This Jenna Marbles Situation Is A SERIOUS Problem

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Jenna Marbles is a youtuber known for her fun vlogs and streams with her boyfriend Julien Solomita. Today I wanna disscuss Jenna Marbles and a situation involving Julien Solomita where he responded to fans not stop mentioning Jenna in his Live stream. I also want to talk about popular youtuber Corpse Husband, who is known for his creepypastas and Among Us streams with friends such as Valkyrae, Pokimane and Pewdiepie. Today we're gonna take a look at privacy and boundaries.
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Jenna Marbles is a big favourite of mine when it comes to NOburnrs, and i think everyone else enjoys her videos with Julien and her dogs Marbles and Kermit. Jenna Marbles left video in an apology video this year, and we will be briefly talking about that but not much.
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Dirty Keys
Dirty Keys - 28 dager siden
Yeah! Help get our guy here something other than chiclets!!!
slug king
slug king - Måned siden
@Alyssa Reminiec I'm saying that I want some inkling of evidence to back up such a claim. I reread her comment. I don't know what you were expecting me to discover after reading it again.
Alyssa Reminiec
Alyssa Reminiec - Måned siden
@slug king How do you know that th his situation never happened? There are other NOburnrs out there who have done things that are much worse than what Corpse Husband has done...Instesd of defending him why don't you reread Lily's comment?
Alyssa Reminiec
Alyssa Reminiec - Måned siden
@Mourning Daughter He wasn't being prejudiced. .. he didn't mention anything about developmental difficulties.....Are you sure that you weren't looking & listening for something that isn't there?
Alyssa Reminiec
Alyssa Reminiec - Måned siden
Which algorithm are you talking about?
Emily B
Emily B - 3 dager siden
Please give Kenji a nice pat in the head for me! And thank you for speaking on this much needed topic! Much love!
Natalia H
Natalia H - 11 dager siden
Whenever (if ever) Julien mentions Jenna I just say “send her lots of love from us” :’) yeah I miss her, but she deserves to be happy however way she wants
Bella Harvey
Bella Harvey - 12 dager siden
Most of the time
*sips tea*
probably not
That is GOLD my guy
Bella Harvey
Bella Harvey - 12 dager siden
Spiritualis Physicus
Spiritualis Physicus - 13 dager siden
We live in a paradox world where people preach one thing but do the other. We can say mental health is important but heaven forbid you actually consider someones mental health as well as looks supposedly not mattering yet people are freaking out over corpse not showing his face
Madison Anderegg
Madison Anderegg - 14 dager siden
Jenna and Julien have brought me joy and laughs for many years. They could connect with so many people through their camera, and touched and influenced so many lives. Everyone needs to move on to the next chapters in their life. Just because you do something for years does not mean you tie your entire being to it. It doesn’t change the wonderful person she is, and it shouldn’t be expected of her to entertain and jump when people tell her to. I wish them the best of the best.. Now im crying 😢
IamNeNa 3
IamNeNa 3 - 15 dager siden
Your so right ✅
Tasoq - 16 dager siden
I was bummed when she decided to stop but I totally respect her choice.
MISFORWHAT - 16 dager siden
You are beautiful and funny! Please don't listen to people saying bad stuff about the way you look. :(
Also you show so much respect in your videos.. You just seem like a genuine person. :-D I love your videos. :-)
Bridget P
Bridget P - 21 dag siden
0:35 Ayee two of my favorite human beings :)
Ella Jones
Ella Jones - 21 dag siden
Wheres the soap video?
Elizabeth H.
Elizabeth H. - 21 dag siden
I grew up watching Jenna’s videos on YouTube and I was saddened by not only her decision to leave, but also her deletion of a lot of the content from her channel that I used to watch repeatedly. However, I understand that she needed to take care of herself and I’m glad she’s taking steps towards being a happier, healthier individual. She will always be one of the greats, and I will always cherish my memories of her content even if her entire channel is someday spirited away. She has created a legacy of positivity and love, and I hope she knows that, despite the few mistakes she made along the way.
TED PICKLEz - 22 dager siden
Girlfriend? Jenna and julien are just friends 🙄🙄
Well wouldn’t You like to know
She didn’t do blackface. She literally tanned almost orange back in the day that was the trend. All she did was wear a Nicky Minage wig and rapped. The Asian rap verse was “offensive” but it was also a different time when PC culture was not prevalent. If Jenna and other people can get canceled than we should cancel all these celebrities that have done worse.
siuchai - 25 dager siden
how many times he have said "at the end of the day.."
Jessica Sparks
Jessica Sparks - 26 dager siden
Trying to convince Corpse to reveal his face is extremely disrespectful. Especially since he has a lot of anxiety and insecurities. The dude literally doesn't even look at himself in the mirror. Imagine having that amount of anxiety and then throw your face being a Google search into the mix.
Destruction 89
Destruction 89 - 28 dager siden
I liked your video, but it looks like you have lipstick on. Fix that please.
Hantoonhiik - 28 dager siden
2020 really was a bad year you guys
Zubiila - Måned siden
I love Jenna and Julien. They're amazing people and I've been subscribed to both of their channels for several years. Although I miss Jenna, I wouldn't pester Julien about it and I wish people would stop. I'd love nothing more than him talking about his/their life normally again.
Watermelon Meadow
Watermelon Meadow - Måned siden
So i guess no more kermit in a turtle neck then?
Katrín Lunde
Katrín Lunde - Måned siden
I miss Jenna :(
boss trash
boss trash - Måned siden
uhhhh ok why is markiplier in the first 40 seconds as a “nice person” when he hangs out w pewdiepie ,.. a nazi .....
Vibe Like Mother Nature
Vibe Like Mother Nature - Måned siden
Awe what's up my fellow ginger, love you 🧡
toothy hogwartz101
toothy hogwartz101 - Måned siden
I miss Jenna as much as everyone else does she deserves this break I miss her and want her back but she's fine.
nailartbyteena - Måned siden
Yeah you’re grinding me by saying the same thing over & over. Just get to the point ffs
akari_kuragi - Måned siden
It is hard and heart breaking but boundaries are so important to respect and it seems like so many fans just treat their idols like objects. Really sad to see. :/
Russell Barbee
Russell Barbee - Måned siden
Jenna was great. But, I miss the dogs. I miss Kermit. Even without her narration, I'd settle for the canines.
Mimi Singer
Mimi Singer - Måned siden
I love Jenna
Ginny Griffin
Ginny Griffin - Måned siden
As much as I miss her, and I do so miss her, I understand that this is what she needs. The reaction from the “Dink fam” has felt so weird and toxic since she left. Like yes, we all miss her. But Julian is not her keeper. I see his comments flooded about her and not about the content of his video which makes me so sad. No one has asked how he is this whole time. He’s a person too.
Madeline H.
Madeline H. - Måned siden
Whatever she does, I hope she’s happy and taking good care of herself. She’s brought all of us so much joy over the years, she deserves the best.
Jessica Murphy
Jessica Murphy - Måned siden
I would love to see this normalized for Julien. Thank you for shedding light on it. it's a great perspective that people who arent famous may not have. I appreciate it
Alyssa Callaham
Alyssa Callaham - Måned siden
Honestly, I love Jenna and I love Julien. Stream content isn't my thing but I can't believe that people are doing this to Julien, let the man upload his content and enjoy his life without people bugging him about jenna. They're both real people and let them have their romantic relationship In peace. Julien is his own person
Heather Weitz
Heather Weitz - Måned siden
I think this was a good video to help people understand Julian’s feelings and maybe help fix the issue he is currently facing.
jannygirl11 - Måned siden
Gloria Dust
Gloria Dust - Måned siden
Thank you for doing this video
ahh uhhh
ahh uhhh - Måned siden
Where's the soap video???
CandyTheReaper - Måned siden
iNabber... Where is our dog sniffing soap video now? 😂
DONT REPLY I dont get notifications
Gotta delete my history after being exposed to this cringe channel 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
DONT REPLY I dont get notifications
emily66hatter - Måned siden
People need to leave her alone, I miss her alot too and would love to see her again. But she is a human being and she had her entire life in front of a camera for a decade and had the publics opinion and the critics. Shes a very sensitive and genuine person, what people say affects her and she cares too much what her following thinks... Unfortunately that can burn someone down mentally and emotionally. She needs to heal and relax and live her life to herself for now... And she really deserves it. Staying offline is probably the only way she can get peace. She doesnt live to be on display for everyone else, i really wish her "fans" would understand that.
D C - Måned siden
You keep on keeping on, Julien✌🏼
Grace - Måned siden
I just wish people could respect them as the complex humans they are! Jenna deserves to live her life in the way that's best for her. And Julien deserves people to love him for him! His content rocks and his cooking videos have helped me a ton (celiac and vegetarian reducing animal product intake).
Send Help
Send Help - Måned siden
He caused the weirdness by not mentioning her... at all. Now that he is, it'll take some time for people to stop commenting about it. If he had just acted normally from the start, it wouldn't have gotten weird. Maybe that's how they decided to handle it for Jenna's sake idk. Nothing wrong with his subs (who mostly came to him through Jenna) asking about her. Also nothing wrong with him talking to them about how it makes him feel. Don't know why this is drama. Seems like you are preaching about respecting someone's privacy while exposing their business. It should be between them and their subs. If u want to talk about it, fine. But don't lecture others for doing the same thing.
Modernjuliet247 - Måned siden
She’s one of the only one who actually was a decent person
Olivia Wren
Olivia Wren - Måned siden
i just found your channel recently and i'm so happy i did! you worded this perfectly! thank you. we all love and miss jenna but we love julien too, and people need to respect him as an individual human person with his own actual feelings and thoughts.
posaule - Måned siden
we lost so much people last from youtube :( Life is so sad without Jenna
jazzy Bean
jazzy Bean - Måned siden
"For very obvious reasons"
"Out of toilet cleaner?"
Ruby Blue
Ruby Blue - Måned siden
I don’t watch Julien’s streams (just bc I’m not a stream person) so I’d just assumed Jenna had asked him not to mention her, it’s heartbreaking to hear that it’s because he’s basically being harassed whenever he tries to...Julien is a really cool person and to see him so visibly stressed out over something that should be so simple is awful, yall need to back tf off
Kristin Mutchler
Kristin Mutchler - Måned siden
Where is the dog video 😂 I’m just playing
Totes Anime!
Totes Anime! - Måned siden
So she quit before her old stuff could come back to bite her?
Izzy Ha
Izzy Ha - Måned siden
Yeah, if you wanna word it like that yeah.
Rheasa Burrell
Rheasa Burrell - Måned siden
Jenna is a loving beautiful human being and when and if she wants to come back, she will. She didn't leave cause she hated her fans, she left cause she hurt some. And she cares so much it made her feel terrible about herself which is very unfortunate. She has the right to her own feelings though and at the end of the day it's her decision. If she does not come back to youtube which she warned, that's ok. I'd rather have a mentally and physically healthy and happy jenna and be able to atleast know that from an occasional short "Jenna's doing good!" Or "jenna and I did this the other day" than to have a jenna that's sad, depressed, frustrated, and not happy in her life. She's got a life too and she's aloud to change it.
Blue Goddess
Blue Goddess - Måned siden
It's going to sound kinda sad, but because I watched her for so many years, for months after she left, I would go on her channel on Wednesday/Thursday and play a random video. I used to save her videos for when I was working so that I could laugh while I was doing different stuff. When quarantine happened and I lost my business I tried to find normalcy, so even after she'd left the internet per her choice, I'd still find myself listening to her videos or the podcast, as a means to motivate myself to try to work on new projects because it was part of my normal routine of working and developing. While this chapter of her life is gone, I appreciate the hours of laughter she gave me. I respect her privacy, watch Julien's streams sometimes, and realize in a weird way this is the 'new normal', like washing my hands 10 times a day and wearing a mask when I have to get groceries. While it sucks, I respect her for her choice, because I respect her as a person, and she deserves her life to be whatever she wants it to be. She was a gift to us, and I'm just grateful she had a body of work I can revisit.
Baking with Brett
Baking with Brett - Måned siden
I think Jenna was burnt out for a long time and mentally needed to take a break. She wants to have kids and a life outside of YouTube. She always has said that when she was starting a family she would not show it. I think when they moved into their new house and finally were feeing at peace she found a good time to go. She might come back she might not. I just think a lot of us saw her as our family for so long like our big sister and for her to not know what’s going on with her is hard. We all miss her. I just wish we could get maybe an update from her maybe every 3 months telling us she’s okay on Twitter and maybe a picture of a cute plant she got.
Seanna Csernyanszki
Seanna Csernyanszki - Måned siden
If anyone has to comment about the reason Jenna left you need to take a hard look at yourselves. Our world has taken a very hard and destructive turn and I dont blame someone for not wanting to be in the publics eye. I grew up with Jenna and she was with me throughout me growing and I grew with her and so did a lot of people. If the things on the internet offended you, you should read back in our history books canadian and American and you should feel ashamed about that and be upset about that, not someone on YouTube, that's a pathetic excuse for the injustice of this world and it is extremely superficial. If you get upset about the internet from a time you were not alive, that's fine, but we all know that life is not linear and its embarrassing that you want to get that upset about a video and not murder, about black lives, about wrongful imprisoning because that's what I grew up with and you cared about issues. Now people are offended by things that they had the privilege to not experience. You always had the voice to keep people safe, but you only cared about yourself. You think covid is bad? Imagine residential schools and having everything taken away from you and having it beaten out of you. Imagine having your family murdered in front of you and people want to gossip and complain about an online presence not wanting to be in the spotlight anymore, imagine what it feels like to grow, to learn, to change, and want to be better. Every day people do that, and I sincerely hope that one day you wake up and realize what it feels like to have everything stripped away from you; especially on the internet, because you feel like you knew everything. I worry about the future of all of our children to come, having no self confidence and following the things they corrupt and the parents who promote it. I for one, whi wants to have children, am ashamed of who everyone has become, and our children deserve more.
Izzy Ha
Izzy Ha - Måned siden
So we arent allowed to be upset at anything but what you've listed? Go back to school dude
Carrie Partain
Carrie Partain - Måned siden
You may be generic, by your own description, however you sir are not stupid. The content of this video is proof of that. Great video. I share your feelings regarding Jenna, Julian and the whole situation. YouTube creators are not property to be owned and manipulated at the whim of the fandom.
RabeaUmbra - Måned siden
Though, I'll admit my favorite vids where projects for the dogs
RabeaUmbra - Måned siden
Jenna needs to be left Alone!! Get on with y'alls lives, she'll come back when and if she's good and ready to! 🤦
Tally Blue
Tally Blue - Måned siden
If Jenna wanted to leave, she has every right to do so. Her mental health is the most important priotity.
Annabel Bremen
Annabel Bremen - Måned siden
I guess we won't be getting that video of Kenji sniffing soap.
Damario Scott
Damario Scott - Måned siden
0:28 no I am actually convince that Jeffree star is the god of madness nyarlathotep
Molly - Måned siden
In the vein of privacy and boundaries, I thought this video was going to be about when Julien cried on his Twitch stream because he got sent a shitty year-end amalgamation musical on youtube with a presumably unfavorable mention of Jenna. Watching him live he completely shut off and everyone could tell something was wrong. He talked about how draining and upsetting it is to see "his person", the person he loves more than anyone and their struggles with her leaving the internet be turned into a joke, their lives basically being turned into a joke. It was heartbreaking and really a good reminder for folks that they are real people off the internet. I'm sure Jenna has struggled so much leaving youtube and all the people online who care for her and for it to be turned into a shitty joke must be so incredibly hurtful for not only her, but for Julien as well. He has been so gracefully taking the brunt of Jenna leaving. He's changed their Twitch channel to be just him now, he has to navigate how to speak about her, the chat has had to be switched to subscriber only to limit the messages of "uwu when is jenna coming back i miss her". Julien is so strong and deserves so much more credit for being such an amazing entertainer despite all this and such an exceptional, loving partner to Jenna.
Weird Liz
Weird Liz - Måned siden

I forgot what I was gonna say
L Meadow
L Meadow - Måned siden
There's no way it could just not be a thing. She's a celebrity. And she didn't just quit, she is basically hiding (which is okay, but she is). Normally the partner of a YouTuber is seen on camera occasionally (not always but usually). It may be normalized eventually but it will take time. Unreasonable to expect people to just accept Julian with no Jenna.
Yo Raven
Yo Raven - Måned siden
To be clear, Jenna never did blackface.
the real Finna Spring
the real Finna Spring - Måned siden
Everyone had terrible spray tans back then she did not do black face at all
Shannon River Rose
Shannon River Rose - Måned siden
I agree with this. the sad reality is, some of them won't listen. people don't like being told what to do. so I think even when a majority of us Jenna fans respect and just accept what's going on, there will always be that handful that keeps nagging at poor Julien. if you miss her so much just re-watch her old content that's still there and there are so many good compilations out there too. we are all holding on with hope to see her again in her own time, but no need to pressure her. unfortunately though, if she's done, she's done. if you love her let her go, and just enjoy what once was.
Krinkle - Måned siden
"nice people on the site"
*markiplier sitting menacingly intensifies*
iliterati - Måned siden
Stopped watching when you used “people of colour” unironically
Julio Von Matterhorn
Julio Von Matterhorn - Måned siden
Haha what?
Ayukpa Starshine
Ayukpa Starshine - Måned siden
Someone said that I couldn't go pee, cause I was streaming one time... LMAO
Leanne Nicole
Leanne Nicole - Måned siden
Take a shot everytime he says "at the end of the day"
Claudia Tristain
Claudia Tristain - Måned siden
I forgot how much I fucking missed her after watching those clips.
Mortessa - Måned siden
Julien is one of my top two favorite Among Us streamers.
Sarah - Måned siden
mhhhh 14:55 made me jump back to 0:30 immediately just to check....
DEZZA - Måned siden
At the end of the day...
Sarah Newman
Sarah Newman - Måned siden
This is an opinion that not many people are gonna like, but jenna marbles was not bullied off the inernet. In reality not that many people were mad at her, and if you watch her latest videos before she left you could sense she was unsatisfied with what she was putting out on the inernet. She even mentioned in an old podcast that she wanted to get off the internet entirely and just live her life. Jenna is almost in her mid thirties, she is a grown adult woman who felt that her precense on youtube was harmful so she took a step back and left. By saying she was bullied off it completely undermines why she left in the first place. She doesn't need her fans to protect her from the accountability she clearly wants to take.
Sarah Newman
Sarah Newman - 28 dager siden
@Fubie or a product of having empathy and remorse. She might have gotten mean comments, but not anymore than she would as a very public and popular influencer. She was not bullied off from my observation
Fubie - 28 dager siden
The fact she thought she was doing more harm than good, or even substantial harm, is a product of bullying ✌
Egg -
Egg - - Måned siden
@Sarah Newman exactlyyyy not to mention you’re right about her not being bullied off the internet. There wasn’t a hashtag, nobody was mass tweeting her or flooding her comments. And then other creators were like “this is what cancel culture does.” That’s how you know none of them kept up with her or really cared, because if they did they would know she wasn’t getting canceled. That video she mad was completely out of the blue (I know you said she made comments about wanting to quit, but for the majority of us we had no clue she felt that way). On her own. The whole situation just annoyed the hell out of me lol.
Sarah Newman
Sarah Newman - Måned siden
@Egg - couldn't agree more. Jenna doesn't need teenagers to protect her from accountability, its like a parent trying to protect their child from getting trouble at school even though the kid had misbehaved.
Sarah Newman
Sarah Newman - Måned siden
@Ruby Blue exactly, if jenna marbles comes back the first thing she will say is that she was not bullied off. judging from her character in her videos, she wouldn't want people to make her the victim in this situation because she knows wasnt. She wanted to apologize to the people she hurt or disappointed but her fans have idolized her to a point where they try to protect her form being a human being who makes mistakes. i truly hope that i become as mature as she is one day, i admire her integrity and her ability to regonize her wrongdoings becuase its truly not an easy thing to do
stressed wes
stressed wes - Måned siden
i mean, you just put her face and her name in a video with 5 ads
stressed wes
stressed wes - Måned siden
@Izzy Ha i remember tweeting the screenshot lmfao and i just opened it and got 4
Izzy Ha
Izzy Ha - Måned siden
I got no ads I dont know what you're on
R Hobbs
R Hobbs - Måned siden
Personally it feels just like those best friends you have that suddenly just leave and you never hear from them and they don’t reply. You miss them and you feel hurt, of course, who wouldn’t? But that doesn’t mean you should go around constantly asking about them with all your mutual friends. They’ve moved on, if you really care about them then just silently hope they’re doing well, remember the good times and maybe one day you’ll bump into them and reconnect but you can’t just stalk them and turn those memories toxic
esfjjk fifhgi
esfjjk fifhgi - Måned siden
I THINK SOMETHING U SHOULd tALK ABOUT IF U HAVENT: how anytime a streamer doesn’t have their web cam on, people in chat get emotionally upset at the creator for their webcam being off -_- it makes chat unbearable to read when all u see are messages of ppl begging for the streamer to turn on their webcam... like i bet you don’t have ur webcam on during ur zoom meetings SOOOOOO
esfjjk fifhgi
esfjjk fifhgi - Måned siden
we ALL miss jenna but we also ALL want what’s best for her. right now what’s best for her is space and privacy and we have to give her that 😌 that’s the least we can do, is respect her.
Rainbow Sharks
Rainbow Sharks - Måned siden
Jenna is one of the most famous content creators in the world. Like. In the world. She is by far my favorite. I'm super sad that she's gone but that was her choice and I respect it. However, it's going to take a long time for Jenna's fame to die down. For her to be brought up is going to affect people. She meant A LOT to A LOT of people and that needs to be understood, too. People need to leave Julien alone and let Jenna relax and do whatever she wants. But I think it's stupidly unrealistic to expect people to stop asking about someone they cared for for years on end. It's gonna take time.
taxevasion - Måned siden
Kenji has mastered the art of 😑
Michelle B
Michelle B - Måned siden
I like the content, for sure subscribing. Man do I miss Jenna, but I totally get it. Right now I can’t even get on Facebook without seeing hatred. Cancel culture is no joke. I personally feel people at this point are going out of their way to find a video from years ago to put them on blast about it. I’m quite surprised a lot of comedians from the 80’s/90’s aren’t under cancel culture attack. People these days are drawn to drama and controversy, but I can’t imagine what it’s like mentally being the one the controversy is about.
Jamie Goodwin
Jamie Goodwin - Måned siden
Loved their videos.
Kayla May
Kayla May - Måned siden
Jenna leaving YT was sad, I will miss her new content popping up and never knowing what its going to be BUT I am far more concerned that Jenna get the peace and healing that she needs. I hope she comes back one day but even if she doesn't - I am happy that she is putting herself and their relationship first. She ( & They as a couple) don't owe us anything.
flibbertygibbet - Måned siden
This is why I quit r/jennamarbles on reddit. It just got into a big missing Jenna Marbles circle jerk. Yeah I miss seeing her videos but damn move on and live your lives.
Candace Farrell
Candace Farrell - Måned siden
The whole preaching about mental health but turning a blind eye is so disheartening.
The ones who always change their Facebook photos "bells lets talk day" and businesses who sponsor similar things are the same ones who hate on and discriminate those who are struggling mentally. Mental health issues manifest in so many different ways.
Idk I worked at a large coporation and they told me to quit work because I asked for less hours because I was going through a rough time mentally.
We need a better support system, and more empathy.
Candace Farrell
Candace Farrell - Måned siden
The older I get the more I see regardless of age people act like children. Selfish and inconsiderate. 2020 was just that, but maginifed. It's sad when those few people are the ones that spoil things for the rest of us. Im not saying thats the cause of Jenna leaving, but, ppl like that just ruining what we're salvaging from it. We're so lucky Julien overcame this and is moving forward to still create content and I know so many of us greatly appreciate him as his own person. But, those people who leave comments only concerning Jenna are the ones that are gonna leave an impact on him. And sadly no matter how much the rest of us try to make up for others behavors, we can't.
You can get 100 nice comments 1 negitive and the 1 negitive will ALWAYS have an impact (to most of us at least).
Fiona Keith
Fiona Keith - Måned siden
valid points were made but am i the only one who feels like this video was extremely repetitive 🤣 like did it really need to be 20 minutes
Kristina Tullgren
Kristina Tullgren - Måned siden
It's so creepy trying to get access to Jenna thru Julien....
Zalifor - Måned siden
All those hearts are sort of sickening
Assej gedacht
Assej gedacht - Måned siden
New subscriber. Thanks for providing good content to us.
Edit to contribute to this conversation:
You know, most able bodied, "working class" people A. don't have to deal with near the amount of attention these youtubers get, and B. have protections at their place of work that would make this kind of behavior from a customer or coworker unacceptable. Please consider this regardless of how important or hard you think the job of a youtuber or internet streamer/personality is.
And please respect Everyone's boundaries :)
Ya man
Ya man - Måned siden
In the end of the day, I only hear the end of the day!
kiarimarie - Måned siden
As long as Julien gives us those occasional doggo updates (I’m so invested in those 4) and she’s doing okay (and he doesn’t need to constantly confirm this!), I’m happy and everything is okay. I don’t know what people even want from Julien, honestly.
Emaruld Blicharski
Emaruld Blicharski - Måned siden
I miss Jenna 😢
pokey dokey
pokey dokey - Måned siden
Lol dude wtf bro maybe he should get a job. He gets paid a ridiculous amount of money. If he doesn't want to talk about his girlfriend then he shouldn't. Cry me a fucking river.. I dont talk about my personal life at work either and I dont claim that it causes me emotional trauma.
pokey dokey
pokey dokey - Måned siden
@Izzy Ha such a serious problem I can't yak about my girlfriend while making millions of dollars wah wah poor little rich people.
Izzy Ha
Izzy Ha - Måned siden
Wtf? Trauma was never mentioned you need help
Brittani Klopp
Brittani Klopp - Måned siden
Subscribed because I watch you all the time, and I didn't realize I wasn't subscribed until you said something AND ALSO now I'm sad because it's past the end of the year, so I won't get to see a video of the dog sniffing soap
Vishvollo - Måned siden
It's been a long, painful and sad 6 month without her... Thank you so much, #Sofaactivists 😖💔
alexis allen
alexis allen - Måned siden
hes like the gossip queen of youtube
Daryl Baines
Daryl Baines - Måned siden
It has often been said that in many ways YouTube is the (not so) new Rock and Roll.
Huge music stars who decide to quit or separate have always been pestered by fans: When are The Beatles / Oasis / Pink Floyd / Take That / The Spice Girls getting back together?
Even today, when the artist Yoko Ono is interviewed, people always have to talk about John Lennon, despite Yoko being a great artist in her own right. It took years for Paul McCartney to have his post-Beatles music taken seriously. Liam Gallagher is always expected to talk about his brother. etc, etc, etc. Some really dedicated fans are still waiting for David Bowie's next album, because obviously he isn't really dead, it was just another part of his "life as art" project.
Fans feel a kind of ownership of their idols. And while this isn't fair, it is part and parcel of 'the other side of fame' which ex-YouTubers are going to have to learn to deal with too.
People like Jenna - and btw I'm a huge fan - chose to put their lives on the internet as entertainment, and 10-15 years ago, when all this was just beginning, there was a lot of speculation in the media about what the future might hold for people doing exactly that.
It isn't fair to Julien (or Jenna) what is happening, but it's kind of inevitable. The fans will get over it and more sensible/less emotional conversations will be possible, but for now it is too soon.
Pop-culture - be it Theatre, Cinema, TV, Music, YouTube, and others - is a many headed monster; all kinds of awful things can and do happen to those who choose to try to become stars. It's one of the reasons the rewards of fame are so large. Many of the difficulties of older media are paths so well-trodden as to become clichés: stalkers, groupies, drug-overdoses ... social media stars have yet to discover what particular tolls their industry may take on them.
Because YouTubers mostly run their own careers, with only a very small and independent team, if anyone else at all, they enjoy independence and artistic freedom, but often not the protection that might come with having a manager or being inside an industry.
There were lots of pretty awful things that happened in other media areas, which changed those industries into safer places to be; but it was all very much trial and error. Who knows what paths this industry might take?
Jennifer Payne
Jennifer Payne - Måned siden
I still really miss Jenna Marbles.
Jennifer Payne
Jennifer Payne - Måned siden
2020 sucked really bad! And I am from the future. So far, not so good.