. she has spoken about it and aboht how she needed help on shanes docuseries. there is no naturally skinny about this. she truly needs help and at this point only seems like she is trying to convince herself it isn’t something bigger than what it is. i feel bad for her i really do. but she has to be the one to help her at this point.
Logan Miller
Logan Miller - Måned siden
Oof this woman be looking like me in 3rd grade she's so damn skinny that skeletons would worship her goddamn
brittany stevens
brittany stevens - Måned siden
Yes! She literally just today posted on here a picture of her body and captioned it "why blend in when you were born to stand out" and I just feel like that's not sending the innocent message you would usually take at face value.
dragonwingzz - Måned siden
she looks like orochimaro from naruto
Michael park
Michael park - Måned siden
Bish don’t @ Blaire lmao
Bethany Porter
Bethany Porter - Måned siden
You did a good job not making it seem like it was just drama but actually a warning for everyone to be aware the situation
Sam James
Sam James - Måned siden
Imperial Cub
Imperial Cub - Måned siden
Eugenia will never get the help she needs
Facundo Ocampo
Facundo Ocampo - Måned siden
Why he look 10 and 60 at the same time?
Courtney Hammett
Courtney Hammett - Måned siden
Love this but you say her name so wrong haha
Killrod Star
Killrod Star - Måned siden
She may be naturally inclined towards being slim - however the odds are that even this is not the case based on the fact that her mother is morbidly obese. Nonetheless, being slim and being emaciated (aka “skinny”) are not the same.
Matthew Weston
Matthew Weston - Måned siden
I hate to say this, but...
Everyone who has made videos on her is the real problem. If someone actually cared about her and her well being they would never had made any video in the first place. Anyone making a video on her is lying to themselves if they think that can help in anyway, and the real reason is for the views it's sad. I have never watched any of the videos on her and really just came to comment here because it's so obvious. Sadly the worse contributers to the problem are probably the ones whom are a little closer like Jaclin Glenn (however it;s spelt) who claims to just do it to help, but really if you wanted to help you would not be doing it in front of tons of people, drawing more attention to her and her problems, especially when claiming to want to help an eating disorder, that is the exact opposite you want to do, it doesn't take a genius, and most of you people know that and don't care just hop on the band wagon for views. It's super fucked, just don't lie and claim you want help for her as the number one goal, most likely probably lying to yourselves thinking that's what you want when really you want views, if you want her to do well it is only secondary to the views, or you never would have even thought about making the videos, it's super obvious and fucked up, and I am the opposite of a social justice warrior, in fact hate sjw's, just studied Psychology and know everyone making videos is full of shit and fucking her over.
N8n West
N8n West - Måned siden
lilaa - Måned siden
and everyone saying that shes selfish .. idk much about eds so please if i get anything wrong dont get offended but i dont think shes selfish she just wants to be skinny to the point where its dangerous

edit: dosent she glorify it when people say she's ill because then she knows that getting skinnier is working? im not sure
bernadine - Måned siden
good information the vid even better doggo
Anonymous Raven
Anonymous Raven - Måned siden
Everytime she claps I dont know why but I flinch. I feel like she might just break... Its terrifying seeing how thin and visible her bones are...
Debora Ron
Debora Ron - Måned siden
Is Shane still relevant?
Yasmin Khan
Yasmin Khan - Måned siden
She wears baggy clothes when she’s been doing better probably because she feels big and skimpier clothing when she’s relapsed and feels better about her skeletal figure
admin 096
admin 096 - Måned siden
Saying she’s naturally skinny is like saying it’s just water weight
The Unknown
The Unknown - Måned siden
I forgot that I used to watch her! Omg you have opened some old memories
The Unknown
The Unknown - Måned siden
It's honestly terrifying that people can become this skinny, I don't mean it in a mean way, I just mean that It's scary that people can go without help for so long that it can get to this point
Handsome Rat
Handsome Rat - Måned siden
If you go look at her comment section, *everyone* despises her it seems.
Nicole Schaefer
Nicole Schaefer - Måned siden
As someone who struggles with bulimia and orthorexia, I can say I'm recovering pretty well for the most part. I have never felt this good (mentally and physically) in my life, but I do have ups and downs or kinda relapse into my old habits. Sometimes seeing photos of Eugenia triggers me, like I know she has an ED but I cannot help to feel kinda fat when I look in the mirror (even tho I know im not). So yeah I agree with you, her channel can potentially harm a lot of people. Nonetheless, I understand why she does not see it that way cause I know what is like to have eating disorder. I hope Eugenia can get the help she needs soon, she really looks like an amazing person.
xMissMilkyWayx - Måned siden
You didnt want to monetise this video yet I had 2 ads on it hmmm
Steph w
Steph w - Måned siden
i ask my mom for permission for a lot of small things like that. my mom is the sweetest woman ever. im just really anxious and feel the need to ask. thats just who i am. so saying euginia is scared of her mom for asking to go downstairs for her stuff is a bit of a stretch
haley e
haley e - Måned siden
everytime you say creator it comes out as curator
Maxx Mason
Maxx Mason - Måned siden
Thank you for the trigger warning I'm out mwah 💛
Michelle - Måned siden
I really hope she does get help and definitely on her own terms because she was forced to get help the last time and she wasn't ready then went backwards again to her comfort zone. But on the other she is an adult, and has to take some responsibility and genuine accountability for her own toxic situation. Especially her impact on young girls who idolizes her, yes dismissing that I'm sorry you feel that way and you don't need to watch my channel if it triggers you that's not good enough, and a cop out. It's like I don't care I'm going to do what I want irregardless of anyone else who cares about me or their children watching her and picking up that something is wrong. Her saying that she's sorry someone feels that way about her situation is like basically saying she doesn't care about anyone else. Just its not addressing anything legitimate to build your case that she is in fact not doing it intentionally. It doesn't work that way when you are a kid and pre teen you think differently about the world and she knows it. She may have no cruel bone in her body but to me it always seemed like she minimized when other viewers were genuinely concerned about her. Your more influenced and vulnerable to seeds being planted as a preteen and teenager. Until she grows up and gets help on her own accord everything anyone says who is genuinely concerned about her just seems to feed her going down that hole. I don't want to be negative about her but I pretending a problem doesn't exist and stating her body is naturally like that is a blatent lie and that is harmful to younger viewers who do not understand the nature of a disorder or mental health issue. And think it's normal to looks so skinny, and will look themselves and think why do I don't look like this naturally. Going down that hole she's in isn't a pleasant one. Even unwillingly why would you not want to create more awareness about it and help build people up and get them out of that hole.
Tori L
Tori L - Måned siden
Take a shot every time he says “at the end of the day”
Galaxy_kitty - Måned siden
As a naturally skinny person this is not naturally skinny at all she doesn't even look healthy one bit
I hate vegan teacher
I hate vegan teacher - Måned siden
She's a beautiful girl , but the truth is she should probably go out with her friends and eat more
Charlie Or Ultra
Charlie Or Ultra - Måned siden
am i your special dumpling
Debbie Alex Kure
Debbie Alex Kure - Måned siden
@iNabber I have to ask what breed is your beautiful dog
Faith Ray
Faith Ray - Måned siden
She doesn't want help.
She thinks she is okay.
Spleens The cat
Spleens The cat - Måned siden
She looks like a Disney mum wannabe
Cristina Costache
Cristina Costache - Måned siden
My Best friend was a fan of her a few years ago... Until she got hospitalized for not eating for a couple of days just because she wanted to be as skinny as Eugenia is... Yes, I am a but overweight and I want to loose a few pounds but... This is too much... As my friend got hospitalized because of her, this could happen to a lot of People and this is really dangerous...
heather j
heather j - Måned siden
Plz don’t ever show Onions disgusting body in a video again that made me feel sick, angry, and disgusted all at once
edi - Måned siden
i want to thank everybody in this comment section for not saying things like 'lol im watching this while eating a bag of chips,' or anything like that. those comments really really hurt people with ed's, theyre triggering and painful, and just plain unfunny.
im very late to this video, as i couldnt watch it immediately and i have to psych myself up to watch any videos about ed's, especially eugenia specifically. i really didnt wanna miss one of your videos though, because theyre just **chefs kiss**
you're 100% right that her content is incredibly harmful. ive had a really severe ed (ive recovered now, im genuinely okay again)
her content is mostly watched by ppl with an ed, who are looking for "thinspo" and encouragement, and the other half of people who watch her are there to check in and see if she's alive.
i was subscribed to her for really really long. she's an encouragement, a reminder of your ed, it fuels you to keep going down the self destructive path youve become trapped in. its an awful cycle, and eugenia fuels it so, SO bad.
im not sure what to think of her, her content, and her staying on youtube. shes sick, and i do feel for her, ed's are a genuine nightmare. for my own health ive sworn to just never ever touch a video by her again, but the people who are trapped in the harmful and deadly cycle of ed behaviour, it harms them so bad and they barely have the choice to stop watching. the only reason i am alive and recovered, is because im incredibly lucky to have such caring and loving people surrounding me, but not everybody is that lucky. ed's are an addiction, a safety. once youre there you dont want out, and despite wanting to stop you cant just flip a switch. its on eugenia to keep her content up, but she is ABSOLUTELY directly harming people while doing so. she has done so to me, and many "ed friends" ive had over the years (yes, those are a thing. it goes deep, yall.) is it harsh for me to blame her? i personally dont think so. shes not stupid, she knows what shes doing at this point, with hundreds of thousands of comments saying "i wish i looked like you" on videos, she cannot not know.
GirlWithNoPersonality - Måned siden
She probably is naturally skinny too, because I'm not, and if I tried to be that "skinny" I'm pretty sure my body would shut down a lot earlier than hers.
Just this isn't "skinny" anymore, it's way to unhealthy to call it that.
Nukoz - Måned siden
ya see, im skinny. I don't eat much. BUT THIS PERSON IS as skinny as me, or SKINNIER than me.
mili V
mili V - Måned siden
No one watches Onision no more
Rachel Writes
Rachel Writes - Måned siden
I’m a grown woman and I find her triggering. I can’t imagine how it would affect young people.
Sunstone - Måned siden
gosh I hope she gets better soon ':(
Silon Vith
Silon Vith - Måned siden
I have a theory what if her mom makes her eat less because she is fat and always wanted to be skinny and forces to be her daughter become skinny in a harmful way.
ChaiiTea - Måned siden
Im watching this video one month after it was posted.

I really hope Eugenia is okay and healthier now.
i saw this video and hope she gets better and is still going strong. As someone who used to be very skinny (i was born a tall skinny twig) I know that eating is a bit more important because if you dont it might not take as long to get dangerously skinny.
I hope she is okay now
Faye Laura
Faye Laura - Måned siden
I agree with this but her names EugenIa, not Eugena.
-Pimperson -
-Pimperson - - Måned siden
sweet lord, I thought I was skinny...
Kat Weltz
Kat Weltz - Måned siden
I watched Eugenias videos many years ago, and I legitimately like her personality. She is so cute and fragile, and I got really concerned for her because I really want her to live a long and healthy life. And through the years I've seen soooo many negative videos made about her, and it's just upsetting. She is not a bad person, she is a victim herself. She doesn't need to be called out, she needs to get out of her environment and that is not something neither she or random people on YouTube, can do. She needs help from social service. It's hella complicated since she's and adult and can't just be removed from her mom, but that's exactly what she needs. She is a victim of mental abuse from every direction. She needs to be removed from where ever she is, and get to a place that can actually help her with all the things that her body isn't already saying.
Ghostly Drama
Ghostly Drama - Måned siden
'Naturally Skinny' is a thing, but not like that. Please for the love of god don't do this shit.
Casper the friendly ghost
Casper the friendly ghost - Måned siden
As someone who has recovered from an ED, the weight you gain during recovery, is a lot because it's your body's way of protecting itself from starving again. She has before admitted to having an ED and said she had recovered. I gained almost 70lbs throughout my recovery, she has lost weight. She is not okay, she has not recovered, she has gotten worse and needs serious help.
MyDorkasaurus - Måned siden
I’m not sure how long you’ve been following her but people who have for a long time are to the point where they’ve realized that they can’t help her but they can help prevent her from doing harm to others. So it’s really moved beyond the point of worrying how she will feel about negative comments because the danger she puts others in has become paramount to helping her as she does not want to be helped and no amount of empathy has helped her. This is the equivalent of someone shooting heroin on YouTube for years. People with ED see her videos come up in their feeds via algorithms. It’s not about her feelings anymore she’s dangerous. She is fed by the empathetic comments because they give her the attention she craves and often mention how thin she is. It’s not concern trolling/being mean at this point, Most of the comments on her videos now are like “unsubscribe”, “this is a body check”, “just checking to see if she’s alive”, “don’t enable her”, “don’t watch this”, “YouTube should ban her”. These are the things that should be said, no amount of empathy has helped her or others there is only “tough love” and prioritizing protecting others from this content as the only viable options at this point. In the past I questioned whether or not her being removed from YouTube would be good or bad, now I 100% feel that YouTube should remove her as her material continues to be harmful.
Weird Liz
Weird Liz - Måned siden
I really hope she does get help and it does get better
BRRR - Måned siden
I searched what is ED so Google said its Erectile Dysfunction so yaah ED here is Eating disorder for people who dont know what is
VinSio - Måned siden
"Beautiful dumplings"

*My heart just melted in my chest-*
Tara Rhodes
Tara Rhodes - Måned siden
Tana's apology may have been terrible but let's please not forget the trainwreck that was Laura Lee's lol now THAT was the worst in YT history!
siriuslyconfused1 - Måned siden
Imagine you have an eating disorder and keep getting attacked by people who call themselves “the banana girl” and “the banana guy” WTF kind of reality is this?
Nothin2c Here
Nothin2c Here - Måned siden
Luv the content 😁💜
꧁Asami The therian꧂
꧁Asami The therian꧂ - Måned siden
She wants all these comments, because she wants people to say “your very skinny” , “you look sick” etc ..
We should all stop calling her skinny and unsub from when.
Stargirl - Måned siden
At this point only her family or she can help herself. Her ED feeds of people's concern so really by "caring" you are enabling her.
• BeeBee •
• BeeBee • - Måned siden
She isn't skinny...I'm naturally skinny and the only bones you can see are my knuckles an knees.
Crazyhuman214 Bleh
Crazyhuman214 Bleh - Måned siden
I always love your commentary and opinions
Olivia Duffy
Olivia Duffy - Måned siden
I had an eating disorder about 7 years ago and I used her as “thinspo” makes me very sad that she’s at the same place she was when I left that world of EDs
Soul. - Måned siden
I saw her that one time on a react video
Katie Wright
Katie Wright - Måned siden
Eugenia's story to me is so genuinely painful because I suffered from an ED for 5-6 years and it's not something you ever fully recover from. I've been in recovery for 2 years and I've had 3 serious relapses. It's a horrible thing to have and it's so difficult to get better, especially with so much pro ana content out there.
Whitney Sommerfeldt
Whitney Sommerfeldt - Måned siden
I have a naturally petite and skinny friend but even she doesn't have her elbow and wrist connected by string