The Fortnite Predator Who Escaped Jail: Kiwiz

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Kiwiz also known as Red Kiwiz is someone who has faced allegations of grooming, he had an interview with Keemstar in 2016 but somehow got away with it and started groups such as the One Percent. This is another MiniLadd, Tony Lopez and Zoe Laverne situation. An influencer who has taken advantage of his fans. MiniLadd and Kiwiz still are active on NOburn and they still collab with many creators. Keemstar has continued to push the allegations, but Kiwiz overall got away with it.
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Kiwiz is known for his gaming content, including his Call of Duty and Fortnite videos. He has also served as a content director for the NOburn gaming and eSports organization Red Reserve and later Obey Alliance.
This video is an opinion under fair use.
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iNabber - 2 måneder siden
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WildSpirit420 - 4 dager siden
Flag or not, we still love you buddy
ADAM AdAM - 8 dager siden
It happen when a weird people came to me on internet
ADAM AdAM - 8 dager siden
This stuff has happen to me
Gman plays1
Gman plays1 - 16 dager siden
I'm from the United States and the only time I've ever seen a person with less money win a court case against a person with more money was when I had to got to court because of child abuse
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams - 28 dager siden
If it was a good viedio it would naturally get likes but ooop
Tooda Man Lil Bubba
Tooda Man Lil Bubba - 9 timer siden
Shut up I might be young but what do you have to do with it
TheGalaxyBunny - 10 timer siden
poopy stinky
Amelie - Dag siden
I doubt his fans are over the age of 8
Dank Mom
Dank Mom - 2 dager siden
Bruh....this is so nasty....
King - 4 dager siden
You can end up doing horrible shit due to your mental health but it doesnt excuse it. You need to own up to it. But I think more people in the comments need to understand that lots of things can stem from mental health and can make people do horrible shit. I am not at all excusing his actions and it's disgusting that he is using mental health to make it seem like he wasn't in the wrong, but it can be a big factor.
TwinArtz14 - 4 dager siden
GHOULZY_ BrawlStars
GHOULZY_ BrawlStars - 5 dager siden
Yes if I kill someone and 4 years later it is found out I get away with it
GHOULZY_ BrawlStars
GHOULZY_ BrawlStars - 5 dager siden
Clutchy B
Clutchy B - 6 dager siden
Kiwiz is talking about his mental health and he’s so ignorant to not think about the people around him that have been affected. (The daughter and close family)
Moo nutella
Moo nutella - 6 dager siden
Thank you for standing up for survivors
TwinArtz14 - 8 dager siden
He did it because he's depressed, that's the worse excuse I've heard and how was he not dropped from red back then
Duke. - 8 dager siden
am i the only person that sess this stuff and is like idc they make good youtube videos
X J Styles
X J Styles - 15 timer siden
@Duke. Alright its cool if you wanna watch his videos and ignore what happens outside.
Duke. - 2 dager siden
@Clutchy B I did I don’t care
gas - 2 dager siden
@Clutchy B oh lol
Clutchy B
Clutchy B - 2 dager siden
Frick I was talking to the other guy
gas - 2 dager siden
@Clutchy B mm that makes no sense I'm just saying that they need to think about their decision
Trazhye - 8 dager siden
Ok now I hate kiwiz
Sophie Kirby
Sophie Kirby - 9 dager siden
Beantato Beep Beep
Beantato Beep Beep - 10 dager siden
I watch youtubers like Smit7y and Grizzy but in some of their videos they have Mini Ladd but when I see him in the videos I always get uncomfortable, am I supporting him?
Casey 1614
Casey 1614 - 11 dager siden
WaddleBoi - 11 dager siden
*bRuH yOuRe ClOuT cHaSiNg KiWiZ iS iN tHe RiGhT aLl He DiD wAs ReCiEvE aNd SeNd SeXuAl ImAgRy To A mInOr*
colin tannery
colin tannery - 12 dager siden
He was 19 she was 14 but apparently it started when she was 12 meaning he was 17. So technically he’s not an adult. Is it wrong yes but he’s not an adult yet. That’s when it started. Once he hit 18 it’s still wrong but also illegal.
Ttvzxlo - 13 dager siden
Nah but yes Kiwiz is in the wrong but she sent him pictures she lied about her age (she's still a minor tho) and then she lied bout lying about her age. 🤥
Jonee Lillard
Jonee Lillard - 13 dager siden
7:39 That was a lot of words to dodge "puberty."
Vytaute Monkeviciute
Vytaute Monkeviciute - 13 dager siden
my sister still think's that tony lopez isn't a predator and she knows what he did
NoKey - 13 dager siden
Kiwiz is worried about the wrong charges
spamz NA
spamz NA - 14 dager siden
Yes I stole a pencil😔 I admit I was doing smarties at age 7😔
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets - 14 dager siden
2:49 I know this may not be funny to some people, but if yiu remove just a liiiiittle bit of context, you get uh-oh spaghettio :P
LamboFan 83
LamboFan 83 - 14 dager siden

because my mental health is perfectly fine

or is it?
yea-its-7-inches - 15 dager siden
He is not in red no more
Ronny Highlights TikTok
Ronny Highlights TikTok - 16 dager siden
twitter likes
Rexyyurr _
Rexyyurr _ - 17 dager siden
Why does kiwiz sound like dream
MusBubsEes FN
MusBubsEes FN - 17 dager siden
You need to learn how to forgive and forget. There have been countless instances where the media and society and accepted ex mafia bosses and gangmembers into their community because they know that people can change and transform their lives for the better.
I assure you Kiwiz has changed and although what he has done in the past is unjustifiable, as humans we have to forgive and forget and give everyone an equal oppurtunity to change; a chance of redemption.
This is my opinion.
Edit: I plead of you to not put these people in bad light because we need to remember that they are from the same planet, they breathe the same air, they eat the same food and they will inevitably end the same way. Thus we only have each other to keep company so instead of trying to embrew (diffuse) hatred we should encompass each other with affection and passion in life. As a result of this they will truly change.
Kllzm - 4 dager siden
If someone solicited pictures of your twelve year-old daughter would you forgive them?
Mia Tipton
Mia Tipton - 8 dager siden
@MusBubsEes FN it's not fan boying ur denying that a predator should be charged and therefore denying her justice
MusBubsEes FN
MusBubsEes FN - 8 dager siden
@Mia Tipton omg nah ur too annoying
Mia Tipton
Mia Tipton - 8 dager siden
@MusBubsEes FN shes a child theres something called manipulation first of all second of all kids get dared and pressured by their friends into going on these sights all the time because they are KIDS and dont understand the consequences
IEatPigeons - 8 dager siden
@MusBubsEes FN No problem man, just glad to edjucate you
Lucky Lux Games
Lucky Lux Games - 18 dager siden
This is a right slap to my face that his fans think the girl is in the wrong, wtf!?
_ jagxzy
_ jagxzy - 18 dager siden
JustADarreo - 18 dager siden
Red Kiwiz: Sends Eggplant
uLuvJayyy - 20 dager siden
i stole airheads from a gas station and blamed it on my mental heath state
TheyHateBlitz - 21 dag siden
I didn’t even know kiwiz did that...
swordz - 21 dag siden
This video is absolutely amazing.
Creech Mills
Creech Mills - 21 dag siden
If parents didn’t put phones in their kids hands at the age of 12 this wouldn’t have happened. I feel like it should be illegal for kids to have phones until their at the age of consent because not only does it put them in a situation like this to be vulnerable but it’s also unhealthy for kids’s minds.
Kllzm - 4 dager siden
MADDMAXX007 - 22 dager siden
“Why is the girl mad she started this 😂😂😂”
(Insert cat in the hat) “your not just wrong, your stupid”
Mr Nice Ladd
Mr Nice Ladd - 23 dager siden
Damn i used the watch him too, thought he was a cool dude but nvm.
melissathemelon - 23 dager siden
I used to watch him last year and I literally had no idea about this
Rainklutz - 24 dager siden
I'm a victim of grooming and pedophilia, I was groomed when I was 14, it's been 4 years and I still remember what happened like it happened yesterday.
I didn't think much about it back when it happened, but now that I look back and think about it, the dude was clearly taking advantage of me.
Every time I remember about the things the dude would tell me, or ask me to do, I feel dirty and disgusting.
I let my groomer walk free and to this day I regret it deeply. The thing is I couldn't even do anything about him even if I wanted to, because he lived/lives in the US and I live in Brazil.
I hope Red Kiwiz eventually get sent to jail. And I hope he stays there for the rest of his life.
Ride Giraffes
Ride Giraffes - 24 dager siden
Even if she lied about her age she was still a minor..he obviously knew she was 12 at one point. She is vulnerable and no minor should be manipulated like this.
ZombieVillager25 - 25 dager siden
plot twist inabber is a predator

The Only Ash On The Internet
The Only Ash On The Internet - 26 dager siden
No :)
Zamari Zahnee
Zamari Zahnee - 27 dager siden
No :)
Hayden Wolf
Hayden Wolf - 27 dager siden
Guys kiwiz changed and he is a nice guy, I am not saying that what he was doing was right but just please stop harassing him and definitely stop harassing Orange because he had nothing to do with it
ZombieVillager25 - 8 dager siden
@Hayden Wolf its good that you look at it in a diffrent light and you realize that it is bad that he is still not in jail but its a very slight chance he changed but yes thank you for understanding. :)
Hayden Wolf
Hayden Wolf - 8 dager siden
Thanks for harassing me and making me feel like crap, but I definitely do not support pedophilia and have changed the way I think about the matter (see people can change @SilverHands). I hope you can forgive me and pls stop harassing me. (P.S. I know I type like an old man but I'm just trying to be polite. Oh and what is a bellend)
SilverHands - 8 dager siden
As inabber said, if the justice system actually worked he would still be in jail and would be on a predator list. No amount of ‘changing’ is going to undo that. What he did is unforgivable, he could be the nicest most brilliant human ever but none of it would matter. He potentially ruined a childs life, get that into your thick skull. Stop defending pedophiles in youtube comment sections, you’re making yourself look like a bellend.
ZombieVillager25 - 25 dager siden
i agree if u say he is "normal" ur just braindead he might have changed but not just his online life is all of it
No Name
No Name - 26 dager siden
How can you even look at your self. What is wrong with you
Jomama Joestar
Jomama Joestar - 27 dager siden
b e a n s
Zequ - 27 dager siden
In the courthouse -
Kiwiz lawyer -
"Your honour, my client here is simply built different, and that is why he shouldn't be found guilty for the charges raised"
Judge -
"Aight guilty? Oh wait a minute, there's a bail bond of a million bucks"
"Yo I got that cash sooo, I'm out, right?"
Judge -
"Yeah...but nah....yeah"
This is all made up in my head but it made me think about how being rich allows you to get away with a lot of things
lupus et matrem
lupus et matrem - 27 dager siden
Keim stars wide eyed reaction to what kiwi said.
Bluegamer 542
Bluegamer 542 - 28 dager siden
What is wrong with red kiw nope can’t even say his name
sMiLe - 28 dager siden
deksu - 28 dager siden
this shit is old af I'm genuinely surprised kiwiz still has a channel after all the shit he did claiming depression and stuff.
Nero Longing
Nero Longing - 29 dager siden
Commenting for publicity
KittenKraze09 - 29 dager siden
each and every one of them blamed mental health
I got adhd and don't say "sorry I didn't do my homework my adhd made it undoable"
XxBuild Box21xx
XxBuild Box21xx - 29 dager siden
Aleksandros Hoxha
Aleksandros Hoxha - Måned siden
Zario64 - Måned siden
no :), who cares about the orphanage it can burn down for all i care
VIVE GOATED - Måned siden
Dang I loved watching kiwiz
Lamar Davis
Lamar Davis - 25 dager siden
@Amari Dunnells atleast he acknowledges that his beloved youtuber a rapist. Give him credit
Amari Dunnells
Amari Dunnells - 27 dager siden
And your probably a 7 year old
pf relic
pf relic - Måned siden
I doubt it
noriaki kaky0in
noriaki kaky0in - Måned siden
I legit went to one of his videos to see the comments and most of them were just his fans supporting this gr00mer and people defending him for GROOMING A CHILD
noriaki kaky0in
noriaki kaky0in - 24 dager siden
Lamar Davis
Lamar Davis - 25 dager siden
Blake - Måned siden
You look like a lesbian
danny - Måned siden
OMG I used to watch kiwiz and I had no idea how much of a disgusting demon he is
Lamar Davis
Lamar Davis - 25 dager siden
You earned my like
ew - Måned siden
"She lied that she was 14, but she was actually 12."
That doesn't make your case any better, the heck?
J2 Daxte
J2 Daxte - Måned siden
i was subbed to him but i didnt know what he did i liked he now im disgusted he should be in prison
Lamar Davis
Lamar Davis - 25 dager siden
You earned my like
Mr. Standby
Mr. Standby - Måned siden
My three depressed deep fried brain cells lol
Saffron Azrael
Saffron Azrael - Måned siden
Honestly Nabber, when you do the research for these videos, you must just be seething when having to put it all together. I applaud you so much for bringing these issues out here and discussing them. Cheers mate.
Grizzly - Måned siden
Aiden Turner
Aiden Turner - Måned siden
I am old enough to understand what this is but I still think that they are both in the wrong but what I already said is also true
Colony Of Oranges
Colony Of Oranges - Måned siden
How is a 12yr old who got sent pictures of someone with a 1cm ding-a-ling in the wrong?
George - Måned siden
Seriously what the fuck
Amalia Arregui
Amalia Arregui - Måned siden
how the hell is the 12 year old wrong here?
Aiden Turner
Aiden Turner - Måned siden
And answer how it ruined her life if she asked for it this is her fault that her life is ruined she started it and she will try to ruin his life because of her and his mistake
Kllzm - 4 dager siden
@Aiden Turner Children make mistakes. This was manipulation.
Colony Of Oranges
Colony Of Oranges - 20 dager siden
@Aiden Turner doesn't make it her fault.
Aiden Turner
Aiden Turner - 20 dager siden
@Colony Of Oranges no she said it's fine no one will know meaning that she was asking and he was hesitant
Colony Of Oranges
Colony Of Oranges - 20 dager siden
She didn't ask for it he was the one forcing her to send pictures but you're too much of a simp to know that.
craig thompson
craig thompson - 20 dager siden
Your not making sense the girl was a minor they can't consent so get your facts straight before you blame the minor
Aiden Turner
Aiden Turner - Måned siden
Also how do you not know it is not a mistake it could be you don't know a crime could be a mistake you idot
He knew her wasn’t by mistake
Aiden Turner
Aiden Turner - Måned siden
And the justice system is catering to females because they are always right instead of looking in to it
Kllzm - 4 dager siden
This isn’t even a gender issue wtf LOL
Aiden Turner
Aiden Turner - Måned siden
Also if he says she is lieing I believe him because woman and girls will lie to the court about what they said and then the man has his life ruined
Colony Of Oranges
Colony Of Oranges - Måned siden
Karens do that, not people with comment sense.
Aiden Turner
Aiden Turner - Måned siden
They said since she was twelve she was 14 then take off two years and he is 16 and that is legal but if I have it wrong tell me
Colony Of Oranges
Colony Of Oranges - Måned siden
How is she wrong? He's a predator.
Amalia Arregui
Amalia Arregui - Måned siden
u must be 10 years old lmao
Joseph McGarry
Joseph McGarry - Måned siden
I'd also like to point out most perpetrators of cexual crimes are men and the whole "if the gr00mer was a woman" argument is only ever used to defend nonces sooo...
yofatalz - Måned siden
Bro this was 7 years ago let up
yofatalz - 7 dager siden
@George what’s the point now it’s been 7 years but I agree
It was 4
George - Måned siden
No, it still happened and he got no punishment, he deserves to be in prison right now.
RyAns HeaRtless
RyAns HeaRtless - Måned siden
i think kiwiz is a good creator and is truly sorry for his actions but should also be punished for his actions CAUSE THEY ARE CONSIQUENSES FOR YOUR ACTIONS
craig thompson
craig thompson - 28 dager siden
Kiwiz is stupid
Colony Of Oranges
Colony Of Oranges - Måned siden
Ok but he is not a good creator
Brayden Eppes
Brayden Eppes - Måned siden
furry sans
furry sans - Måned siden
I have depression but I'm not going around sending dick pics.
Like wtf no one I know who has depression does that shit
URG Envy
URG Envy - Måned siden
its not our business and you can only guess ;if he does it again a 14 year old can get a gun and shoot at people at the end of the day the family did not press charges so let the family deal with this not us its not our business nor our place the family did not press charges
it_they - Måned siden
poggers this was released on my birthdays
pxtrwtf - Måned siden
When i played fortnite before and started watching him I had no idea about this
I'mIntoThatRainbowShit - Måned siden
Imagine grooming a child because you were in a depressed state. Should've gone to get actual help instead.
snakez - Måned siden
No :)
Allan Family
Allan Family - Måned siden
no :)
Lamar Davis
Lamar Davis - 25 dager siden
Why is everyone commenting no? I didn’t watch the video. Also nice pfp 😄
2mighty _
2mighty _ - Måned siden
The saddest thing is I used to watch him like 2 years ago and I come back to see this
Colony Of Oranges
Colony Of Oranges - Måned siden
I never knew a shitbag like that existed.
Creeper 343
Creeper 343 - Måned siden
yeah i used to whatch him too
WingedImpurity - Måned siden
A big saying with these things hindsight is 20/20 i dont think people understand that sometimes it takes so long for things to come out about these types of things because the victim easily could only recently understand how bad ehat happened to them was. Abusive relationships in general can mess up your perception of reality and especially if you are a child. As someone who was groomed by a family member and had only him to lean on for a long time ive been away from him for 3 years now and still can barely understand how bad what happened to me was and if it really was "that bad"
Being exposed to sexual stuff at a young age can mess you up insanely my perception of reality is hardly the best it could be. You only know how bad things are in hindsight and half the times these situations are at most a year or two old which really just makes sense i can still harldy talk about my truama coming out about everything would be embarrassing humiliating at the least and genuinely trigger me into panic attacks and mess with my ptsd and depersonalization at the worst (but also the most likely) so like? The arguement that someone is faking or attention seeking because it took them a long time to come out about is so gross and damaging it pisses the hell out of me, amazing video! Sorry for the long comment i ramble to much especially when heated about something
Dorothy Murphy
Dorothy Murphy - Måned siden
no :)
Øłivėr - Måned siden
Every pedophile ever:But the thing is... I was sad so you can’t arrest me.
Fragile - Måned siden
Wtf I have been watching kiwiz for years
Bunny Senior
Bunny Senior - Måned siden
no :)
Peace control Jayz_on60fps-_-
Inhaber calling out child preditors
Martha Van Durme
Martha Van Durme - Måned siden
no :)
tactical_ lean241
tactical_ lean241 - Måned siden
It's sick that these people blame "depression" for grooming. I know billions of people with depression who don't break the law. The people who blame it on depression fucking suck. They are putting a bad name on an already bad mental disorder
Taylor C
Taylor C - Måned siden
How tf do you even dislike this video
ChilledRythm Switz
ChilledRythm Switz - Måned siden
I have committed one crime and blamed it on mental health and it was stealing a cookie
Colony Of Oranges
Colony Of Oranges - Måned siden
I spilled some milk on the table before, and I pour the milk before the cereal, please don't hurt me.
Amalia Arregui
Amalia Arregui - Måned siden
the only crime we could ever forgive
FCHD Media Group
FCHD Media Group - Måned siden
Arrow Arrow
Arrow Arrow - Måned siden
SCN_ Hell_Fang Gaming
SCN_ Hell_Fang Gaming - Måned siden
is it just me or does Red Kiwiz kinda sounds like Dream?
Markitroman _
Markitroman _ - Måned siden
Ikr? Lmao, I was multitasking while watching this, so as I was looking away and heard Kiwiz voice, I was genuinely scared for a second.
Chase Levine
Chase Levine - Måned siden
he is far from innocent, a childs brain is no where near developed enough to be making choices like that, to see that they are being manipulated. he was in the wrong even before the first pics were sent in my opinion, the moment he started to manipulate her is when he was in the wrong. its weird he was talking in private with a kid. though with the internet it happens all the time but when you are a adult and they are a kid, you really should watch what you say to them if there is any chat with them. dude should of called the police and turned himself in. he knows he did wrong, depression is a excuse he is making. he knew better. also i feel as if you are 18 and her 15, 16, 17 or under you leave her alone. exception could be where you knew each other in highschool and had been together since then but even that is iffy to me. also wish cops would look at things like that, find the guy and arrest him with what he said as evidence.
J Mate
J Mate - Måned siden
Whos the animated one?