Tati Westbrook's Exposed Lawsuit Just Got WORSE

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Tati Westbrook is in big trouble after co-founder of Halo Beauty has decided to try and sue her, today I'm going to give a full opinion on what Tati did right here but also what she has done wrong in situations involving James Charles.
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iNabber - 3 måneder siden
Hellooo don't forget to subscribe and drop l like, I'd really appreciate it! - But also I sourced these people quite a lot in this video, so please go check out Tea Spill and Emily D. Baker (LINKS BELOW_
Emily D. Baker - https://www.youtube.com/user/emilydbaker
Tea spill - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj-qit6AuiqQnHUnY3qLc3g
Wurdnurd - 3 måneder siden
To be completely fair: Tati had brought her sisters and parents onto the channel on a regular basis. So I'm really not so sure how much it's "stalking" when the family was publicizing themselves first...
Clappin Cheeks
Clappin Cheeks - 3 måneder siden
U r loved inabba
HereFishyFishy - 3 måneder siden
Did I miss something or did you not credit the actual source who uncovered it, or rather kept using the wrong name?
VirtualArmageddon - 3 måneder siden
@JoyceDawn100 it got the point across, so who cares.
Kylie Smith
Kylie Smith - 3 måneder siden
I was actually going to suggest watching Emily D. Baker's breakdown on the Tati lawsuit, but I'm glad you beat me to it!
Lizzy Johnson
Lizzy Johnson - Måned siden
I still love Tati and I do not care about what anyone wants to say about it. I love her content. She made my days better.
Matthew Weston
Matthew Weston - Måned siden
I don't see why people get pissed at that girl who looked at her family on facebook, sure it's a little weird but they all put that information on the website for people to do, it isn't even close to illegal. People calling it stocking are just jumping on the bandwagon. When you own large companies and are in the public eye you should be scrutinized and looked over with a fine tooth comb, if not people don't know you and will choose to not use your products.
doom style 162
doom style 162 - Måned siden
Jennifer Schlansker
Jennifer Schlansker - Måned siden
I used to watch Tati all the time, and as soon as she announced she was making a vitamin I just knew it was wrong of her to do so. Vitamins developed by huge companies already tend to be bogus and it's always best to just ask your doctor for their favorite supplements (which tend to not be available in normal stores in my experience). And a beauty creator has absolutely no place getting involved in putting chemicals into peoples bodies, so I just couldn't watch her any more. Thank god the beauty community went insane after that.
Dio Brando
Dio Brando - Måned siden
Literally eerything else aside-- Hearing Death by Glamour played so unabashedly after all this time just BOOSTS my serotonin.
BootySnatcher 420
BootySnatcher 420 - Måned siden
Her products remind me a lot of Gwyneth Paltrow’s, fake and all about scamming dumb people
honeydust - Måned siden
nice aic reference LOL
Mitchell Taylor
Mitchell Taylor - Måned siden
14:00 hit me hard! Because me too!
Holly Ro
Holly Ro - 2 måneder siden
I’m just laughing because her lawyer essentially said that without her fame her brand and products are worthless
FirstNation - 2 måneder siden
But Clark Swanson's money was ok when Tati needed it to start her buisness. But now all of a sudden it's not? Also you're forgetting to mention all the shady shit Tati's husband James Westbrook has done. Including stealing his sister's half of the will after he forged their dead mother's name. Tati stood by her man thru all his schemes and scams.
Lyfii - 2 måneder siden
when. will. this. drama. end. d. d. d.
z no
z no - 2 måneder siden
Lol if you want heathy nails, skin, and hair just add collagen to your hot drinks you can’t task it at all so 😊
rat - 2 måneder siden
this drama is the only good thing that came out of my business law classes smh
Skyler Rhinehart
Skyler Rhinehart - 2 måneder siden
Unless you actually have a decency, these will do nothing.
biohazardlnf - 3 måneder siden
No thata what makes them a good lswyer
Person - 3 måneder siden
Btw youtooz gave me and email announcing your youtooz character and that's how I found you
Person - 3 måneder siden
Spoiler alert! The vitamins don't work😱 plus they look like drugs and not vitamins
Dakyy K
Dakyy K - 3 måneder siden
i can hear americans being triggered by how you say vitamins lol
Oh Dot
Oh Dot - 3 måneder siden
Also good video
Oh Dot
Oh Dot - 3 måneder siden
How dare you assume I have a small brain >:( I must correct you good sir I have an ITY BITY Brain >:( thank you very mmmuuch
ToxicVar - 3 måneder siden
Tati i thought this drama was over a year ago- da fuck-
Zaylius - 3 måneder siden
I know this doesn't relate to what you discussed, but am I crazy or did I hear Mabinogi background music?
Anna Idzakovic
Anna Idzakovic - 3 måneder siden
You're not discussing "semantics", you're misunderstanding the difference between the the two legal interpretive methods of originalism and dynamism. I'd suggest educating yourself on the topic, in this case the field of law, before addressing them with misleading information. Unsubscribed.
Polina Pilyar
Polina Pilyar - 3 måneder siden
I mean, it all comes down to this: did they acctually have a written agreement about this deal. Because if he really did exchange 50% of one company to 33% in another without any benefit, that would be stupid. It doesn't matter if he is a good partner or not, he still legally owns a part of the company.
Mel Pascal
Mel Pascal - 3 måneder siden
Swanson is shooting himself in the foot with this lawsuit... no one will want to work with him ever again after this... he’s an idiot and desperate one at that... hope he looses and although I don’t agree with some thing Tati did, she doesn’t deserve to have a burden like that..
R3d4cted Music
R3d4cted Music - 3 måneder siden
Make a kenji youtooz
R3d4cted Music
R3d4cted Music - 3 måneder siden
Why do British people say vitamin like that
Ida - 3 måneder siden
Wow thats soo wrong on so many levels. All this poor Tati videos seem like she paying yall, when someone invests, he then collect his investments, doesn’t have to do shit, its like a bank basically, so she basically took his money and wanna get rid of him, basically a scam... Same with James, now his liability 😂😂😂😂 omg, she has to be paying you a lot for this bs 😂😂 let me simplify for you, he gives money to her to make halo beauty, she sells halo beauty, then she screws up with bye sister, he says, you screwed up girl, I want my money! She says: noooo your a liability, as a narcissistic spoiled brat she is
He invested 50% for halo beauty, then they wanna make makeup and shit so they get new contract. He now owns 1/3 of all the brand as it states in the document, cause he was an investor, you know like you buy stock, don’t do shit just collect the money? Thats how investments work, not eh I don’t like you anymore so I wont give you your 1/3 anymore, without investment she would not have a brand...
Kat D
Kat D - 3 måneder siden
Oddivia - 3 måneder siden
How generous of Tati to approve her own product
becboop - 3 måneder siden
Without a crystal ball recently doxxed another YouTuber, creepshow art.
prem Tigga
prem Tigga - 3 måneder siden
U know what tati means in India
Poop 😂
PhyKoha - 3 måneder siden
Guy really thinks he owns her like 🙃
Mountain Man Games
Mountain Man Games - 3 måneder siden
To be fair, he was only suing for that 33% because he wanted to see if he could get an out of court settlement
Mara Nolen
Mara Nolen - 3 måneder siden
I have taken a few business law classes and technically, his lawyer has a case if it says all inclusive. It’s a grey term that should have been defined in the contract
Mara Nolen
Mara Nolen - 3 måneder siden
Also, if she’s saying she put everything under the brand halo, it could mean that that would be her parent company and Tati beauty would be under said parent company
MetalChick27 - 3 måneder siden
Ok so I’m a law student and lemme tell you, the ENTIRE legal system is just semantics. Changing “or” to “and” in a statute can have MASSIVE consequences down the line.
Lord Potato
Lord Potato - 3 måneder siden
Butter dog
Emz Tomlinson
Emz Tomlinson - 3 måneder siden
Dude. I like your videos, I do. But recently your pronunciation has done my ***s in. Why are you pronouncing your T’s as soft d’s? It’s Tati, not Tardy!
Tiny person
Tiny person - 3 måneder siden
Your pfp looks concerned and I'm kinda vibing with it
Tony Pepperon1
Tony Pepperon1 - 3 måneder siden
I mean I know that vitamins help a lot of people.. but also no. I don't know what people willingly take a pill (or multiple pills) everyday— like I couldn't even do that when the doctor said I should.
DymeNovel - 3 måneder siden
I still find it funny how one of the biggest dramas on YouTube literally ever (surprisingly) was legit because James took a sponsor that she didn’t like and then went on to falsely accuse him of preying on straight guys. Yes sis please stir up that pot of air please 🤩
tigerlilyxiii - 3 måneder siden
“People are most likely in factories unpaid making these products...”
The Lippy Hippie
The Lippy Hippie - 3 måneder siden
You got a bit of misinformation.
So she went into business with him because he formulated the vitamins being a professional in the industry.
Daddy-0 Long Legs
Daddy-0 Long Legs - 3 måneder siden
iNabber, you speak of underpaid workers cranking out beauty supply goods for conspicuous consumption. That is a given. However, did you know your glasses frames were made in a Chinese sweatshop for the company that controls the eye glass frame industry? Don't pick and choose who the good and bad capitalists are. Buy their product or don't, but remember when you pick out your new frames that cost probably -- I don't know -- mid three figures, the people who build them don't see much of the profit.
That mistake notwithstanding, this is a well-done piece. I can't kick this drama and I don't wear make up.
Abby Normal
Abby Normal - 3 måneder siden
So by his logic Tati also said Halo Beauty belongs to all of us. So (using his argument) could "we" sue him for a percentage of the company? Then turn around and sell the shares to Tati for $1? LOL
the meat tree
the meat tree - 3 måneder siden
Katelynn Selman
Katelynn Selman - 3 måneder siden
wait can you please keep covering the topic of without a cyrtsal ball besides you and angelika oles i havent seen anyone cover it and i love the way you cover topics
Michelle Smith
Michelle Smith - 3 måneder siden
*sigh* millionaires fighting over money they don't need.
Delicate Dark
Delicate Dark - 3 måneder siden
4:44 “Breauty Brand”
DrNogueiras - 3 måneder siden
The captions say “vitamins and tardy Westbrook are two combined things ...”
Yes, I’m a child
Kellz B
Kellz B - 3 måneder siden
Love ya sooo much but don’t ever put my beloved Teddy Fresh in the same sentence or video with all those trash people and brand’s please and thank you 😊
Kellz B
Kellz B - 3 måneder siden
I don’t like Tati at all I think she’s shady boots but that “ without a crystal ball “ chick is weird as f#ck she literally told the world that she stalks this woman’s entire freaking life 🥴
Tara Donnelly
Tara Donnelly - 3 måneder siden
What? Are You really serious? You hate capitalism.. smh socialist is horrible never worked.. everyone’s poor. Rights for everyone goes away. guys government owns everything!! wtf man that’s scary.
Melz - 3 måneder siden
And by uncovered you mean without a smidgen of a brain is the only youtuber stupid enough to answer the DMs/request sent by swanson asking for all the dirt he knows on Tati to be thrown out to the public via their youtube channel and when she took the bait, he threw the lawsuit (s) right in her lap!!!
Regina R
Regina R - 3 måneder siden
i love and support tati, however....unfortunately in a later video tati does say this is just the beginning of her halo brand, which will include other products..so yeah..umm..ill find the link for you (edit oh you have it. at 12:49). also while i dont agree with the way in which WOACB presented her research, i do believe that we do NEED fact checkers like her on PUBLIC youtube personalities who are claiming certain things, and they need FACT checking cause we are giving them millions of dollars. thanks for listening to my humble opinion. so much fake news.
Barbara - 3 måneder siden
am i the only one who thinks the whole thing actually benefited her company. like when people still thought james was a predator her sales went through the roof. afterwards they probably dipped but still i think it did more good than bad for her company.
Tazhie Nunurbusinezz
Tazhie Nunurbusinezz - 3 måneder siden
It doesn't really matter much if "he's a moron" if there is a contract (idk, what theirs looks like as I'm not too invested in this). That's why you have to be super careful who you sign contracts with in the first place. You don't really get to ignore contracts just because you no longer like who they're with. Ask Ke$ha. She is being forced to remain in her contract with someone who she says raped her. Obviously that's not what she'd want.
They didn't have the credit line & needed capital to even get their business off the ground. Now that they flush enough not to need him anymore, they don't get to ignore a contract. That's not how this shit works.
thinBillyBoy - 3 måneder siden
Crazy vitamin lady.
Morrigan - 3 måneder siden
Tati made money off bye sister lol
N-word Jim
N-word Jim - 3 måneder siden
Tati should've told him that she's starting a second (and competing) company. What she did is very scummy and it doesn't matter what the quality of the guy is. Currently, this looks like Tati undermined their partnership with malicious intent. The guy's case is pretty strong and all Tati can do is attack his character. Also when she says "All-inclusive brand" and she talks about how it is vitamins and makeup and all that... yes, she means her entire and complete product line falls under that brand. Tati valued his partnership enough to not want to end it before her second company was successful. This can be used by lawyers to demonstrate she is lying in her deposition. If he was such a bad partner, Tati would've just ended the partnership, not wait for her second company to pickup before doing it. Her case is very weak here.
Casmo - 3 måneder siden
I fr don’t give a shit about any of this it’s just entertaining lmao
Althea Verstrit
Althea Verstrit - 3 måneder siden
I do agree she seems in the right here. And the "all inclusive" argument is ridiculously far-fetched, but so is "she called him a liability", come on. You keep stressing that line like it has some great importance. She probably has concrete proof to show in court, but that's not it.
it is a mystery
it is a mystery - 3 måneder siden
I pretty much hate watched this. Tati is a gremlin.
With Out ANY Crystal BallS not WOACrystalBall
Emily D Baker truly is a Bad*ss Lawyer but a bit surprised & disappointed iNabber didn't mention WOACB didn't just "break" the lawsuit against Tati Westbrook but after 4 cease & desists, having the site that published WithOut A Crystal Ball's "article" on TW cut ties with her reportedly for repeatedly submitting false or misleading stories over 1yr ago, DMs from James Charles asking her to back off & declaring on her channel the Westbrooks would *never*sue her, Katie Joy Paulson is indeed being sued!
KJ has in turn said she'll countersue Tati, appeared to defame Emily D Baker & Tati's L.A. lawyer threatening to sue both of them as well as multiple drama channels (she has *repeatedly* threatened to sue *multiple* fellow creators for everything from providing commentary about her to not controlling what their subs supposedly said in her chat to much more ridiculous things) She also allegedly doxxed a creator (she has repeatedly tried to share private information in what seems to be very malicious manners IMO)
Tammy Elizabeth
Tammy Elizabeth - 3 måneder siden
Clark Swansong wants to Frank Darabont her ass. He could very well win.
Teagan Graybill
Teagan Graybill - 3 måneder siden
I absolutely adore your "space warfare" analogy. It's perfect
Clappin Cheeks
Clappin Cheeks - 3 måneder siden
We luv you Inabba
AnimeGirl 8792
AnimeGirl 8792 - 3 måneder siden
. Clark is stupid if he think he own all her brand,
M Depression
M Depression - 3 måneder siden
10:21 - 10:24 felt like a lawyer burn, god damn
Nick Gomez
Nick Gomez - 3 måneder siden
Just a bit heavier and cuter, never forget cuter :)
ganmerlad - 3 måneder siden
You're confusing things with the beginning of your video. Swanson hasn't owned 50% of the company for years. Because of reasons (each side has a different explanation) Swanson agreed to split the company 3 ways years ago. The Westbrooks aren't "being sued by a guy who owns 50% of the company"...they are being sued by someone who owns 33%.
One of the main reasons Tati will likely win is because they have lots of evidence attached proving their case, but as far as I know, Swanson didn't attach anything to his (which is strange -- that's equivalent to telling a judge "just believe me"). Maybe he has something to show in court, but it's unusual to sue someone and not attach any proof of wrongdoing to the paperwork. Unless...the guy is doing this simply to try to ruin the Westbrook's reputation out of spite. That's a possibility.
My question is why the Westbrooks stayed in business with him for 4 years instead of kicking him to the curb after the first year. He sounds like a nightmare.
E - 3 måneder siden
Who is the youtuber who did the whole family analysis? I'm not saying that clips were taken out of context but I want to see the whole video.
BartenderKyle - 3 måneder siden
Brother looking sharp with that shirt. Is that Ted Baker?
Kitcat - 3 måneder siden
1:42 “ i like to look into people who sell snake oil for possible criminal background that could call into question the validity of the product.”
Awesome! Love that. Vitamins aren’t well regulated and quack homeopathy debunking is great work.
“So i looked into her mom and sister..” aaand ok that’s not good
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller - 3 måneder siden
it's like i been sayin bout Trump... *there's a difference between being a businessman & being a HUSTLER..*
Tara M
Tara M - 3 måneder siden
iNabber - A channel for small brained people 😂 hahaha love this thank you
TheMouseAvenger - 3 måneder siden
OMG, I want that little figurine of you! 😍
Antony Slack
Antony Slack - 3 måneder siden
Your love of capitalism is totally convincing xD
Derp Nottus
Derp Nottus - 3 måneder siden
I have seen nothing on this topic, but you always make things more interesting.
Linda Tannock
Linda Tannock - 3 måneder siden
So Tati didn't ruin her business herself when she pulled the "James" stunt? Both are at fault, tbh! Lol.
She said she'd put every product under the Halo brand.
You can argue now that Tati is the one in the right because her counter-suit came out, but until the courts rule, we don't know who is in the right 🤷🏼‍♀️
Rivka B
Rivka B - 3 måneder siden
The brand name was registered only under one section, not under cosmetics which hints she never planned to release makeup under halo beauty. Furthermore there is no proof that tati actually said that she would do this
Daniel - 3 måneder siden
Tati entered a legal agreement with an investor who likely funded her initial research and development. What's problematic is that this investor omitted a portion of his profit share due to her initial pitch that she could entice celebrities to help endorse the products - hence why 'Bye Sister' was so personal for her, as it was a betrayal to a direct competitor and jeopardised her deal.
So when she entered into a new deal for Tatti Beauty, what she probably should have done is liquidate the Halo brand and pay Mr Swanson his intitial investment and then moved on with a clean slate.
2012 should have been the apocalypse
Tati should be sued for stealing Courtney Cox' face
Jules - 3 måneder siden
Clark Swanson only owns 1/3 of halo beauty llc.
fara40000 - 3 måneder siden
I will say, I liked Teddy Fresh before I was told that H3H3 made it. Like, I had no idea they made it since it first showed up. I just thought it was cool clothing. Soooooo I don’t know how good of an example that brand is in regards to brand attachment lol
Alczam - 3 måneder siden
They’re probably going to settle out of court
KYSTALIA .m - 3 måneder siden
that’s not what she meant by “all inclusive brand”- wtf thats soooo out of context
Brooke Ellion
Brooke Ellion - 3 måneder siden
I need to be a lawyer. This is small brains shit right here.
Mathieu Leader
Mathieu Leader - 3 måneder siden
this book is pure tat I take it
Study Buddy
Study Buddy - 3 måneder siden
Sorry but this video does NOT go into enough detail on the actual legal side of things. Go watch teaspill’s vid on the matter. It’s more fact less commentary
Study Buddy
Study Buddy - 3 måneder siden
bbq seitan when the drama makes you hate someone because you can’t be bothered to know the actual legal facts then maybe you should check yourself
bbq seitan
bbq seitan - 3 måneder siden
We’re here for the drama NOT THE LAW THEORY
Study Buddy
Study Buddy - 3 måneder siden
Swanson sounds like my cousins business partner. An arrogant deadbeat leech.
Agata Olszewska
Agata Olszewska - 3 måneder siden
He got 50% because he was supposed to have the budget for halo beauty, than they each agreed to have a ⅓ of the businness
Rose Al-Kahili
Rose Al-Kahili - 3 måneder siden
do you have other shirts tho
Carolieno - 3 måneder siden
Isn't that just what journalists do too? 🤔 Not defending anyone here just trying to see it different than 'a crazy stalking woman'.
Bianca Abasta
Bianca Abasta - 3 måneder siden
Nabs for real. It’s almost clear about how tati used this man. Why are you defending herr
Rivka B
Rivka B - 3 måneder siden
Enlighten me please
Jack - 3 måneder siden
Me and the girls hate capitalisim🤪🤪🥰😏🙄😌🥵😎We are communist 😉😉😀🤫🤩😛🤑😑😌
MargaRat - 3 måneder siden
Clark Swanson sounds like the fake name of an undercover agent
5’0andagoodheart - 3 måneder siden
Sounds like a character from a John Grisham novel
Isabel Carroll
Isabel Carroll - 3 måneder siden
Just wanna say your skin is nice
Heather Gothel
Heather Gothel - 3 måneder siden
Hello !! I don't think you realized this, but the animation you used at 0:44 is an antisemitic caricature. I know your content well enough to know that you're hopefully not the type to do something like this intentionally, I only bring it up because seeing these caricatures is often very uncomfortable for Jewish people, and I hope that by bringing it to your attention, you might be able to spot these caricatures more easily in the future, and avoid them as needed. Thank you for taking the time to read this ♡ I hope you have a lovely rest of your day
KittyCrits - 3 måneder siden
Looking into publicly available information about a public figure is not stalking. Please do not conflate that with an actual crime, it diminishes the legitimacy of the horror experienced by victims of stalking. 😒