The Truth About Charli D'Amelio

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Charli D'Amelio and Dixie D'Amelio have recently been involved in a scandal where they were "exposed" for a very dumb reason, today we're going to speak about that situation and Trisha.
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iNabber - 3 måneder siden
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WILDFLOWER IRWIN - 3 måneder siden
MadztheMint135 - 3 måneder siden
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Bri Bread
Bri Bread - 3 måneder siden
Tiny person
Tiny person - 3 måneder siden
Pls do
SYNNER LOVISA - 3 måneder siden
Matthew Tolliver
Matthew Tolliver - 2 dager siden
correction sir, it's actually 21 by when your brain develops fully. It finishes by 21
esfjjk fifhgi
esfjjk fifhgi - 11 dager siden
i think MOST SANE people can agree that no one deserves death threats for being a bit spoiled. death threats are just low of the low...
Thomas MacDonald
Thomas MacDonald - 23 dager siden
It's a snail... they didn't tell them they'd be eating a snail... they were disgusted by eating snails... IDK exactly what's so cancellable about it. It's not rude to get a bit freaked out when you're eating something like that if you didn't know you were going to be eating something like that.
I've had escargot, imo it's about as good as eating a previously chewed on balloon. That'd be like if if I dropped by Burger King and ordered a Whopper and someone gave me a snail burger... I'm not going to be polite, I didn't know they were going to put fucking parasite ridden creatures in what I thought was going to be a burger...
FFS. Cancel teens for being teens, but lets go ahead and let Snooky continue to do what she wants... perfectly reasonable...
Bob the Minion
Bob the Minion - Måned siden
I mean, it was kinda ungreatful what dixie said to the chef but I mean... Yh. That's all.
Lizzy Johnson
Lizzy Johnson - Måned siden
Not to mention, Dixie has food sensitivities, and Charli just expressed an aspiration.
Voithontas - Måned siden
@Memeulous thought they were the same person
kaigen999 - Måned siden
I'd like to see everyone hating on them eat snails as well. Without gaging. Haha
Someone idk
Someone idk - Måned siden
The chef said “classic something” and I have never seen snails in a Paella before.
From the third Planet
From the third Planet - Måned siden
To be honest- Would you eat a snail?
They are gross, I hate snails. I can fully understand throwing it away.
Kawaii Pineapple
Kawaii Pineapple - Måned siden
Just admit it and stop being rude just because you are jealous. You would be excited too if you were about to get 100 million followers.
Mamodokod - Måned siden
I dont like Chalis parents either man? They're obviously raising her and using her for money
Mamodokod - Måned siden
We all know nobody actually actively supports rights, and mental health. It's only when its convenient and only positive for the person advocating for it.
Brock Billey
Brock Billey - Måned siden
She bought followers XD just so she could get 100 mil
Lula259 - Måned siden
I really believe she is overrated and personally Im not a fan and dont like her (I dont dislike her tho, Im neutral abt her) but she doesnt deserve the hate, she's a kid wtf what is an adult woman doing hating on her?
What she said abt the 100M, everyone fucking says it, everyone with a lot of followers want to get to more followers. I dont get why she's been canceled bcs of that. You could maybe have other reasons to dislike her but just that alone, I think its not really important.
☆ 《 _LeafyTea! 》★
☆ 《 _LeafyTea! 》★ - Måned siden
sure, charli isn’t my favorite and i think she is overrated in my personal opinion, but she really doesn’t deserve this. i feel genuinely bad for her.
Oscar Steen
Oscar Steen - Måned siden
None of this shit could have happened if Tik tok didn’t exist
Alexandru Maria
Alexandru Maria - Måned siden
Youtube is like a good cup of tea
SmochiChan - Måned siden
Bro not gonna lie i would threw the snail up to...I- I can't imagine myself eating that but she also didn't know what it was when she bit into it.
Shayxxx - Måned siden
Bruh that's so dumb
If I don't like food from a good chef, it ain't cause the chef did a bad job. Its just because I don't like what was being served. Chefs can't make everything on earth delicious and disliking something should not be an insult. You can't control your tatebuds
Sally Keith
Sally Keith - Måned siden
i wish that the internet didnt exist for reasons like this. i would happily have grown up without it
General Chicken
General Chicken - Måned siden
I’m not a fan of either Dixe or Charli but how can they get canceled for not liking food but Tony didn’t for being a preadotor
Sloth Logik
Sloth Logik - Måned siden
Old but I don't find not wanting to eat something you obviously do not want to eat such a bizarre concept.... Even if Gordon Ramsey came to my house and tried to feed me snails I would say "No, and also clean the kitchen, you left snail juice near the sink". Weirdos be weird
Sacred Drågøń
Sacred Drågøń - Måned siden
For the first five minutes: she’s a child who doesn’t want to eat a freaking snail. Calm down
Jessica Holland
Jessica Holland - Måned siden
As a parent if my child was on tiktok or any social media and had subscribers I wouldn't want them to see the numbers as ppl because surely that would give them a big ego .... like "Cool u got a nice round number" verses "omg a million ppl love me"
Does that make sense ...
A Louise Tomaske
A Louise Tomaske - Måned siden
she's fake crying really yall she's a glorified pole dancer (im sorry nuggs for the nug-king)
dtms - Måned siden
I’m not even a fan of her, but you’re disgusting
kawaii poop
kawaii poop - Måned siden
Damn I had snails and the taste is good but the texture is kinda weird
Mr Juice
Mr Juice - Måned siden
Remember when pewdiepie was slowly growing she just fuckin does one dance and gets 100 mil like wtf
m3nh3r4 - Måned siden
Ok but she doesnt control people
Jack Da Silva
Jack Da Silva - Måned siden
I would subscribe buuuuuut

I'm already subscribed
Eli Ellemon
Eli Ellemon - Måned siden
I want iNabber to reach 800k by my birthday (the 22nd of January)
Lord Peppa
Lord Peppa - Måned siden
i looked at this guy's subs randomly but then 2 hours later i looked at his subs again and he got 3k more subs
ෆdrqnken k!ng
ෆdrqnken k!ng - Måned siden
jschlatt thinks of his fans as numbers and thats COMPLETLY ok.
Some of the followers of Charli is fake! theres proof
Dannyredninja - Måned siden
I may not like her or respect her, but this is ridiculous. If you dont like someone. IGNORE THEM! The death threats for bad cooking? Death threats in general are horrible.
Yuh get into it
Yuh get into it - Måned siden
Yeah I'm sorry. Charlie was just doing dance videos cause she liked it. She happened to go viral. You tell me with a straight fucking face that if you blew up doing something you loved to the point of a career that you wouldn't capitalize on that. And if you say you wouldn't for personal reasons, thats on you and don't come after a CHILD who hasn't really done anything wrong. Y'all only value people for how hard they work and it shows. Stop acting jealous.
Blub - Måned siden
Ok, why did she start using social media when ''not mature'' and she can not even handle hate not hating on u but charli
m3nh3r4 - Måned siden
Yeah but death theats dude thats too much
No Name
No Name - Måned siden
I Think She May Be Spoiled, Cause, Everyone Can Be A Bit Spoiled. But She Doesn't Deserve Death Threats, Obviously
I am a Survivor... I think
Bro, the people canceling her must have like top tier table manners. Like, if someone fed me a snail, I wouldn't be saying the kindest words in the world.
But these people. If they were fed something they are deathly allergic to, they would first finish their meals, then kindly thank the chef and excuse themselves from the dinner table, make sure they are all ready for bed, go into bed, and die quietly and make sure they are kind and respectful while doing so, making sure not to be rude or disturb everyone else's nights.
Like, bro, I don't think a person would do that.
Darth go fuck your self
Darth go fuck your self - Måned siden
Why does he have the hair of an angry 3d wave feminist lesbian
m3nh3r4 - Måned siden
Can you perhaps listen to what he is saying instead of looking at his appearance
Dana Hernandez
Dana Hernandez - Måned siden
Shes six-teen it is still wrong tho
m3nh3r4 - Måned siden
Umi 日本の海
Umi 日本の海 - Måned siden
I Have to say Charli's TikTok Content isn't my cup of tea. She seems like a pretty cool person tho and I enjoy her Youtube Content. But the hate She gets is just too much. I think She has been pretty mature handling drama but people hold her to such high standards. She's just having fun and lucked out with getting popular and she's just dancing its not that deep.
Abbey the potato
Abbey the potato - Måned siden
Dude if one person says go die then uh really (I'm not saying it's okay)
Lollipop Legacy
Lollipop Legacy - Måned siden
Dixie and Charlie, in my opinion are overrated. They have worked for their fame, but the attention they get makes people assume they are very mature when they aren't even 18+. She doesn't deserve the hate whatsoever, despite her flaws she is very young and has not experienced everything to have most necessary life lessons. Regardless, for her age she is very responsible and she doesn't deserve hatred.
m3nh3r4 - Måned siden
@Lollipop Legacy true but still it basically makes no sense how can you make someone lose followers by saying there overrated yk like if people enjoy it they do them ig (i dont like charli or straight tiktok i agree w ur opinion just the overrated thing kinda angers me sometimes i apologize)
Lollipop Legacy
Lollipop Legacy - Måned siden
あんじぇら is pretty tired Saying something is overrated or underrated is an opinion-
Lollipop Legacy
Lollipop Legacy - Måned siden
あんじぇら is pretty tired ???
m3nh3r4 - Måned siden
There is nothing as over or underrated ok you cannot control people
SomeRandom TeenOnline
SomeRandom TeenOnline - Måned siden
The thing about Charlie is that she is very mature and handles this in the most respectful way ever. She is so polite to Trisha when she said she’s not apologising because Trisha was mean to her in the past. That would be the complete opposite of what I would do and I’m not a Charlie fan at all but I so have such a high respect for her as she is so professional with all of this
The way that Trisha insulted her parents and the way she was raised was completely out of line. Like Tricia said Charlie is a child, she is 16, a teenager. I am a teenager and I know other people (including myself) who have said worse things than Charlie but unlike her we are not as famous. It has nothing to do with her parents as they did the best they could in raising their child and Trisha should not have gotten involved.
Pog Man
Pog Man - Måned siden
fucking twitter..
itsalex - Måned siden
We’ve all seen the vid of her vaping right ?? Calling it a anxiety pen but was clearly a juul
Hello humans ‘or not'
Hello humans ‘or not' - Måned siden
I don’t hate charli nor love though I sightly dislike her.
Vinny - Måned siden
Out of all of this, the one thing I was focused on was how many time's Trisha Paytas said, ''Like''
Amanda - Måned siden
Snails are tasty tho
Unknown_Unfound - Måned siden
The only reason she is so famous is cause of the simps XD
Vaiva Griežė
Vaiva Griežė - Måned siden
you got 700k subscribers!!!
LilEpidemic - Måned siden
8:23 cancel him 🤣🤣
rockno 2310
rockno 2310 - Måned siden
I heard somewhere where the youngest sister (can't remember her name exactly) vomits/gags at bassically anything with a bad smell or something on the lines of that unwillingly. So if that's true, I don't see how she's being bratty. Then again I've only heard of these people for like a month or two, so I could be missing something, idk.
Chill_Glitch - Måned siden
I dont think Trisha paytas has the right to call someone boring, the only reason people watch her is to laugh at her, see her weekly change to her lgbtq+ status, her fake mental health alegations and her talking about her issues but not seeing a therapist, shes an idiot and her content is the embodiement of boredom
takara zestinusakur
takara zestinusakur - Måned siden
put it into context with kids who are dying cos hunger. I haven't react to her stuff at all but I do believe that the adults around her should know better.
Yami X
Yami X - Måned siden
The analogy of iNabber being jarjar binks insinuates a future betrayal.
StandWithMe - Måned siden
I strongly dislike Trisha Paytas. She keeps degrading everyone that's not herself and talks as if she could never be wrong. She reminds me of onision. So rude for no reason.
Rachel Hill
Rachel Hill - Måned siden
Can Trisha stfu for once in her life
Alexander Martinez
Alexander Martinez - Måned siden
I think her parents need to step up and take control of there kids
Mary Flannigan
Mary Flannigan - Måned siden
Accountability culture is so much more progressive
Nastasia Sniezko
Nastasia Sniezko - 2 måneder siden
I mean from the begging I thought people were over reacting and Charlie is perfectly fine and I'm 9 and we this video just proves it.
tae yamera
tae yamera - 2 måneder siden
she also picked her nose u forgot
jennifer kinney
jennifer kinney - 2 måneder siden
I genuinely dislike Charli
m3nh3r4 - Måned siden
Guess what 😃 Nobody cares
Alice Clarke
Alice Clarke - 2 måneder siden
You say things so clearly and logically with compassion! Love this.
Kenda Swader
Kenda Swader - 2 måneder siden
I'm 28... If someone tried to feed me snails, I would fucking leave.
I feel so bad for those girls. They're so young to have such a big spot light on them. And Trisha just needs to stop. Bullying kids ain't cute. 🤢🤮
K O - 2 måneder siden
That chef is Aaron May. He’s a celebrity chef. Obviously his feelings weren’t hurt. He knows the family. Kids will be kids, end of story. This shouldn’t even be a thing.
Smylie Constopolous
Smylie Constopolous - 2 måneder siden
I was SO awkward at 16 I’m happy that I never and never will experience that kind of attention...
Jaylyn Dale
Jaylyn Dale - 2 måneder siden
Trisha is just creepy at this point.. like she’s in her 30’s and she’s coming for a child...
Mea - 2 måneder siden
That is so stupid. they should not have been canceled for this.
A) lots of tictoc and youtubers talk about sub counts,, or sub count goals, and no one say: "they only see us as numbers, screw them."
B) we all have eaten things and had a bad reaction (in or out of a dinner) and, if someone tried to feed me snails i'd react grossed out too.
C) telling 'go kill yourself' to anyone is not ok at all, much less saying it to a child. A CHILD. and did you know that all of you idiots sending these messages could go to jail for manslaughter if they actually went through with the act. because that is 'in sighting suicide' much like 'instigation' you can be charged, your screen names, and fake profile pictures won't stop you from being found out. your comment is all the proof and trace they need.
D) what if people were telling that to you? you would feel like garbage. put yourself in their shoes. what would you do if your whole career, and life got ruined because you had a bad reaction to nasty gross food?
E) Also if you have to call someone 'immature' for the way they handle their life being ruined then you need to look in a mirror my friend because the only immature ones I see here are the idiots that ruin a girls life because she didn't like a damn food.
F) I don't even like or follow these girls. just my honest thoughts.
Salome Verdiof
Salome Verdiof - 2 måneder siden
Trisha: I feel like her fan are crazy
Directioners: *hold my vodka*
Salome Verdiof
Salome Verdiof - 2 måneder siden
Trisha: I feel like her fan are crazy
Directioners: *hold my vodka*
Salome Verdiof
Salome Verdiof - 2 måneder siden
Trisha: I feel like her fan are crazy
Directioners: *hold my vodka*
Salome Verdiof
Salome Verdiof - 2 måneder siden
Trisha: I feel like her fan are crazy
Directioners: *hold my vodka*
LollyHolly - 2 måneder siden
Trisha is a 32 year old woman desperately clinging to relevancy by attacking a teenager.
She also has this weird habit of commenting on the way other people raise their children (did the same with h3h3) when she has no children and i honestly have to wonder about how SHES was raised with the way the acts.
The said these girls are going to become prostitutes but she sexualises her videos, tiktok and has an only fans...?
Spoonie Justice Warrior
Spoonie Justice Warrior - 2 måneder siden
I'm 33. I don't even think either of them were rude at all.
This drama is so stupid and has zoomers acting like a bunch of boomers.
just watching
just watching - 2 måneder siden
How about boy bands? Teen idol's have been around for years this isn't really something new
just watching
just watching - 2 måneder siden
Trisha has a lot to say about parenting, when she needs to see a psychiatrist
Sarah Grenzner
Sarah Grenzner - 2 måneder siden
Basic negative reaction to teenage girls. If they were boys nobody would care. She’s a damned child, you wanna watch a child you will witness a child doing childish things 🤷‍♀️
Strawberry_hillz - 2 måneder siden
Trisha needs to mind her own biz she needs to stop talking trash she’s not a commentary YouTuber, she doesn’t use constructive criticism Trisha just goes for the hate so Trisha gets more attention.

I normally don’t like to say this but........

kaelin sherman
kaelin sherman - 2 måneder siden
ok but the way charli handled the situation was astonishing, if it were me I would be cussing Trisha out lmfao.
Braydon Perez
Braydon Perez - 2 måneder siden
I mean yea they were being a lil bratty but jesus, death threats?
Id like to know why people even give a crap about this, who cares
Eve Lavellan
Eve Lavellan - 2 måneder siden
Listen I'm 25 and I'd have to politely decline eating snail. I know myself, I know I'd gag and that feels much more disrespectful. Really not a big deal that a teenage girl was grossed out by eating a snail, texture really does matter for some people.
Lisa Lavigne
Lisa Lavigne - 2 måneder siden
I think the video is funny she pukes eating a snail but chomps down on her boogers lmfao
BaseballTheCat - 2 måneder siden
i am 13 and think she is not mature
i am also not mature
Alice In Wonderland
Alice In Wonderland - 2 måneder siden
She didn't like snails
Why is that a bad thing??
Why they acting like eating snails is normal or something
bruh big
bruh big - 2 måneder siden
This is such a good video, thank you for treating these children properly. It’s painfully obvious Trisha is jelous of their success
Blogna. MAE
Blogna. MAE - 2 måneder siden
My MOM is a chef and so ive been raised to not react like that to food because it is indeed rude but this was planned, they have never eaten snails before, i see nothing wrong with their reactions especially since here in America its not considered normal food.
Ish Idk
Ish Idk - 2 måneder siden
Tbh it just sounds like Trisha is jealous that James Charles wants to appear on the same stuff as Charli but not her
InXine - 2 måneder siden
charlie and dixi are essentially the american girl next door which made them tiktok famous.
but sadly, they have no personalities and are quite boring. theres nothing exciting about either of them.
•eH0E• •
•eH0E• • - 2 måneder siden
I WAS NOT PLANNED. & she had to buy followers 😂
m3nh3r4 - Måned siden
Shay Williams
Shay Williams - 2 måneder siden
Trasha Paytas is such an asshole. And she sounds VERY BITTER that both of those girls are such popular successful influencers
Shealyn Caffrey
Shealyn Caffrey - 2 måneder siden
Her talking abt her followers is just her saying what her goal is, how tf is that saying “she thinks people don’t mean anything and are only numbers” she’s allowed to have goals in life, and she’s a literal child, idk how people just jump to those conclusions and decide to hate her just for that
Roblox Weirdos
Roblox Weirdos - 2 måneder siden
I’m gonna go and follow Charlie ❤️
Dragoness 1680
Dragoness 1680 - 2 måneder siden
Escargot aka snails.. can be disgusting
KestrelDC - 2 måneder siden
That chef friend calling the idea of the girls being spoiled or jerks fake news is the most adorable use of the phrase I've ever heard! Aaawww!
tokki - 2 måneder siden
dixie and charli are lovely girls, i personally think they're boring but i'd never go out of my way to hate them 😐
Lara Cahow
Lara Cahow - 2 måneder siden
She actually seems like a really sweet girl...... this drama is ridiculous
ellekay - 2 måneder siden
This is weird this is what ppl care about
NovaBeagle - 2 måneder siden
She got cancelled cause she wanted Dino nuggets. Like after she was like can I have some Dino nuggets cause she didn’t like snails and now ppl hate her
ANPC 5493
ANPC 5493 - 2 måneder siden
She's not a child, and she was being an asshole to everyone in the video. She doesn't deserve death threats, but she does deserve a wake up call. If I acted that way as AN ACTUAL CHILD, I would have been disciplined for it. You are just as off base as the people sending death threats, just in the other extreme direction. She deserves criticism for her behavior. Her parents clearly haven't raised her right, and frankly they deserve criticism, too for letting her behave this way.