The Corpse Husband Hate Is Disturbing

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Corpse Husband is a creepypasta youtuber who recently blew up after his music went viral and his streams with Pewdiepie, Valkyrae, AOC and Pokimane. But recently he has been receiving a lot of hate and I want to talk about that.
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iNabber - 3 måneder siden
I hope you enjoyed this one! Yes I'm a big Corpse simp, leave me alone. Actually no go subscribe to my second channel
yeet it over
yeet it over - 3 måneder siden
critics bruh
yeet it over
yeet it over - 3 måneder siden
bruh moment
Mady B
Mady B - 3 måneder siden
@Red Panda yess and I'm here for it
LD 50
LD 50 - 3 måneder siden
dude, thanks for making this video, i agree with everything you said in it 100%
Gladys Flores
Gladys Flores - 3 måneder siden
I have a cousin who hates that I'm a kpop stan and always finds it crazy that I have merch and buy album. Yet this is the same man that has way more anime merch than I have kpop. He doesn't know he's a stan.
Samer Elzoor
Samer Elzoor - 5 dager siden
Just saying all of us corpse haters almost always have a reason, tell you what it is? He didnt do much to earn his popularity, all he needed was to be featured in an among us video and a deep voice
kenzie taveira
kenzie taveira - 5 dager siden
i really love your videos
12uinz - 9 dager siden
13:20 ... Who tf is Jimmy?
Alexandra Diggory
Alexandra Diggory - 9 dager siden
Y'all pls don't hate me cuz I'm am a Corpse Husband stan. 🖤
CMyGameLife - 12 dager siden
Lol I was one if the original 100 thousands. I like his voice too
PancakesWithSyrup - 13 dager siden
i just feel sorry for the guy at this point, he is just trying to live a life and people are trying to get him cancelled and all of this bullshit. I just hope this will end soon :(
Blackeyed Nine
Blackeyed Nine - 13 dager siden
Dont hate him personally, but I hate that cringe fucks use the music on tiktok. Now everyone thinks I'm the same because of the music...and I dont even listen to corpse husband!
rootin - 16 dager siden
big fat inabber
Bruh - 18 dager siden
Ahh ok you can hate me
I actually like corpse husband
He is a good person and a good player
I know about his disease but
Only thing is his fanbase
They are really toxic and ruin corpse just like dream
So if you want to share your opinion you can
But yeah I don't hate corpse he seems like a cool guy
I hate his toxic fans
man who says hi
man who says hi - 21 dag siden
You missed with this one
Horror Husky
Horror Husky - Måned siden
Raymond Jack
Raymond Jack - Måned siden
I dunno if I'm just getting old, but why do people on twitter do shit like: "C*rpse H*sb*nd" wtf is the even supposed to do? Censoring shit just uselessly? Is it a joke? Help???
TheRobotGamerIsHere !
TheRobotGamerIsHere ! - Måned siden
Bro what the hell people are jealous of him because of his cool voice.
Oana Cristina Dinu
Oana Cristina Dinu - Måned siden
People really love to hate huh and we wonder why the world is the way that it is rn smh
Rose Samples
Rose Samples - Måned siden
i loveeeeeeee corpse husband
Ghost 8842
Ghost 8842 - Måned siden
I don't want Corpse to do a face reveal.
Steel_Warfare - Måned siden
Im hating on hating on popular stuff cause hating on popular stuff is popular
Chloe M
Chloe M - Måned siden
I adore corpse husband, he is an adorable cinnamon roll with a great sense of humor and is about as creepy as a kitten or puppy to me 🐈‍⬛🐕
Zach Kissling
Zach Kissling - Måned siden
Corpse daddy
FuckThePopulation 810
FuckThePopulation 810 - Måned siden
You forgot to mention the incels that hate him because they think he's "getting women". I feel like that's a fairly big contribution of the hate towards him.
Josephine M
Josephine M - Måned siden
Future First Gentleman — Corpse Husband
Grayson O'Neill
Grayson O'Neill - Måned siden
Most stans who are regular people detest the obsessive stans and the trolls. There are people who say they love someone so much they’re gonna marry them even though the idol has no idea they exist. I’m a kpop stan and it makes me ashamed to be one when I see people hurting their idols and stalking them because they “love” them. Ugh I hate it. Thank you for actually spreading the truth that most stans aren’t as toxic as the loud minority.
CorpicPawz - Måned siden
Hate the wait kill them lmfao lets see how they suffer
Joan Miro Dela Cruz
Joan Miro Dela Cruz - Måned siden
I found a movie that looks like corpse's bunny side and it looks alike
The movie was good
Anonymous Raven
Anonymous Raven - Måned siden
The bad thing is, the part where the person said they thought he was busy and thats why he wasnt uploading frequently... He was... He was losing feeling in his arms... He was in hospitals... Like... I get that I'm being Stan culture but like... He was sick and physically couldn't upload and now hes doing better and is having fun??? And that's bad??? How???
ii_Emmy - Måned siden
Im fine with corpse tbh, I used to enjoy his content. The reason I stopped watching him was being my friend was shoving his content down my throat and it got irritating 😭
Not Your Fiend
Not Your Fiend - Måned siden
Fandoms are usually so crazy.
It’s sad seeing some people ruining the whole thing for everyone. I hella respect the calm stans.
cynthia bernie
cynthia bernie - Måned siden
Hi, it’s me. One of the 3 people that had never heard of this person.
Softie !
Softie ! - Måned siden
I don’t get how people can hate on Corpse Husband, and it’s not just about his voice, he’s a funny guy, he makes good quality videos with great quality editing ( even if it’s just a little editing ) and his music sounds good ( though not to everybody ) The poor guy has some mental ( I believe depression, because of some of the things he’s said in videos or streams ) and medical issues and hating on him doesn’t make it better :(
penten56 - Måned siden
I know this is an old video but jesus he isnt "faceless" his real face is his personality and isnt that what should matter with content creation???
Evan Glime
Evan Glime - Måned siden
A future president simps for him according to the media rn he is the president
Joseph Douek
Joseph Douek - Måned siden
Yeah, what the hell is wrong with the Star Wars fandom, which is one of the maybe three fandoms that I would consider myself a part of. Star Wars, Doom, and I’m sure there is something else that I can’t think of at the moment. It seems like most Star Wars fans seem to hate most of Star Wars, or at least the loudest ones do. I see the merits of episode 1, like a lot of episode 2, though creepy Anakin is terrible, and love episode three. Rebels is alright, good, even, if you are not expecting peak clone wars levels of great, episode 7 is fine, I see what they were going for in episode 8 and where it almost was a great movie, because it had a lot of great ideas that were just wasted due to lack of build-up, payoff, or Kanto-Byte taking way too long, and knowing how difficult the production of 9 was, I enjoy most of it, and the main things that don’t work were the most contentious things while they were making it. Ironically, the Doom fandom is mostly very chill
The Daylight System
The Daylight System - Måned siden
trolls just annoy me. I am a small writer with a grand total of 46 ao3 subscribers and I get trolls. they just need to get a life.
Uncle Uggs
Uncle Uggs - Måned siden
Incels 😩😩🙈
Zanvis shipper For life
Zanvis shipper For life - Måned siden
Idk how I found you but love your videos
Blame Ekatoneikosipente
Blame Ekatoneikosipente - Måned siden
I watch him sometimes , he is ok, some vids of his are boring but that's about it.
KoalaTea - Måned siden
when he started talking about kpop, I realized that not all commentary channels hate kpop. he clearly doesn't hate it and he's being very reasonable and is making a lot of sense in what he's saying. kpop stans aren't just toxic for no reason but just some things ppl may say just set us off and we start being very rude which is terrible, I know. but we are just here to defend our favorite kpop artists. most of us are super peaceful and don't start unwanted drama. we aren't necessarily toxic. solo stans or ppl who pick the ppl they want to stan in a group instead of the group as a whole are the real problems and we should be focusing on that problem. those people send death threats and many other things to these innocent kpop idols. it is just absolutely disgusting. so ppl stereotyping kpop stans as toxic are actually wrong. most of us just want to vibe to the music and live our life in peace
Lily Allende
Lily Allende - Måned siden
I’ve simped for Corpse for years. I was into his horror content for a long time and then he kinda dropped off. I assumed he was done with YouTube or something happened to him. And then I started seeing stuff about him everywhere. Honestly, I like his gaming content. It shows more of who he is as a person.
Him being faceless isn’t that big of a deal. Do I want to know what he looks like? Yeah. I’m curious. But it’s his right to that privacy. It’s not the end of the world to not know.
Alice McGee
Alice McGee - Måned siden
When I saw him playing a game with that creepy guy (the one with the niece who's mom is named princess), I just couldn't feel good about him. I don't hate him, but I don't know if he's a good guy.
speedic artic
speedic artic - Måned siden
Ra ra rasputin 🎶🎶🎶
Connor-James MacIsaac
Connor-James MacIsaac - Måned siden
Fuck beans, I like nuggies
Dwale - Måned siden
My fav beainie boi
speedic artic
speedic artic - Måned siden
Dwale - Måned siden
My favourite beanie boi
VeryTired Helen
VeryTired Helen - Måned siden
why are there no closed captions 💔
Arielle Lavecchia
Arielle Lavecchia - Måned siden
They don't respect people's privacy these days. I've been horror story fan and writer. And Corpse Husband is one of my favourite narrators and his principle of not revealing his face should be respected but people... Has anyone really listened to his life story? He doesn't deserve anyone's hatred at all. He's been on his own since he was 12 and had to carve his living on his own, and his health issues are up there with things that people can't cure, you can only cope and understand your new normal when it flares up.
caratmilk - Måned siden
Usually when u hate someone for no reason, it's usually because of jealousy
This apply to a lot of people. Haters should think carefully about why they hate Corpse, find the stem to all cause and ffs just leave the man alone🗿
Blub - Måned siden
RIP calllmecarson
Anonamoose - Måned siden
Heard him mentioned a few times recently but I'm only finding out who he is through this video. Odd really since I live in the dark side of youtube.
0__o - Måned siden
The people who were saying that they didn't like how he barely uploaded horror stories but now uploads so many among us videos should know that he has said that doing those videos were very detrimental for his health and would take extremely long to make. The among us videos are easier to make cause he just hangs out with friends and makes like 20min videos of highlights or posts the vod of his stream. He uses among us more as a way to talk to fans than to actually play. He is more focused on music and streaming among us allows him to discuss important topics with fans and talk with friends.
Lander - Måned siden
The first few times i heard of corpse i hated him but when i watched an actual video and listened to his music i liked it
Luke Miller
Luke Miller - Måned siden
Honestly I'm a hardcore metalhead and I love the majority of corpses music it's way more satisfying than most rap bc of his voice and also like he hasnt done anything wrong hes a pretty good guy who's had a horrible horrible life and is just now getting what he deserves I just dont see how one can hate him for that
Rosalia Campos
Rosalia Campos - Måned siden
He got popular off of having a deep voice😐
Eren Jaeger
Eren Jaeger - Måned siden
How DARE he make videos that he enjoys making!
jared clayton
jared clayton - Måned siden
The correct one
The correct one - Måned siden
Corpes music is great imo
NuclearWinter - Måned siden
Nobody hates K-pop music. Most people hate the toxic stans on Twitter and that gives the overall community a bad name.
NuclearWinter - Måned siden
Ngl his horror story narrations were killer. Now that he switched to just playing Among Us he lost me.
OG Tenkkuu
OG Tenkkuu - Måned siden
I remember I made a joke about my friend to her and mocked her cuz she liked kpop as a joke with her (not behind her back) and she punched like my face like 10 times and broke my nose :/
Arcadia Copper
Arcadia Copper - Måned siden
I love how you explain stuff that stupid people could understand it like hate or something like that XD
Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee - Måned siden
he’s literally chronically ill??? He can’t read without trouble anymore??? That’s why he can’t upload horror narration stories?? tf
Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee - Måned siden
why the fuck would people even hate him??? he’s doing nothing wrong he’s one of the sweetest people around
N B - Måned siden
Creepy pasta I KNEEEEWWWWWWW I recognized his voice
Truly_Morgan - Måned siden
What makes some fandom so toxic is always such a small minority killing the fun for everyone else. Some fandom have really bad rep due to like, what, a 5% of people just causing problems? Really suck that the guy is getting so much hate because of his fan, makes me wanna support him and subscribe if he still does creepypasta videos
Also love how it has become so common for creators to show their faces, that it somehow became weird for some people that certain creator would rather not show their faces. I grew up being told to be careful on the internet, I barely show my face outside of some rare ig stories. Showing your face is not a must, it a personal thing and if someone doesn't want to show it just leave it.
De Natka
De Natka - Måned siden
Pewds started as a gaming chanel and mophed into a meme chanel and nobody cared, why is a guy mophinf from a creepy chanel to a gaming chanel so bizzare, huh?
martythegayhoe :D
martythegayhoe :D - Måned siden
(Jesus Christ, I didn't realize how long this comment was until I already commented it. Sorry about that. Read it if you want.)
I've been a fan of Corpse for years now, and I do agree with some people in the sense that it definitely feels like some Corpse stans are taking things a bit far. I've seen a ton of people online on platforms such as tiktok or twitter, sexualizing him to a pretty creepy extent. And I can't imagine that he feels comfortable with people sexualizing him to that extent, I mean, I got really uncomfortable just looking at those peoples content. But then again, I'm not Corpse and I can't exactly tell people not to do so, because I don't actually know if he's asked people to not sexualize him.
On a separate note, I do find it disgusting how people are hating on him simply because he's changing up his content. There's so much more money in gaming, and he has lots of medical bills that he does need paid, both for his GERD and his eye condition. Which leads me into my next point.
Given his eye condition, it has become harder for him to create his scary story videos, so he's not even just going into gaming because of the money, but because it's getting physically harder for him to continue with his old content.
Like I said earlier, I have been a fan of Corpse for a long time, and he seems like an honestly kind and genuine person. So the fact that people are also hating on him just to hate on him. Or, hating on him for his voice, which is a thing that he cannot physically control. Or, hating on him for his newfound success, which is just a really horrible thing to do. Really rubs me the wrong way.
Corpse has talked about, and been very open about his anxiety for a long time. And I truly hope that the people who are hating on him, aren't getting to his head too much.
As a person who has struggled with anxiety, I know firsthand that the words of others hurt more than almost anything. And I was just experiencing that on a very small scale. Corpse however, has almost 5 million subscribers, and pretty much anyone who is active in the mainstream internet knows who he is. And I just can't even imagine how much hate he must be getting everyday, and how much pressure he feels because of it.
I truly do hope that Corpse doesn't let these people get to him too much, and I will continue to support him, and attempt to inform people who know of him about the situation.
Kricket - Måned siden
INabber: I watched this other video
Me, who has that exact video in my reccomended and knows who it is: CreepShow art!!!!
analu pelosi
analu pelosi - Måned siden
your point still stand obvs but /srs is sarcasm. it's to help ppl who can't recognize it easily.
I am a Survivor... I think
I can get not liking a person and simply not knowing why. There are plenty of IRL people I tend to not talk to because I don't exactly like the person. But there is a big difference between "oh, weird, I just really don't want to talk to this person, though I know they are a good person and mean well" and "OH GOD! NEVER EVEN WATCHED A VIDEO OR ANYTHING BUT I DESPISE THIS PERSON AND THEY SHOULD DIE EVEN THOUGH I HAVEN'T EVEN HEARD THEIR VOICE!!!"
Like, first one, as long as you are respectful and you aren't mean to the person, and don't want to cause harm, then hey, I get it, but hating a person before even getting to know them for longer than a minute? Bro, chill out. Are you hating a random person just to feel hatred??
Sprouts the Flower
Sprouts the Flower - Måned siden
The voice be lower than my self esteem
The pizza guy
The pizza guy - Måned siden
corpse's laugh gives me life
Mousy Eidolon
Mousy Eidolon - Måned siden
It's even more sad that he gets so much hate for changing his content, when a big reason for him changing was because of his health issues. The dude wears an eye patch for fuck's sake. These people really think reading text on a bright screen is good for his already awful eyes? He can barely stream Among Us without being in pain or his arm going numb.
Nat - Måned siden
I will never understand this. If I don't like sth, I just don't give a fuck and let it be, not go out of my way to spread hatred about it.
Nerf Shooter
Nerf Shooter - Måned siden
If corpse put a voice changer on that makes your voice higher pitch his voice would be normal
Ůniques Animation
Ůniques Animation - Måned siden
I simp for Corpse
Wyatt - Måned siden
i fucking knew it, Corpses husband is the creepypasta dude I used to binge watch.
Oceane Pace
Oceane Pace - Måned siden
It's not actually about corpse,but I have seen a lot of fandom being hated by normal people because of rabid fans.
I have an example:Undertale.
It was a simple game with an overall nice storyline yet crazy fans just sexualized the hell out of the game(we can all look towards the"girlfriend and wife of sans"right now) and because of that,people hate the game because of them.
I'm not totally blaming that on them,they were kids and probably learned that what they did was stupid,I was a cringy sans fans a few years ago and now i know how stupid I was.
The thing that mainly get "normal people"out of the community is the fans more than the content. Then they hate the content because the fans are horrible,my example was one upon many and Corpse was just afflicted by that mass hate partly because of this.
This was said with other words in the video but I thought that I can say something on the matter
AliveC4t - Måned siden
Subscribing to him now thx
orange kittens
orange kittens - Måned siden
This video did not age well
orange kittens
orange kittens - Måned siden
For those who don’t know there has been some yucky accusations...
ViskaDrake - Måned siden
That explains why I thought I recognized his voice, he's a creepypasta reader. I used to binge those all the time. His voice is practically perfect for it.
Franken D. Ick
Franken D. Ick - Måned siden
The only thing I saw of why he got hate was he said the word "d*ke" in a story. It was a story he was asked to narrate by a lesbian, recounting a time someone called them a slur. People threw a fit that he didn't censor the word. I only did so Youtube won't delete my comment. 😅
Liam 9001
Liam 9001 - Måned siden
Honestly I think his content is a little boring? I don’t hate him, he just isn’t for me.
Rachel Got7
Rachel Got7 - Måned siden
@Liam 9001 yes I do but I just wanna know how old u are so it’s not weird 😅
Liam 9001
Liam 9001 - Måned siden
@Rachel Got7 Do you have Discord?
Liam 9001
Liam 9001 - Måned siden
@Rachel Got7 no lol I was just so confused by that I kinda had to ask.
Rachel Got7
Rachel Got7 - Måned siden
@Liam 9001 oh okay for a second I thought you where trying to start like a fight for a min. Lol srry I misjudged the situation 😅.
Liam 9001
Liam 9001 - Måned siden
@Rachel Got7 you seemed nice so I wanted to see if you had any NOburn videos of your own. Yes I’m a guy.
AlexClaain - Måned siden
I actually have this with some shows like ie She-Ra or Steven Universe. Even though I've never watched it, I just don't like the show, due to parts of the fandom getting on my nerves. However though - that doesn't mean the shows are bad or deserve hatred at all. And I think that's the point where many people have issues differentiating
s e n i k a
s e n i k a - Måned siden
@AlexClaain ow I understand, thanks for explaining a little bit more :')
AlexClaain - Måned siden
@s e n i k a oh definitely. I was just underlining the aspect, that Nabber mentioned, where it's kind of a psychologic thing at times? I wouldn't hate or shame anyone for liking the mentioned shows above, even less the shows itself, it's more over a personal issue of mine, that I can't get into them due to negative "experiences". Not really anyones fault whatsoever though. Sorry, if my point didn't get across the way I wanted it to :')
s e n i k a
s e n i k a - Måned siden
Honestly I think its "stupid" to say we don't like a show or someone just because of their community, like can't people just enjoy his videos?-
TextureboiMC - Måned siden
Yea People are hating on everyone whos blowing up for absolutely no reason and thats kinda sad
Lola Bruni
Lola Bruni - Måned siden
as a kpop stan, i completely agree with your points on the fandom, and how it tied to stan culture in general. most of us are just here for fun and don’t send hate to other fandoms. stan culture in general is seen as this toxic thing, but as a member of the kpop fandom, 90% of the people in it are great, and just want to appreciate the groups they like, as it is with most fandoms and stans.
M1rza - Måned siden
Lmao the reason he has haters is because his Stans are autistic and annoying. Denounce them just like *for example* Filthy Frank did and 99% of the hate will die off.
daz !
daz ! - Måned siden
as a corpse stan, I’m so worried for him :( he literally hasn’t done anything, the fandom hasn’t done anything, and I want him to understand that his fandom will not leave him even for doing a face reveal. his looks don’t matter, he’s funny and deserves the world. someone give him a hug.
edit: corpse has explained his condition stops him from posting more, if they actually knew that maybe they’d understand. he says he won’t post horror anymore as he can’t read well because of his eyesight
Artemisz • 14 years ago
Artemisz • 14 years ago - Måned siden
ok but kenji playing with the droid is so amazing
HARIS Z SUPREME - Måned siden
They should respect him for who he is even tho he has medical conditions he successfully managed to make a successful yt channel the haters are just jealous they couldn’t be popular as he is
Alex Epic
Alex Epic - Måned siden
People just want to hate things. Its so stupid. People are stupid. Thats always how things were, if they like something they have to hate something other people like?? Why tho? Like Messi fans hate Ronaldo and the other way around? Just because
420 69
420 69 - Måned siden
pretty sure people are just jealous of other's fame. people think that he doesn't deserve the fame. its your opinion if he does or not.
Rosalyne Bannatyne
Rosalyne Bannatyne - Måned siden
i dont like marvel movies because they actually suck
Rosalyne Bannatyne
Rosalyne Bannatyne - Måned siden
ya sure u can go ahead and say different stans are annoying or scary or problematic all u want, but have u ever noticed the ones making the biggest fuss are the people hating the stans?? i mean who dedicates that much time to making so many tweets about something just because u hate it, and also try to say that whatever ur hating so much is the problem. like why dont u just, i dont know, try taking a fucking chill pill and stop neglecting ur own life while u worry abt someone else's
I AM The Senate
I AM The Senate - Måned siden
Welcome to the real world everyone! Where emo idiot girls make fanfictions of Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer and hate on men like Corpse Husband for no reason at all! Aren't we evolving?
I AM The Senate
I AM The Senate - Måned siden
@Comically Large Still though, the Corpse haters usually don't have any good reason to hate Corpse.
Comically Large
Comically Large - Måned siden
@I AM The Senate but none of them are like that though? if anything, the weird fanfic writers are corpse stans themselves.
I AM The Senate
I AM The Senate - Måned siden
@Comically Large I'm just glossing over it. Giving other people an idea of what the people who hate Corpse are like.
Comically Large
Comically Large - Måned siden
since when do the people who make weird fanfics hate corpse?
Playful_ Artist
Playful_ Artist - Måned siden
I have watched him before he blew up it was nice listen to the story’s when he would talk 😌
Kiki Seoane
Kiki Seoane - Måned siden
Yup like kpop, I don't particularly like kpop but i dont hate them bcs I have no reason they haven't done anything wrong but In the other hand the "kpop stans" (the ones he is mentioning in the vid) sometimes are just really aggressive
Kiki Seoane
Kiki Seoane - Måned siden
Yeah ppl like tho hate randomly
Pixie - Måned siden
I’ve never even heard of Corpse Husband until this. All publicity is good publicity I guess 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
Cryptdfox - Måned siden
he seems like a decent dude, my only issue with him is I don't love that he streams with pewdiepie but thats...about it???