How Shane Dawson Is Secretly Returning To The Internet

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Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star were both heavily exposed for their history and drama with Tati Westbrook and James Charles. Recently Shane has returned to the internet via Instagram and Ryland Adam's channel, today we will discuss this and his secret.
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Tim Jakeman
Tim Jakeman - Måned siden
Love the jumper
Killy Jamson
Killy Jamson - Måned siden
Nice video, now I hope people will throw his ass off every plateforms
Professor Byleth
Professor Byleth - 2 måneder siden
It’s so scary to think that about 4 years ago I probably would’ve defended Shane no matter what the situation. Thinking about how naive I was makes me so upset. I know I’m genuinely not the only one who feels that they were manipulated by Shane. Like- He was really trying to sell that “Empath” persona of his. But now, even looking at clips from the behind the scenes of his movie, you can really start to see the person he was all along. It makes me feel so disgusting.
Alyx Vampire
Alyx Vampire - 2 måneder siden
@Samantha kid tf is yo problem- 😐😭✋
Gabby Tillis
Gabby Tillis - 2 måneder siden
That sweater does you justice friend
Hannah Hodgson
Hannah Hodgson - Dag siden
Shane. Retire.
Jos F
Jos F - 2 dager siden
Your song sounds like katamari and I love it
Selia Marie
Selia Marie - 3 dager siden
I can't get through your videos anymore there's an ad every minute. Really fuckin annoying bro.
shandi warren
shandi warren - 5 dager siden
I really don't appreciate the whole "I am the messiah" thing
Susanne Buchholz
Susanne Buchholz - 6 dager siden
This guy has 20 million followers?20 million people only here on YouTube?Omg!Who the f***supports people like him?😱
Elzy K
Elzy K - 15 dager siden
The fact that my first thought when the undertale music was used to cover the tiktoks was don't disrespect the music like that
they deserve more than to be used in line with whatever the heck those vids were
Ayden Harmon
Ayden Harmon - 23 dager siden
I hate shane like hate but he was at a point the only youtuber that i actually could relate with and made me laugh but he needs help and then come back slowly and needs to except the horrible things he done
Emily Maskell
Emily Maskell - 26 dager siden
Fraser, I just thought that I should let you know that I have been binge watching your videos, how have I only just discovered your channel?!?!
kateri marie
kateri marie - 27 dager siden
8:10 damn on fire 13:20 o fur real im slackin my bad
kateri marie
kateri marie - 27 dager siden
when shane said he hates his old self that hurt so bad . awwwwww thats just missing the mark completely
kateri marie
kateri marie - 27 dager siden
just me and you. i just needed to hear ya voice.
Devin Sanderson
Devin Sanderson - Måned siden
Not me liking the video just because he said amazing fantastic and rather beautiful dumplings
Nina Detmers
Nina Detmers - Måned siden
I see your comparing Shane to the Cookie Monster and raise you; Shane sounds like that vine of the kid obsessed with Chipotle
Donny Martin
Donny Martin - Måned siden
Binging your vids on this after a long time of refusing to indulge in any shane-related content and I'm blowwwwnnnn 😬
Rotem mati
Rotem mati - Måned siden
He is so slimy and manipulative...if you want to do your come back just do it...don't try to sneak in
I hate him!!!
Foster - Måned siden
hes been able to sneak back through ryland because they moderate the comments (at least on the room makeover they did) which makes ppl who are critical less likely to go to his videos
SomeDays - Måned siden
don't disappoint me by watching him when we all agree to remove him from yt...
matthewosks - Måned siden
Bring one mill Bois
no 1
no 1 - Måned siden
All fottage u put of him scares me!!! Im scared
christopher vick
christopher vick - Måned siden
Bobby used that video to get attention because of Shane's popularity as a content creator and knew it would draw in viewers to his small channel. He condemns Shane for selling pop sockets just for the money while having his own Influencer brand which he's wearing in that video. His slam video called Shane Dawson the Conspiracy Theorist came out on 11/22/17. A video dated 12/20/17 has a link to his own merch labeled new merch here Bobbly uses the same sighs and shifty eyes in videos which is common for many many youtubers. If he had real issues with Shane he wouldn't have done a collab video with him soon after and then move from Tennessee to California to work with him.
Ashleigh Mikaelson
Ashleigh Mikaelson - Måned siden
TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashleigh Mikaelson
Ashleigh Mikaelson - Måned siden
within a week Shane lost 1 million subs! so like a week ago I unsubbed to his channel (because I heard him with his own mouth say babies are sexy) and he had 21.9 million, now he has 20.9 million hahaha... I hope all of this has ruined his comeback!!!! and with the damn video that came out from Trisha ruining him!!! he had it coming, he deserves EVERYTHING that is coming to him!!!!
Zlera - Måned siden
I subscribed just so I could unsubscribe.
Bozana Trifunovic
Bozana Trifunovic - Måned siden
Diego Corona-Lemus
Diego Corona-Lemus - Måned siden
song at 9:20?
Demi-lee Delaney
Demi-lee Delaney - Måned siden
I love your videos!!
So interesting
nae - Måned siden
Juan Naym
Juan Naym - Måned siden
Jenna Marbles left the site
Etika died
Shane, Onision and Keem are still around
That's what's wrong with this world
MooMoo 12
MooMoo 12 - Måned siden
Lets not forget how weird he was with sexualising dan and phill when they were young (and many more young minors) like he made them really uncomfortable
Foster - Måned siden
did you see the video of the way he acted towards trevi? even at the age of 12, fucking disgusting
Ash Sawyer
Ash Sawyer - Måned siden
I had no idea Shane was posting on Tk Tok.
nautilis is still a seawing in wings of fire
Shane Dawson is Nickocado Avocado.
WillieManga - Måned siden
Admittedly, I knew that Shane was taking a break. Assuming he'd be gone forever is like assuming Onision would gone forever. Though let's be real, I wish the latter did just fuck off. But I do have a question for Shane seeing him now...
Don't you have running water?? Shower off, dude; I'm able to!
Minley - Måned siden
How dare he use the pillar men’s theme, Wamuu would be disgusted
Minley - Måned siden
@Juan Naym ikr
Juan Naym
Juan Naym - Måned siden
Like, it would genuily be in character for Wamuu to be disgusted
Amya Morgan
Amya Morgan - Måned siden
the pillar men theme though
James Raggio
James Raggio - Måned siden
watch dangelo wallaces video if you want to know more
Licorice Liam
Licorice Liam - Måned siden
Luke Feldpausch
Luke Feldpausch - Måned siden
seeing shane on my screen literally made my appete go away bro HAHAHS
Ramen Gaming
Ramen Gaming - Måned siden
A fake personality came out because the internet keeps changing and if your mean even for a little bit then you get cancelled
Ramen Gaming
Ramen Gaming - Måned siden
I miss Shane Dawson’s videos, not his humor, but his scary videos and videos about conspiracies
Ramen Gaming
Ramen Gaming - Måned siden
Guys being young means you are impressionable yes, but I am tired of people thinking minors can’t have their own opinions and know right from wrong :/
Henry Marenth
Henry Marenth - Måned siden
He might come back, but his image is forever tainted for me. He's a horrible person.
LaLoony - Måned siden
I learned about Shane Dawson just yesterday. Never knew this guy even existed before. Haha...I feel like I lived under a rock.
Grace - Måned siden
Sounds like a nice rock to live under tbh
Siriusly Fucking Phantomhive
Anime boys are the only one who can't hurt me
Kelsie Mak
Kelsie Mak - Måned siden
I can't stop looking at Shane Dawson's tiny hands.
bbella - Måned siden
i saw this title and i was like: hes what? dont tell me hes gonna lick his cat again
Mr O'D
Mr O'D - Måned siden
Have you got a plan?? This happens all the time with TV celebrities.
Laura Smith
Laura Smith - Måned siden
I’m a new fan of yours and love this intro very much. 🥺🥺🥺
uhdasgfuwqu - Måned siden
yall watch garret watts PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so underrated and deserves so much more love just like this channel!
Amy Cruz
Amy Cruz - Måned siden
Idk why I’m a dumpling but I love it 🥰
Jaqueef - Måned siden
YouTube keeps turning off my notif bell for you >:(
CandyCandy - Måned siden
Trisha said in the latest Frenemies podcast that he will make a return soon and wanted to say more but realized she shouldn’t be exposing any of that information just yet. She seemed very optimistic about perhaps he’ll make a documentary about “exposing” himself and how he is a changed person etc but I’m not sure
Georgia McGuire
Georgia McGuire - Måned siden
Robert Pattinson
John Smith
John Smith - Måned siden
What will be great is when (not if) Shane comes back, he will be greeted with open arms and, despite your hate, will still give you an opportunity to make your multiple videos about him to try and scrape up some coin. So, good for you!
Katie Frye
Katie Frye - Måned siden
When you cut to
I lost my shit.
charliehockey78 - Måned siden
Comment and like
Wall - Måned siden
comment and like
Natalie Fox Martin
Natalie Fox Martin - Måned siden
I’m so glad the only person I actually watched when all these guys were “popular” was “The Mean Kitty” guy and he just decided to retired from YouTube this year after he was married and started his family and The Mean Kitty finally passed away. He was never involved in drama or did ANYTHING insensitive or gross, and when he finally left YouTube, he did it with grace to be with his family, and also because he was sad because he missed his cat.
Naomi Balau
Naomi Balau - 2 måneder siden
Mental that after everything he still has 20 million subscribers.. like how can people see his ig live and everything else and still support him? Interesting
Naomi Balau
Naomi Balau - 2 måneder siden
Saria Goy
Saria Goy - 2 måneder siden
My biggest flex will always be that I watched a Shane vid years ago, and couldn't finish it because he sounded like an asshole to me.
Emma Morin
Emma Morin - 2 måneder siden
Im just sad honestly. I used to like shane content and enjoy it but now looking back on it i see many problems with it. I just hope he fixes his problems and gets his life back on track.
backach1 - 2 måneder siden
the evil ones will not let there number one pedophile normalizer go easy
being that they have invested so much in the creep
another creep is will verrris and his child clowns
Gabriel von Ronsen
Gabriel von Ronsen - 2 måneder siden
Oh yeah, I'm not subbed to you. Which I probably should even though I don't agree with everything you say. You're 100% my type, so that's good enough for me! 😂
AngelIsSleepy - 2 måneder siden
Now y’all are both chubby 😸😃👍🏼
rabbitruler44 - 2 måneder siden
LMAO I died when you added the pillar men theme to that Shane tiktok. Please tell me you're actually a Jojo fan haha
It’s Private
It’s Private - 2 måneder siden
18:05 how did he do that?
It’s Private
It’s Private - 2 måneder siden
14:12 “A guy coming in basically the back door” yep that’s Shane!
It’s Private
It’s Private - 2 måneder siden
I feel like if Shane never started working with Jeffree Star and creating makeup, he would still be liked and still making videos! He never would’ve been interested in the drama between Tati and James where his downfall started and he never would’ve made that comment about being part of the beauty community made him realize it’s all toxic and just shitting on the beauty community which made creators in the community dig up dirt on him and spread it around the internet! So basically, it’s the butterfly effect, jeffree made him money but also ended his career!!!!!
It’s Private
It’s Private - 2 måneder siden
Lmao 😂 for some reason I found the first Shane Dawson tik tok you showed with the black jacket was absolutely hilarious 🤣
It’s Private
It’s Private - 2 måneder siden
It’s not much a secret if everyone knows
CoCoChloe - 2 måneder siden
The amount of Star Wars clips 👌🏻 beautiful. Makes up for the onion jump scares.
Samantha Maria
Samantha Maria - 2 måneder siden
also who subbed bc of that shane vid
Samantha Maria
Samantha Maria - 2 måneder siden
I’m in love with u
Evelyn Martinez
Evelyn Martinez - 2 måneder siden
I am HERE for the Star Wars references
K. B.
K. B. - 2 måneder siden
You seem surprised Shane would attack another creator even though this is the same man who wore blackface, stereotyped brown and black people and j***ed off to a poster of Willow Smith....
Earth Angel
Earth Angel - 2 måneder siden
That lavender is so cute on you! Also get Shane out of here >:0
Nemo Ic
Nemo Ic - 2 måneder siden
Another sociopath... its painfull to watch.
Tammy Tavares
Tammy Tavares - 2 måneder siden
Commenting to help the Nabber
ESV _ - 2 måneder siden
You should do drag
Shay Garcia
Shay Garcia - 2 måneder siden
I’m still a fan!!
Wall - Måned siden
of shane?
ItchyChalupa - 2 måneder siden
When Onison called Shane a pedophile, all I could think was, "it takes one to know one."
jade helton
jade helton - 2 måneder siden
Omg right
Jennifer Cederholm
Jennifer Cederholm - 2 måneder siden
Should be comparing him to Trisha Paytas instead of Onision because Shane and Trisha both just have mental issues yet get called crazy for showing a mental breakdown while onision is legitimately crazy.
Dziewczyna przy półce z książkami
From "claim to fame" to "claim to jail" made me spit my tea... And the tea was COLD!
This made my day!
Pinky MooMooMilk
Pinky MooMooMilk - 2 måneder siden
It really sucks honestly because I was exposed to Shane at a really young age and even found myself low key trying to justify that toxic and disgusting behavior because he made me laugh but it’s just gone too far ya know this type of stuff just shouldn’t be allowed people like this shouldn’t have a platform this behavior is sick and him trying to integrate himself back on the internet yeaaaaa I’m just not here for it :/
Madi - 2 måneder siden
I understand he has built his entire life around YouTube but at this point he needs to walk away. Go get a job where the world isn’t watching him and let all of this go. He doesn’t seem to be able to move on from his high school self and ideals and the only way he can mature is to go interact with some people who could care less about who he is.
Jeslyn Tweedie
Jeslyn Tweedie - 2 måneder siden
Charli Rogers
Charli Rogers - 2 måneder siden
Ummm, he's been honest about being sexually attracted to kids and actively engaging with them for that purpose. I don't care about any other drama connected to him. I feel like the pedo tendencies are his opus and nothing else matters. This dude is "into" kids. That's enough for me. He cancelled! He can try to sneak in all he wants, but it wont be in my feed. And anyone that would have a potential pedo as a partner is a package deal for being cut off from my media. I've been through since that video of him talking about that little girl as soon as it was leaked.
Queen Raz
Queen Raz - 2 måneder siden
You look nice in purple. Also, you're my new favourite youtuber!
Sarah Shepherd
Sarah Shepherd - 2 måneder siden
Shane’s jaw always look like it’s facing a different direction than the rest of him. Like, when he looks straight into the camera, his mouth is talking to the potted plant in the far right corner of the room.
Bonnie Bunghole
Bonnie Bunghole - 2 måneder siden
The first time he's ever held a rag and he does this with it -_- 17:51
SWK - 2 måneder siden
Shane's built like a fat mom of 4......
Queen Apryll M
Queen Apryll M - 2 måneder siden
Wait whay I though he was actually cancelled tho. I guess ik he'd come back but still just saddened
BiSexual HillBilly
BiSexual HillBilly - 2 måneder siden
Hopefully he has learned this lesson. And will be better
BiSexual HillBilly
BiSexual HillBilly - 2 måneder siden
They shirt is everything. The color is so beautiful.
Johani Valencia
Johani Valencia - 2 måneder siden
Snacky Cakes
Snacky Cakes - 2 måneder siden
I feel bad for Andrew, Garrett, etc who are associated with him. Ryland, however, is sus and cringey af.
Jennifer Ruffridge
Jennifer Ruffridge - 2 måneder siden
Thank god Garrett and Andrew have gotten out and are doing their own thing.
Hayden Parmar
Hayden Parmar - 2 måneder siden
Can we please not let him come back ever? Like please
lila star
lila star - 2 måneder siden
Jenna Rawson
Jenna Rawson - 2 måneder siden
I use to be a fan of him to....😭 Not now tho sadly...
Young Fraggle
Young Fraggle - 2 måneder siden
Can we talk about how his influence and following in the early stage of the internet allowed him to groom a huge number of children all at once and he actively sought out interacting with the kids. Asking kids to twerk and kissing 12 year olds. This should’ve never happened in the first place and now his fans are acting like it wasn’t that bad and we should move on. As far as I’m concerned crimes were committed and he has never once been held accountable. He goes on rylands podcast and calls it “stupid internet shit” as if he doesn’t believe he has anything to be remorseful for. There are a lot of adults my age who were taken advantage of as kids as a direct result of his actions
hopiyd - 2 måneder siden
dawson is being calculative now, he will try to pretend he is an empath b4 returning
Sylver Dynasty
Sylver Dynasty - 2 måneder siden
1week later and this man is at 632k! NOICE!