That Vegan Teacher Responded To Me

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That Vegan Teacher is a TikTok vegan who has recently been exposed in a lot of "That Vegan Teacher doesn't like TommyInnit" videos.. but in todays video I will be responding to That Vegan Teacher after she responding to my video about her and TommyInnit, a popular Minecraft youtuber from Dream SMP.
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In this video I discuss a large amount of creators including TommyInnit, Dream and TommyInnit who are a big part of the Dream Team SMP which includes the likes of: Wilbur Soot, Quackity, Tubbo, Dream, Sapnap and George. These creators are mainly known for their Minecraft streams, Minecraft highlights and Minecraft speedruns. We also speak about That Vegan Teacher who is known for her vegan tutorials and just in general helping other vegans and exposing TommyInnit
Runtime: 30:18


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Da Whispy
Da Whispy - 6 dager siden
26 777 so far lollolloololololol u did great mate
Kaleb Scott
Kaleb Scott - 21 dag siden
Iron Man
Iron Man - 23 dager siden
Joan wants her happiness back
LIL G _meme
LIL G _meme - Måned siden
I eat dos beans do
Jen A
Jen A - 2 timer siden
when she said that if your vegan girlfriend is vegan and does not like than why is she dating him ?
Shelby Spider
Shelby Spider - 6 timer siden
Yo, late subscriber here, but she really doesn't listen does she???
Think if I make a sultry video addressing her while eating obscene amounts of meat, she'll give me a shout out? XD I'm wanting to start dancing on YouTube one way or another XD
MisFrijoles2099 Queso
MisFrijoles2099 Queso - 10 timer siden
Halfshinesketches - 11 timer siden
I’m pretty sure that baby animals aren’t used because 1-not a lot of meat on babies 2-the animal could be used for breeding and killing the animal before they are old enough the genes end there
Rebecca Page
Rebecca Page - 12 timer siden
Ummm guys ima go watch #TommyInnit if y'all wanna to bai guys
M B - 13 timer siden
We love the nuggie king
giselle lozada
giselle lozada - 17 timer siden
Justin Olvera
Justin Olvera - 19 timer siden
I love all nuggets
Orange Boi
Orange Boi - 23 timer siden
Vegan teacher is my new phobia
gaming 4life1984
gaming 4life1984 - Dag siden
I just literally died when you said "What is she vegan snoop dog" 😂😂😂🤣
MisFrijoles2099 Queso
MisFrijoles2099 Queso - Dag siden
I love nuggies 😂😂
LilStonerPrincess - Dag siden
She looks like a bobblehead
Cooper Kirby
Cooper Kirby - Dag siden
Riley Lee-Ramon
Riley Lee-Ramon - Dag siden
Who doesn't like chicken nuggets for the vegan teacher you stick you skeleton you donut
amarni follett
amarni follett - Dag siden
Amir Moore
Amir Moore - Dag siden
she is after all of us
Anastasia Stock
Anastasia Stock - 2 dager siden
we love the chicken king 🐓👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
R4ndumbGuy246 07
R4ndumbGuy246 07 - 2 dager siden
Chicken nuggees
Alison Chartier
Alison Chartier - 2 dager siden
Jasper - 2 dager siden
But, but, my pizza 😢😢😢
Ruby Morrison
Ruby Morrison - 2 dager siden
I love nuggets ❤️❤️ I’m a vegetarian and I love quown nuggies 🙂🙂
Moonbride's Madness
Moonbride's Madness - 2 dager siden
Good grief lady , get over it already. Anyone else think she's malnourished ?
Stiphali X
Stiphali X - 2 dager siden
chicken nuggies are good :DD
Charlotte Banister
Charlotte Banister - 2 dager siden
Hey this is a message to that vegan teacher: no matter what you do you will always be hurting the earth in some way and the way you are doing things Is 10 times worse than killing cows
SpamZzy - 2 dager siden
You have called the pedo police yes how may we help you?
This scarecrow that hula hoops in a fruit loop is stalking a teenager
Oh yes that [REDACTED] teacher, we’ve gotten many calls about this, this is our 69,420 call this day but we are searching this
We’ll boys we did it. She is banned on tik tok
Oh and the only reason I’d go vegan is because I hate all plants and they must be shredded
Yoongi Haswag
Yoongi Haswag - 2 dager siden
At 4:38 aww it’s a Chimmy mug💜
Cosmo Normann
Cosmo Normann - 2 dager siden
lps mammal society
lps mammal society - 2 dager siden
We love the nuggie kinggggggg
Ender Luver
Ender Luver - 2 dager siden
I like every type of chicken nuggies ngl
A lobster's blood becomes blue when exposed to air
If she can convince every single predator to become vegan, i will also become vegan.
Krista Allen
Krista Allen - 2 dager siden
Just your friendly reminder that you can enjoy your chicky nuggies, no matter what ThatVeganTeacher says.
hui - 2 dager siden
she sounds like she's forcing everyone on this planet to be vegan
Echo - 2 dager siden
I like dumplings. (Happy mini dumpling noises)
Introverted Bean
Introverted Bean - 3 dager siden
Veggie burgers are pretty good, so good job on those vegans and vegetarians. Most of y'all seem chill enough to me
Lily E.
Lily E. - 3 dager siden
Not gonna lie, there’s a brand called Boca and their “chicken” patty (vegetarian) is bomb af. 👌🏻
Nicola Playz
Nicola Playz - 3 dager siden
Indie van de Wall
Indie van de Wall - 3 dager siden
Jada & Ella
Jada & Ella - 3 dager siden
Personally we try to eat as organically as possible so if I did go vegan it wouldn’t be to protect animals necessarily but in a bid to stop global warming and help the environment instead.
Larry Blue star
Larry Blue star - 3 dager siden
I need to sleep
Larry Blue star
Larry Blue star - 3 dager siden
It’s one am
Dyllan Sirosky
Dyllan Sirosky - 3 dager siden
Why did the beginning of the video with the screaming sound like my dialup crashing
Cresilo - 4 dager siden
I watched this video eating chicken 🍗
one big unicorn
one big unicorn - 4 dager siden
I like to eat chicken nuggets
Invader Bluela
Invader Bluela - 4 dager siden
Nuggies yaaas!
SumSum Oliver 12
SumSum Oliver 12 - 4 dager siden
I died when she was like if you walk into a class full of six year olds you talk to them
Well that’s a bunch of lies if I walk into a class full of any age children ( yess I’m a child) I would walk out because I despise children children annoy me teenagers just stay in my room ( luckily I’m only a few months away from becoming a teenager) so yeah am I the only person who would do this
Bawiwi Studios
Bawiwi Studios - 4 dager siden
Jasmine Weinberger
Jasmine Weinberger - 4 dager siden
give me 2 medium rare new york steaks with mash potatoes sweet corn and white bread and i'm a happy person ...... if she is really a teacher then there is a problem with her vocabulary ......... chick fil a is my favorite place to eat .......... my son is alergic to fruits and most vegstables ........ so in that logic its okay to kill an animal that trys to kill us to eat us right? ....... someone needs to slip some chicken into her food .....
shadowfuzer - 5 dager siden
Jeanette Wilcox
Jeanette Wilcox - 5 dager siden
I love Nuggies (of all kinds)
Talar Kevorkian
Talar Kevorkian - 5 dager siden
Omg 1 mill views yes Fraser
Talar Kevorkian
Talar Kevorkian - 5 dager siden
I would love her to tell my pregnant ass what to eat. I’m sorry about the chicken babies but MY baby needs food so.
tommy but woman
tommy but woman - 5 dager siden
tbh i wouldn't wait your time on her btw BEANS
Destiny Saxon
Destiny Saxon - 5 dager siden
next thing you know i was using my alt and named it "plant" so now people are saying plant lives matter and they do feel they just dont scream-
Random Name
Random Name - 5 dager siden
Whos here after she got banned
It’s iiAngxel
It’s iiAngxel - 5 dager siden
Right she is a real phyco cus she said in a video that if ur not vegan u ain’t going heaven and Jesus is vegan but in the bible he gave ppl fish and bread for god sake
XRumbo X
XRumbo X - 6 dager siden
I love nuggies
Alayna Fick
Alayna Fick - 6 dager siden
These nuggies are good
Reilly Fitzpatrick
Reilly Fitzpatrick - 6 dager siden
i like vegan nuggies
Dreami - 6 dager siden
i love those dino chiken nuggiz
DatBoi - 6 dager siden
DatBoi - 6 dager siden
Avarms257 - 6 dager siden
She always says veganphobia is a real thing and if your not vegan your veganphobic but if I support the lgbtq+ community but I myself am not gay that doesn’t make me homophobic
Pandaslowpoke - 6 dager siden
By my current count, the combined videos relating to the that vegan teacher reaction videos is over 5 hours or so.
Julian Jones the explorer
Julian Jones the explorer - 7 dager siden
Me in early early 2020: *eating chicken nuggets and zebra cakes* mmmm I wonder what happens ne-
Me in early 2020: *GETS ADDISONS AND SILLYAC* no whyyyyy let’s hope it doesn’t get wor-
Me in mid and late 2020: *COVID-19 APPEARS*’t.....get...Wors-
In the late 2020S: *THE VEGAN TEACHER EXIST* ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Hi stranger
Hi stranger - 7 dager siden
fun fact:while i was watching this i was drinking milk and eating steak-
Hi stranger
Hi stranger - 2 dager siden
@Leticia Hernandez lol ik
Leticia Hernandez
Leticia Hernandez - 2 dager siden
I mean like drinking milk with everything. XD Steak is fabulous.
Hi stranger
Hi stranger - 2 dager siden
and the steak was good made by my mom so no crap like elementary school food-
Hi stranger
Hi stranger - 2 dager siden
@Leticia Hernandez lol sameee
Leticia Hernandez
Leticia Hernandez - 2 dager siden
Is that a good combination? I feel like that might upset a stomach. *it also gives me elementary school lunch flashbacks*
R.K D.U - 7 dager siden
I dont like eating meat that much or vegetebales but if there is a hotdog I'll fucking eat it
FellowDawn - 7 dager siden
When she said it was selfish to do it for yourself thats when I lost it,I have have health issues for years and going vegan helped with that,uts not selfish for me to be vegan for my health.Animals do matter but I matter too.
Sam The Random Minecrafter
Sam The Random Minecrafter - 7 dager siden
1:50 For Shame! For Shame!
Sam The Random Minecrafter
Sam The Random Minecrafter - 7 dager siden
Oops i ment 24:50
JP God Gamer
JP God Gamer - 7 dager siden
Rebecca Caron
Rebecca Caron - 7 dager siden
I think That Vegan teacher has a lot cannabis oils in that hummus
Evelina Evelina
Evelina Evelina - 7 dager siden
mc_javaeditionplayer - 7 dager siden
I hate her bc she thinks EVERYONE should be vegan, no matter if ur fine or have a deficiency. Also, That Vegan Teacher forces u to put animals as a top priority, EvEn If We ArE iN a GlObAl PaNdEmIC.
Me S
Me S - 7 dager siden
Those quorn chicken nuggets taste the same, not many vegetarian alternatives do that, but those in particular BANG
Deadbot 2000
Deadbot 2000 - 7 dager siden
how has she not been arrested for abusing her dog with food she eats and not giving her dog a normal dog diet
NovaBeagle - 7 dager siden
Starr Powell
Starr Powell - 8 dager siden
I love nuggets🐓
Padawan Slayer
Padawan Slayer - 8 dager siden
Padawan Slayer
Padawan Slayer - 8 dager siden
i fucking like this guy
TøxicKeiji - 8 dager siden
We stan nuggie king
Six :/
Six :/ - 8 dager siden
I like chicken nuggets and well I don’t eat vegan chicken nuggets I would count vegan chicken nuggets as chicken nuggets. Let’s just all agree that chicken nuggets are good and move on
Pugzie 2000
Pugzie 2000 - 8 dager siden
It's actually not illegal if you weren't the one who killed them-
Also vegan bacon actually slaps it's just yes
FlyingDragon406 - 8 dager siden
I a mix
_Basic _Anime_
_Basic _Anime_ - 8 dager siden
I'm so happy i don't have tiktok
soallage77 - 8 dager siden
I love all meat apart from liver that is the only one I hate
If god meant us to be vegan he wouldn’t have made meat taste so good
Hey How Does this Work
Hey How Does this Work - 8 dager siden
Besides, kids need to eat meat because it helps with growth and other stuff like that
fatsun8 - 9 dager siden
I m a meatgan
Mikron Miki
Mikron Miki - 9 dager siden
omg that vegan teachers tiktok got taken down lol
your channel has been growing a lot
KiriBaku Dizzy
KiriBaku Dizzy - 9 dager siden
Its people like ThatVeganTeacher. That reminds me daily that humanity is sh!t
Phil Harvey
Phil Harvey - 9 dager siden
Chicken nuggets.
Janis Ricord
Janis Ricord - 9 dager siden
I like chicken nuggies. Any nuggies veggie nuggies chicken nuggies dino nuggies. GIVE ME NUGGIES!!!!!!!!!
Exclusively A Weaboo
Exclusively A Weaboo - 9 dager siden
So we are Assholes because we eat meat? So do Animals themselves. Also all those
Cows or Pigs were just born to be slaughtered.
Its just frickin Nature
Inverse wheel35
Inverse wheel35 - 10 dager siden
Yeah but in society, if you choose your own diets people will get offended
Gabbie F
Gabbie F - 10 dager siden
what's his dog's vest say ? it looks like it says something in white but I can't read it
Squirrel - 10 dager siden
you sound like a Christian but look like the devil.
Ruth Thinking, Outside.
Ruth Thinking, Outside. - 10 dager siden
I just realized why she bothers me.. the way she talks to people is ABUSIVE.. I have ptsd and she triggered the hell out of me just now..
she has PROBLEMS.. she’s literally abusive.
Ruth Thinking, Outside.
Ruth Thinking, Outside. - 10 dager siden
Just saying.. but she HAS to be off psychologically.. the LOGICAL way to address “saving the animals” is to go after the commercial big farming practices and try to CONVINCE people to cut back on meat.. her open ANGRY attacks on people is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE and it’s genuinely NUTS..
Ruth Thinking, Outside.
Ruth Thinking, Outside. - 10 dager siden
Ohh 😮 Shiba! So lovely! I miss my old man Loki .. Shibas are special 🥰
Colleen Sheehy
Colleen Sheehy - 10 dager siden
* police * *Ma'am can we see a teaching ID please*
Colleen Sheehy
Colleen Sheehy - 10 dager siden
* police * *Ma'am can we see a teacher ID please*