Onision Tried To Expose Cr1tikal (Penguinz0)

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Onision a content creator known for being exposed by so many creators recently started making videos on other people that aren't Shane Dawson. In this case Onision tried to expose the youtuber penguinz0 (also known as Cr1tikal).
Twitter - twitter.com/iNabber69
Instagram - instagram.com/inabber
Business - inabberbusiness@gmail.com
iNabber Live - noburn.info/id/video/x6CqfdqqZn9lmpw.html
Cr1tikal also known Penguinz0 is a popular streamer known for streaming with people like Corpse Husband, Pokimane, Valkyrae, Pewdiepie. And Onision is known for his Shane Dawson expose videos, Eugenia Cooney videos, etc. He's basically known for being exposed. But today Onision Speaks is doing the exposing for where he calls out Cr1tikal for a bunch of stupid things.
Runtime: 21:23


Repzion - Måned siden
LOL i love you
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo - Måned siden
onsion made a farewell video???? POG POGHGGER
Oleander Alana
Oleander Alana - Måned siden
@Wisdom's Son also that's your opinion, i like repzion.
Oleander Alana
Oleander Alana - Måned siden
@Wisdom's Son that's why i said 'throne', cause he never had one lmao
Wisdom's Son
Wisdom's Son - Måned siden
@Oleander Alana what throne lmao, the guys a has-been youtuber who already barely had a career and was already widely disliked. Repzion just wanted to bully someone so he picked a person that he could bully and look like the good guy. He's been on his knees open mouthed for any little bit of content that onion pisses out for the last two years.
Oleander Alana
Oleander Alana - Måned siden
the king who kicked onision outta his 'throne' is here 👑✨ everyone show respect
Okay Kitty Witty Bunny Wabbit
Very fidgety
He's just trying way too hard to get attention. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually gets off to the idea of people hating him.
willist RainH2O
willist RainH2O - 10 timer siden
Onision is worse, at least the Dark Lord of Mordor isn't being investigated by Chris Hansen
FlagpoleGlitch - Dag siden
Nemuri Kayama — Midnight
Nemuri Kayama — Midnight - 2 dager siden
I like how he calls Charlie a millionaire when Charlie donates most if not all of his money from YouTube to charity
Sarah Cutler
Sarah Cutler - 3 dager siden
He really tried to come for my king. Sad
▽SomudaiX▽ - 3 dager siden
I’m still really sad that the banana song is by onision it was me and my friends childhood
Bryony Grover
Bryony Grover - 3 dager siden
You get a comment because you allowed me to get the tea without having to give Onion clicks. :) Thank you.
The Sceptical Ghost
The Sceptical Ghost - 3 dager siden
When did leafy grow a chin?
Belltogo3000 - 3 dager siden
I think Onision was right about Shane
Me me big boy
Me me big boy - 4 dager siden
I can recommend a better youtuber than Charlie filthy frank he is funnier than Charlie and he hates everyone equally even his own people
Weebernator - 7 dager siden
How dare he do such a heinous thing to our lord Jesus
Blank - 7 dager siden
I dislike the way you speak, so I will sadly not subscribe
Jacks Box
Jacks Box - 8 dager siden
Its so pathetic hearing a fucking onion try to cancel Jesus
DrRichardzz - 9 dager siden
I know I’m late to the party, but I just want to talk about the verbiage Onision is going with, I find it interesting...
“This is who you have *chosen* to be successful on YouTube”
This sentence implicitly implies that he’s upset audiences enjoy Charlie more than, say, Onision. He isn’t explicitly saying that, but there are some strong vibes of envy in that sentence.
Rose - 9 dager siden
Of course the man who got famous making a loud, cringe, overly obnoxious song only 8 year olds would like would characterize someone with a smooth gentle voice as "monotone" and "boring".
angelict0mat 0
angelict0mat 0 - 11 dager siden
If you get rid of the is in onision it spells onion
Josh Aaron
Josh Aaron - 12 dager siden
I never thought I'd agree with Onision... He's right Youtube us evil.
97Orochi the Demonic Angel97 SSJ
The Virgin Onision vs The Chad Penguinz0 (Homeless Jesus Christ).
97Orochi the Demonic Angel97 SSJ
My favorite piece of music.
Mizz Bella Kitty
Mizz Bella Kitty - 15 dager siden
What's weird about Onision bootlicking DMCA is that he was very against it at one point as well. Greggy-poo needs to make up his damn mind!
Midnight Harmony
Midnight Harmony - 15 dager siden
Onision is just the shittier, washed up twin brother to Shane
Willow - 16 dager siden
Onision. You clearly don't understand and are frustrated on why Charlie has so many subscribers when his videos are low effort. The reason we enjoy his videos are not because of high mic quality, flashy editing or theatrics, but because of the content of his character that we find endearing, funny and charming, just generally enjoyable to watch. I know you aren't able to reel people in that way, so you're confused. Your personality isn't the reason people watch your videos, especially not anymore. But that doesn't mean it doesnt work for other people. People who are actually worth subscribing to. You view everything in a very cynical way, but, once again, you aren't good enough. Just deal with it.
Tanssiva Valo
Tanssiva Valo - 16 dager siden
It is quite impressive watching him try to ""exposed"" Cr1tical, when this guy literally guilt trips minors into dating him and his husband
Dean Wilcox
Dean Wilcox - 17 dager siden
What Onision fails to mention, is that Gregory (since he first monetized his channel) has always given 100% of his profits to charity. He's creating content because he enjoys it, NOT for the money. He's literally said he doesn't give a damn if a video gets demonetized, as long as it's for a good reason
kaytemchugh - 17 dager siden
Great video as always 😊
Seppuku Desu
Seppuku Desu - 18 dager siden
Wow, expecting onion man to be at least somewhat consistent?
When pigs fly my man
Princess Leia Of Alderaan
Princess Leia Of Alderaan - 19 dager siden
As ridiculous as that was, his impression of Charlie was actually pretty good
Kimblee - 19 dager siden
So he made an account to be a bully? The fuk
Quinn - 20 dager siden
The problem is YouTube the company, not individuals work for YouTube. That’s like being mad at working class Amazon workers just trying to make a living, and not Jeff bepis and Amazon the company
Deep State Thrombosis
Deep State Thrombosis - 21 dag siden
It sucks that, when it comes to Onision, a lot of YT commentators and/or drama channels are either too
1) ignorant
2) blinded by anger & feel a need to defend those who Onision's newer videos attack (such as Penguinz0, who seems very genuine, sweet, & is obviously a hard worker when it comes to his internet platforms & his audience/fans)
3) straight up dumb
4) are smart enough to recognise Onion's obvious tactics to get him views, relevance, clout & ultimately, a payday, yet they don't care that they're giving that garlic scented penis cream exactly what he wants because it's money.
Onision doesn't think any of that shit about Penguinz0. He knows that MoistCr1TiKaL is beloved by his fans & generally kind of wholesome, so attacking him, or, "exposing" him, will absolutely be a controversial & super unpopular decision & is like slapping the proverbial YouTube Hornet's nest. Playing the heel is the VagOnion's shtick, leading to viewers hate watching, white knights spreading the word of his video & his hot takes, &, of course, drama & commentator channels making video after video about the evil, discomfuckulated Onion & his associated troll baiting videos. It's sad but smart of him to monetise his villain status, & iNabber, no offense, man, but you & many others like you on the platform are keeping him relevant, paid & reinforced in his actions. The guy needs to fade out, settle up with anyone that was actually victimized by his actions, & if any law enforcement agencies actually figure out an actual law he broke, not perceived injustices or criminal activities that the wider internet denizens assume violates laws just because he is morally inept. Unfortunately, AND fortunately, hurting feelings & being a creep, a troll, & an antagonist isn't a misdemeanor or a felony.
Please stop giving him the limelight. Now that he's demonetized, keeping his name out of our mouths & ignoring his desperate antics will make him finally dissipate like a noisome & fetor fart in the wind.
Chris Handsome
Chris Handsome - 22 dager siden
lol, Charlie didn’t even give him the satisfaction of replying to him.
...are your wearing makeup, bro?
C - 22 dager siden
He isnt even constantly in the video but i cant bare his childish voice or his narcissistic voice anymore. Way too early. I made it to 13:12
damian cowhugger
damian cowhugger - 23 dager siden
why does onision look like the dad from shameless at 3:38
Danger 2007
Danger 2007 - 23 dager siden
I love how he practically has to make up things to diss him. That’s sad
anime freak
anime freak - 24 dager siden
Anyone watching this after Onision quit social media?-
Ari - 25 dager siden
Charlie is just full on Chad energy. You can't take down the grease lord and his sex toy armada
Jed Malig
Jed Malig - 25 dager siden
Even his apology to Billy is like "I'm sorry I told the truth" and it's like he's enjoying how he says everything he did to Billy
Jed Malig
Jed Malig - 25 dager siden
Even his apology to Billy is like "I'm sorry I told the truth" and it's like he's enjoying how he says everything he did to Billy
Jazz Jazz
Jazz Jazz - 25 dager siden
Off topic but when critical was celebrating I just love how is dog comes up all hype like ready to party but has no clue why. So cute
mlemyrick - 26 dager siden
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel - 26 dager siden
I have an intense fear of heights and I was fine until I saw the background, I dropped my phone on my face when I saw how high up that is 😅😂
Tayler Easdon
Tayler Easdon - 26 dager siden
How old is your shiba i have a shiba thats around 1 year old just curious was your dog always a fluffly guy my shiba is a little more sleek or skinny if you will hes rather short too i think he may be the runt im just wondering if maybe one day he will grow up and be thicker or fluffier. Most shibas have that round fluffy face. Is that something your dog developed or has he always been this way lol sorry its off topic but great video too!!😁
Ross - 26 dager siden
why is greg so oily
BrophyGaming - 26 dager siden
ill sub just cause of the undertale music
DeathBunnix - 27 dager siden
Why does he sound more mature and had a deeper voice in the past? This is proof that he just keeps devolving and is slowly reverting back into a child
Jess Mae
Jess Mae - 27 dager siden
Have you seen/heard Discovery+ are doing a crime documentary on Onision??!
Zartz - 28 dager siden
He looks like Shane Dawson
Patrick Milczanowski
Patrick Milczanowski - 29 dager siden
I love how onision tries to call out charlie for being a millionaire when he has donated all of his youtube revenue to charity since he was first monetized
Roman Adrian Morgan
Roman Adrian Morgan - Måned siden
Onision reminds me of "Dennis Reynolds".
Amanda romeo
Amanda romeo - Måned siden
random.. but that game that's being played inbetween is adorable looking & was wondering if anyone knows what it is called?
(Btw amazing video as always from iNabber and Onision making that video about Charlie is a joke there's a reason everyone loves Charlie haha)
Small Block Big Bang
Small Block Big Bang - Måned siden
This guy big mad😂
Cream Gelato
Cream Gelato - Måned siden
It's literally impossible to attack Jesus without his followers going to defend him.
Now if you'll excuse me I need to go defend Jesus
Sir XxBiggus NuttusxX
Sir XxBiggus NuttusxX - Måned siden
this is probably the stupidest way of trying to expose someone nothing new from onision
Madi Elaine
Madi Elaine - Måned siden
yo yo
belle malice
belle malice - Måned siden
I literally am watching this to support you cause I love you but I keep
having to pause every ten seconds cause I can only take so much Gurg.
Eustass D. CAPTAIN Kidd
Eustass D. CAPTAIN Kidd - Måned siden
Condom Tier Lister vs Bad Death Note Parody guy
Colony Of Oranges
Colony Of Oranges - Måned siden
Critikal, Deisel, INabber, and Combat Wombat need to get together to stop these horrible channel, along with Jarvis Johnson.
Charlie is literally so wholesome
jacen cade
jacen cade - Måned siden
TheUnNamedBoog - Måned siden
Charlie is the best, most wholesome man ever.
A little Bobbin
A little Bobbin - Måned siden
I'm sorry but anytime I see onion boy it looks like an edgy emo band threw up on him
Incapacitated Crawdad :
Incapacitated Crawdad : - Måned siden
Sucks cause moisture isn't in the title
Saffron Azrael
Saffron Azrael - Måned siden
So desperate for views onion boy had to go attacking one of the nicest dudes on the platform. The jealousy is strong with this one...
C.J. Thurmond
C.J. Thurmond - Måned siden
DMCAs are really hurting the people who make the original songs. Not only does it encourage a viewer to look up the original song if its left in the video, but I've seen music artists on Twitter talking about how they want creators to be able to make videos and keep the small portion of their song still in it.
ArthurTheDelmation - Måned siden
Anthony Martines
Anthony Martines - Måned siden
i love im a banana
Leah Davis
Leah Davis - Måned siden
It sounds like he's just nitpicking and repeating himself. He really is grasping at strings now
Day Dream
Day Dream - Måned siden
Charlie makes Jesus seem like he's the offbrand version
ryan bambi
ryan bambi - Måned siden
People need to realize that coronations and governments and everything all sucks, BUTTTT most of the people who work in theses establishments are normal everyday people trying to make a living and not doing anything wrong
Devin Curran
Devin Curran - Måned siden
Onision is worse.
Ethan - Måned siden
In case anyone was wondering, Onion’s video has only gone up 10k views in the 3 weeks this video has been posted
ッMusabFN - Måned siden
I forgot onision existed until I watched this vid
Call Me Navi
Call Me Navi - Måned siden
As much as I hate Onision, sucks that we're still talking about him in 2021.
Dubber Lovers
Dubber Lovers - Måned siden
Literally 20 seconds into this video and nah, complete garbage
Ethan Black
Ethan Black - Måned siden
I comment to help statistics
gh0s7sama - Måned siden
It’s hilarious that Onion attacking Charlie just increases community love for Charlie.
Sami Jay
Sami Jay - Måned siden
To onision: Brave words for a guy who’s just an off brand Shane Dawson :)
Jennifer Thistlethwaite
Jennifer Thistlethwaite - Måned siden
he’s stooped low enough to come for white shirt jesus himself
Captain Fish Eye
Captain Fish Eye - Måned siden
is he trying to be a leafy clone, he's far off being a leafy nor his shit is entertaining.
Igorephony - Måned siden
I guess onision doesn't know that charlie doesn't bring any revenue on youtube on purpose
S. C.
S. C. - Måned siden
This onion man is a joke
King Artheus
King Artheus - Måned siden
Vacili Kamanski and Putin do not like this small bpi talking bad of charlie. The KGB will bring him to justice in the universal tournament of slapping power where charlie will be the live commentator
Olivia White
Olivia White - Måned siden
Imagine thinking that Cr1tikal is anything other than a lovely boy.
Kirb Bee
Kirb Bee - Måned siden
Everyone just needs to stop watching Onion boy. Even if it’s just to hate watch. Just don’t do it. If you really want to hurt him, ignore him. The only way to make him go away is to ignore him completely. He makes these videos knowing all to well that he will get a reaction. He doesn’t care if it’s negative. Any attention is good in his books and keeps him relevant. Send him to the internet cemetery by just pretending he doesn’t exist. Honestly, it’s the only way.
How To Human
How To Human - Måned siden
Thanks for making this cuz I wanna know all the drama but theres no fucking way I'm gonna watch anything from Onision
RayneGun - Måned siden
That picture was the Batman who laughs not soron
DIA11 - Måned siden
I'd like to point out that a man who wears eyeliner called Charlie "edgy"
Myles - Måned siden
being a man and wearing eyeliner doesn't make them edgy, but onision is just edgy in general. just who he is, a garbage ass human being
A Hell_Raiser
A Hell_Raiser - Måned siden
Onision is worse
Cauldron Of Stardust
Cauldron Of Stardust - Måned siden
Dear lord this looks like the lamest, most humorless, most unimaginative “exposed” video I’ve ever seen. And I’m saying this as a person who has seen those dreadful Berleezy made “exposed” videos! 😖
Ariel Erbil
Ariel Erbil - Måned siden
Fuck Greg, but his Charlie impression is really good.
GoldenChicken trophey
GoldenChicken trophey - Måned siden
Sauron isn't a pedophile sooooo....
Dirt road
Dirt road - Måned siden
Trying to go at Charlie is like trying to fight a bear naked
Odinfang - Måned siden
Just started watching Charlie recently. I love his mellow tone, off sets his subject matter beautifully to me. Onision, not sorry for misspelling, sounds like an Assy McGee.
Nataruma - Måned siden
At least Sauron is a classy villain.
Omi Mandemflowers
Omi Mandemflowers - Måned siden
So much love for Critical.
daisy Delarosa
daisy Delarosa - Måned siden
The amount of jealousy coming from onion is hilarious, he wants to be Charlie so bad.
Amyaa Fetko
Amyaa Fetko - Måned siden
Thought he was an Onions son. Also, imagine being so disgusting you bully a homeless man that is secretly Jesus 😠😤😔😒😑😶🙄😬🤭
HelloEmma! - Måned siden
I have to say knowing very little about Onision, his "apology videos" seem like such fake bullshit.
Exu - Måned siden
at least the Dark Lord of Mordor aint "That" kind of a predator