Jeffree Star Refused To Take Accountability

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Jeffree Star recently had a terrible internet with Shane Dawson's boyfriend, Ryland Adams. Today we are going to talk about that but also Jeffree Star being exposed multiple times in interviews with Chris Hansen etc.
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iNabber - 2 måneder siden
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Gabriella Aguilar
Gabriella Aguilar - Måned siden
anna banana
anna banana - Måned siden
I 💗 kenji ...
Bozana Trifunovic
Bozana Trifunovic - Måned siden
Megan Becker
Megan Becker - Måned siden
Eff that pretentious gold couch. Engagement snark. 💜
Rachael - 2 måneder siden
Please stop talking about Shane and Jeffree this is the 12th time in 10 months. You have to learn when to let this stuff pile up. I love your videos man but they’re turning into 80% roasting 20% new information
Ghost 8842
Ghost 8842 - 2 dager siden
being shut in doors all day is nice

I'm normal
Mariana Cordero
Mariana Cordero - 12 dager siden
Istg that jeffree looks like orochimaru
POTATO - 12 dager siden
Took me a while to realize that you put Jeffree Star’s face on Voldemort’s head🥲✨
CMyGameLife - 13 dager siden
Does jeffrey star have a fear of putting his feet on the floor?
tomato pasta-0
tomato pasta-0 - 19 dager siden
jeffery and shane have the maturity of a 12 year old on straight tiktok doing tiktok dances at school 😔
tomato pasta-0
tomato pasta-0 - 19 dager siden
not to be rude but omg jeffery why the hell did he shave his eyebrows
Thegpshow 2197
Thegpshow 2197 - 24 dager siden
Someone delete this wanna be pyjamas and dressing gown model from the source code.
Goddess Tay Money
Goddess Tay Money - Måned siden
New subscriber!! Lol just binge watching on a Friday night with my dog 🤓✨
I watch trash
I watch trash - Måned siden
"you're so beautiful it's ridiculous" how do you even know what he looks like lmfao
ls 02
ls 02 - Måned siden
Jeffree: *makes apology video and uses real tragedies to cover it up*
Also jeffree: *nEw pROdUcTs cOmiNg oUt iN 2020 oF aUGuSt*
Everyone: *nobody asked*
Jade Gourley
Jade Gourley - Måned siden
Does Jeffrey Star own any real clothes? I feel like I've only ever seen him in pajamas or robes
CouldntImagineBeingCookie - Måned siden
I got mad about this, and then I saw the woofer and now im good :)
Bozana Trifunovic
Bozana Trifunovic - Måned siden
I mean everybody can try to make something, everybody have right to do how want, but is sad when u realize that some bad people have,idk, how milion followers on S.N ...and Jeffrey don't give about anything ,if u heart him be prepare to bigest drama in your life...for him everything is good if focus on his wonderful life...classic narcissistic. Shane two, just choose another way...good guy who cares etc.we all see several times how he care about other feelings...literally can't diside who is biggest drama queen of they two...
Bailey H
Bailey H - Måned siden
I recognize the rumble of scientific triumph in the beginning of your video...I subscribe
BTS_OT7 - Måned siden
Oh yes poor them, it has been so hard. They are so strong...God they make me sick to my stomach!!
And to think that I still gave Ryland the benefit of the doubt after everything that happened with Shane.
I guess now I've lerned my lesson: only trust Captain Levi🤍💙
OllieORT - Måned siden
Call me a 900 iq galaxy big brain, but I don't think Jeffree cares
vivi - Måned siden
can we talk abt wtf he was sitting on
like what is that ugly ass couch what-
creators music
creators music - Måned siden
sorry but tati is behind James Charles accusations not Shane and Jefree. I honestly can understand how much people are angry with Jefree, seeing that he didn't change anything with his personality, sorr again i can't understand how much hate Shane gets...
-v0lume- - Måned siden
Pink and Carmel popcorn couch don't go to well together.
Prove me wrong
Real Joke
Real Joke - Måned siden
TanpopoKun09 - Måned siden
In all honesty Jeffree Star has always scared me. Just something about him puts me off. Gut feeling 1.
Amber Arnold
Amber Arnold - Måned siden
I’m disgusted at myself for being fans of both him and Shane Dawson.
Annoying Dog
Annoying Dog - Måned siden
This needs more attention
OogyUmbrella - Måned siden
1. Taylor was a drug dealer. Like weed, and meth, and multiple other stuff but she shouldn’t have been killed.
2. Good video, Jeffrree sucks
Thegpshow 2197
Thegpshow 2197 - Måned siden
Why does Jeffrey star always look like he wants to sell pyjamas and dressing gowns
A. K.
A. K. - Måned siden
Oml🤣🤣don't give him any more ideas
JDizzlePowah - Måned siden
In other news, your outro music is the same as the worst games ever series intro music, small world
Human Being
Human Being - Måned siden
Take my sub, my dude.
Elyse Gallagher
Elyse Gallagher - Måned siden
Phoebe Ladlow
Phoebe Ladlow - Måned siden
I love your profile picture
Alyssa Reminiec
Alyssa Reminiec - Måned siden
Does Jeffree accept the accountability for anything at any time?
evilpiratemermaid - Måned siden
Imagine being able to take a 30-day medical leave in the middle of a pandemic and not being financially bothered by it 🥺 on a totally different note: the things that happened in 2020 were awful but it isn’t just a tool to use to deflect responsibility for your actions, JEFFREE! Get your shit together and own up to the bullshit you pull, my guy! Ugh. He’s such a frustrating person... I used to think he was a good guy but everything that’s happened within the passed two years changed my mind....
Naomi Balau
Naomi Balau - Måned siden
... why are people still subscribed and paying for the stuff these people make. Oh the things that baffle me
Kim Nguyen
Kim Nguyen - 2 måneder siden
I did a quick research on this situation , but I believe it was Trish Paytas had mentioned Jeffree Star during her argument in an interview (podcast).
I think that was why he "inserted" himself in the situation because there's a feud between Trish and Jeffree.
Luca no
Luca no - 2 måneder siden
TERFinator, I screamed!
FlourFlower - 2 måneder siden
I wish he’d stop sitting on that stupid golden couch.
Scare Crow
Scare Crow - 2 måneder siden
I'm surprised Jeffree Star and Onision aren't besties
jisatsu keki
jisatsu keki - 2 måneder siden
Now I know what they were referencing when that person said, "when he gets off his golden couch, I'll accept his apology."
No humility. He probably shut off that camera thinking he "nailed it" and went right back to cheesing and counting his millions.
Edit: Gross. Did you see his eyes go white when he said, "keep my name outta your mouth bitch"?? A literal demon is in that shell.
thorazine dreams
thorazine dreams - 2 måneder siden
Jafari can pretend everything is fine, which I guess is his right, but it felt good to watch Morphe purge his brand.
Scorpion Braid
Scorpion Braid - 2 måneder siden
It genuinely angers me that both Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson will be back on their platforms by mid 2021, ignoring criticism and playing the victim card when neither of them are victims and both of them should be held accountable for their actions. But they won't.
So, to whoever supports either of these two, you deserve the heartache of the next massive expose dump on these guys. It's not a matter of if, only when. I just hope that no person or animal is harmed by them.
Tammy Tavares
Tammy Tavares - 2 måneder siden
Nice turtle
ItsnotDeliveryitsGiorno - 2 måneder siden
Imagine being able to “stop working to take a breath” while not having to worry about money, in the middle of a pandemic that’s caused countless people to lose their jobs, homes, healthcare...
Thomas Leon George Robert Gladwell
Jefree needs calling out for trying to sink Hollywood Undead along with their former singer Deuce back in the 2000s (thank god they got Danny to replace Deuce on their 2nd album and Danny is still in Hollywood Undead to this day)
symone fiedler
symone fiedler - 2 måneder siden
The nazi makeup brand still gets me lol...
Milly Brandwood
Milly Brandwood - 2 måneder siden
These men are like onision absolutely on par with the him they all need to be locked away
Mia C
Mia C - 2 måneder siden
I'm bi racial and I would not call Briana Taylor a murder because you intentionally killl someone that is a murder. Her boyfriend shot at police if you shoot at police they will shoot back and they are trained to killl when someone is shooting at them trying to kill them because obviously the at that point it is killl or be killed. If you shoot at police they will shoot back and you will get shot. I do agree with you he is using this to deflect and I seen people do this a lot smh
Eden Kay
Eden Kay - 2 måneder siden
Something I find funny is that Jeffree Star was trying to call James Charles out for literal CRIMES claiming he had EVIDENCE and yet did not go to the authorities but instead publicize it to the general public. Even without the information we have now, it is clear that something was going on.
emma wallach
emma wallach - 2 måneder siden
Why is no one talking about the fact that Jeffree released a pallet called Cremated in the middle of a pandemic, in which millions of people have lost their loved ones. Though he could have been working on it previously, I still find it to be rather insensitive.
LuLuBell - 2 måneder siden
Why hasn’t James Charles brought a lawsuit?
 - 2 måneder siden
the simple fact that thing is popular in 2020 is indicative of everything wrong with our society.
high tunnel
high tunnel - 2 måneder siden
This video is too long and what’s wrong with your audio??
Sara B
Sara B - 2 måneder siden
Jeffree and Shane are perpetual victims.
Sara B
Sara B - 2 måneder siden
Ryland is an enabler. Shane is toxic and an enabler for other toxic people.
Sara B
Sara B - 2 måneder siden
The girl on the podcast is an enabler.
Sydney Holder
Sydney Holder - 2 måneder siden
My add thoughts: I would donate most of my millions of dollars to hospitals and small businesses. Instead of collecting cars and pinball machines and pink houses. 😂 I used to lovvve JS but this really opened my eyes up. This whole year just kinda sucked. But it helps knowing the truth.
Hannah Morse
Hannah Morse - 2 måneder siden
Just wanna say that Andrew and Garrett have a podcast called sweet boys and it’s way better than rylands😊 They’re finally able to speak without Shane shaming them the whole time
- .K9. -
- .K9. - - 2 måneder siden
*Everytime I see Jeffree star, he is never bloody dressed in stuff you would go outside in.*
Jennifer Bledsoe
Jennifer Bledsoe - 2 måneder siden
I do like your videos..I only don't like that you repeat the same comment and clip over and over.
Hope you get your 700K by 2021
serena mack
serena mack - 2 måneder siden
ya all you want to do is drag every one down with you what is in ppls past just stay in the past if they have tried if u cant say anything nice just shut up v so negative
Infadele Charlton
Infadele Charlton - 2 måneder siden
I feel that people focus on the little fish and their shit, which is great, while real cunts are killing our planet. I just wish everyone would put their energy into hating people who actually affect our everyday life instead of you tubers and makeup artists.
Little Soul
Little Soul - 2 måneder siden
Jeff face look so old and scary no amount of money can help him with that
Jade - 2 måneder siden
It’s incredible how good this dude can manipulate people, as an ex fan it took so much to see through that mask of his. I hope more people start to wake up and see him for who he really is
Leslie Conner
Leslie Conner - 2 måneder siden
The way you put his apology and then real quick went to his live video “keep my name out of your fuxkin mouth BIT*H!” I died laughing
Roby Estrada
Roby Estrada - 2 måneder siden
there is something sinister about him. beyond mean and arrogant. it is DEMONIC. and i think it stems from the fact that he grew up in a broken home, with narcissists, druggies, alcoholics and sexual predators.
Ari M
Ari M - 2 måneder siden
😂 love the Harry Potter bits
Vi Serpentine
Vi Serpentine - 2 måneder siden
I started watching your channel like a week ago. Thank you kindly for being both reasonably opinionated and informative.
The disco_timelord
The disco_timelord - 2 måneder siden
Like and sub 🙂
Juno - 2 måneder siden
They really sat in their privilege circle and had a pity party for eachother 🤪🎉🎊
HannierzHangover - 2 måneder siden
Seeing Ryland’s podcast clips where they’re just kissing Jeffree’s ass, inflating his ego and feeding his victim complex? DISGUSTING.
D G - 2 måneder siden
Great work on this! Glad people like you are holding your peers accountable
Octo Bunny
Octo Bunny - 2 måneder siden
19:39 man's hair looks like toothpaste. His hair/wig? is as bad as his personality
Dalal Al-Shemary
Dalal Al-Shemary - 2 måneder siden
Can you please cover Funimate? A lot of disturbing things happen on that app and they don’t do anything to monitor it, mainly condoning pedophilia. I don’t feel like I’ve seen any bigger commentary YouTubers talk about it and so they continue to allow this. Drama Kween and ItzKeisha did videos about it but it still isn’t common knowledge and unfortunately I don’t think Funimate will take accountability without backlash. They target children yet prey on them...
Irina Kolosovskaya
Irina Kolosovskaya - 2 måneder siden
Ryland is just very boring, at least on social media, who gave him a podcast?
Tamara Keinz
Tamara Keinz - 2 måneder siden
As Queen Bailey Sarian has said: GET BETTER IDOLD
Mica ForHistory
Mica ForHistory - 2 måneder siden
Expert Richard Grannon said that Jeffree Star is one sick individual
in the video called (Psychology + Narcissism Expert reviews Jeffree Star )..
evelyn forever
evelyn forever - 2 måneder siden
Garette and Andrew's podcast is much better!!! Go watch it!
Bethany Redd
Bethany Redd - 2 måneder siden
Good title change there. 😉
Neena Nothing
Neena Nothing - 2 måneder siden
I understand why people are upset with Ryland. If you have ever been in a relationship with a narcissist you will understand how hard it is to get out of their influence. And Ryland has 2 of them teaming up and using him. If you remember Shane basically started Rylands career, before that he worked for a media Corp. He feels indebted to Shane and now Jeffery.
COLIN TOSH - 2 måneder siden
How ugly is Jeffree Star on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the ugliest?, I would say a 9
PUNMPKIN - 2 måneder siden
Just burn Jefree Star at the steak at this point before shit gets way worse.
La Janae Cramer
La Janae Cramer - 2 måneder siden
My thoughts on this are, jeffree came on Rylands podcast to distract us because it recently came out that he paid Gage Aurthur off from talking about his Sexual Abuse🤮🤮🤮
PrincesseGuimauve •
PrincesseGuimauve • - 2 måneder siden
Okay second comment but I'm a Inabber stan. You have stans. We got you.
PrincesseGuimauve •
PrincesseGuimauve • - 2 måneder siden
Inabber asked me to comment. So here it is.
Tony Succo
Tony Succo - 2 måneder siden
Is he saying "creators" or "curators"?
Rachael - 2 måneder siden
I like you a lot but I think you need to tone it down with all of this Shane and Jeffery stuff. You’ve made 12 total in the past 10 months. You’re just reorganizing the same talking points over and over again and there are not really any knew talking points. Maybe just wait until something actually *major* happens. I mean you’ve basically upload this same video before “Jeffree Starr is Manipulating his Audience” and “Jeffree Star is Manipulating his Fans” is basically the same title.
Wolf Pudding
Wolf Pudding - 2 måneder siden
Boy gotta make money and J* face is highly clickable even tho I think it's smart if I were his constant viewer I would think it's tiring too
RedBullFire 123
RedBullFire 123 - 2 måneder siden
jefree star low key looks like voldermort
Tori Erickson
Tori Erickson - 2 måneder siden
Remember when him and Kat Von D were in a fight?
coco Orozco
coco Orozco - 2 måneder siden
Move on honestly why are you guys so opposed to who comes back like of they come back ok oh well you know it's there lives OH MY GOD
CapTrainT - 2 måneder siden
Why are you obsessed with him? Just don't watch anything he's in, the end.
julie whitehead
julie whitehead - 2 måneder siden
i love how they, rich white socialites who were cozied up in their mansions with their assistants the entire time, talked about how difficult 2020 has been when people have lost their jobs, their houses, and their fucking families. shit has only been hard for them because they’re bad people and bring havoc into their own miserable lives.
King Penguin
King Penguin - 2 måneder siden
His couch looks like someone cooked bread really _wrong_
Ruth C
Ruth C - 2 måneder siden
I agree with this 100 percent
ItsMarian - 2 måneder siden
It's disgusting how he uses black trans women as his way to give an image that he cares when he doesn't. Ugh why do people like him get all this recognition...
Miyoung Chung
Miyoung Chung - 2 måneder siden
1.1K people need to re-examine their life
Miyoung Chung
Miyoung Chung - 2 måneder siden
They always wanna say that we're attacking them when really we're just holding them accountable. I hate these people so much.
Rose0415 - 2 måneder siden
We’ve been knew
Alisha - 2 måneder siden
I wish you would have talked a bit more about the podcast, I myself haven't watched the podcast and i feel like there must have been more talking points but I don't want to give them a watch lol
leann haup
leann haup - 2 måneder siden
It's obvious Ryland stand beside Shane only because of MONEY...... he was struggling before shane and didn't have this luxurious lifestyle
RealFruitsInACan - 2 måneder siden
It's rly scary to defend racists.... because ya know, you shouldn't.
Kaitlyn Dunlap
Kaitlyn Dunlap - 2 måneder siden
I remember how back in March/April, I took a class where I drew portraits and I drew Jeffree and started one of both Ryland and Shane and I feel disgusted I was so into them that I did that because as soon as all the stuff got out, I tore up/BURNED them. I never do that but I couldn’t look at them after realizing how I was brainwashed all that time and finally became disgusted by them.