This Resurfaced Shane Dawson FOOTAGE Is Terrible..

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Shane Dawson recently has returned to NOburn via his boyfriends channel Ryland Adams, which also featured Jeffree Star and Morgan Adams. Today we are going to go through every lie Shane Dawson told to previously rebuild his reputation on NOburn with his channels Shane Dawson and Shane DawsonTV.
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This video is all opinion under fair use. Shane Dawson is the topic of discussion but none of it is fact.
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iNabber - 2 måneder siden
Shane Dawson fans like to dislike these ... so lets get the likes in! 50,000 likes for part 3. Comment to get this into the algorithm!
RyeRegular - Måned siden
I'm a fan of shane I'm not gonna dislike this video.
Mia Sofie Haavik
Mia Sofie Haavik - Måned siden
Not cool was like a director competition, two directors got the same script and had to do it in Pittsburgh. The other movie is hollidaysburg, it's actually very nice 😅😅
kikibara - Måned siden
Literally didn’t know he still even had fans
Marisu - Måned siden
This has 49k likes right now. :o
Gretchen T
Gretchen T - Måned siden
App you do is bet for likes dude it’s annoying and you never do research on your topics like you half ass everything’sm
Yeetus Mobeetus
Yeetus Mobeetus - 2 dager siden
This film crashed harder than princess Diana.
CECIL - 4 dager siden
Is Shane Dawson a fan of the movie Pink Flamingos? He took a page out of John Waters and Divine s book for this movie.
Draken Knight
Draken Knight - 4 dager siden
as someone who's an empath, it's not something that you just develop. it is typically something you are born with/as. ive been an empath my WHOLE LIFE. i may not have had a word for it until i was 14-15, but that doesn't mean that i wasnt one. i used to be a fan of shane's up until a year and a half or so ago and when he started claiming he was an empath, i just wasn't for it. and in the later months and years of him still talking about how much of an empath he is, it made me feel almost disgusted to be an empath myself just because shane was basically using that term to gain fame. shane is seriously anything *but* an empath.
Lindsay Roach
Lindsay Roach - 11 dager siden
I think we’re all glad that the year 2020 broadened our knowledge and uncovered the blurry parts of peoples characters. this ain’t it and i’m glad we all see that.
keigo - 12 dager siden
0:52 *insert stray kids back door*
Abigail Rummel
Abigail Rummel - 17 dager siden
I’m an empath, I’m a highly sensitive person. Part of being an empath is being understanding of others. Refusing to hear out others and their opinions, ESPECIALLY if they are being made uncomfortable by what you’re doing, is disgusting and selfish. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself or those who can benefit him.
emilysael - 22 dager siden
I dont even think he was pretending to care for Euginia (however you spell it). I think his intentions were much sinister. He was tying to make her fall back into her eating disorder.
Jinxx Cerulli
Jinxx Cerulli - 26 dager siden
As an extreme empath, you don't stay friends with someone who purposefully hurts people. No way no how
Xiomara Guzman
Xiomara Guzman - 28 dager siden
Him : if you didn’t know that then get off my channel and never come back.
Me : well then I guess I’m leaving ;-;
Chucklemethis - 29 dager siden
I use to be a shane dawson fan even after realizing he and jeff and patty and the pauls are apart of the elite. Sick of they fooling people
Expose em i dont care
SolarisG - Måned siden
I'm an extreme empath (or highly sensitive if you would prefer), and I honestly wish I wasn't sometimes. I've experienced panic attacks, deep depression, and rage from other other people and it is literally draining. I don't flaunt it, I try and avoid highly emotional situations because it can be so exhausting. It takes so much time and practice to filter out other people so that I only have my own emotions. It's like having to build a mental dam to protect myself.
What Shane is doing and has done before is despicable and horrendous. There is no way he's an empath. I'm sure he's just saying it to get attention, which is usually the absolute opposite of what a high empath/highly sensitive person would want.
Burning_Star_Vlogs - Måned siden
About him manipulating his fans I can duo back that up until I saw this video I was still a fan and he held some of my nostalgia with his videos and I actually thought he was a empath. I will never watch him or his channel again.
GnastyGNOMe - Måned siden
I only liked spooky shane
Christophe Caines
Christophe Caines - Måned siden
Hey! Shane Dawson showed us cum cat- I mean, that was a joke right?
DasOmen02 - Måned siden
"My other hand has a cat in it!" OH GOD OH FUCK OH NO
Jemma Tarling
Jemma Tarling - Måned siden
If 2020 was good for one thing, it was exposing narcissists!
DC - Måned siden
That whole "Facebook" conversation literally sounded like Donald Trump
Frenchi XO
Frenchi XO - Måned siden
He acts like the cool ppl in high school that he wishes he was friends w. Those mean girls that shaded ppl and crossed lines. Hence, why he acts like JS minion.
WokkStarr - Måned siden
“From the producer of American pie” god he probably regrets that one
Mamodokod - Måned siden
I miss pre-ryland era shane
Scott Lemay
Scott Lemay - Måned siden
He sounds like a douchey rich dude who would harass a homeless dude for asking for change or just for being in his presence.
MightyMinx - Måned siden
lISTEN, I USED TO LIKE sHANE.. hOWEVER THE CRAP THAT Him and his friends did to get views is horrible energy. An empath will help anyone and can usually gravitate to those people. Loves doing it without expecting anything from doing it... Shane is none of this.. He helps those that can make his bank acct grow.. If i was arond him and even if he could tell that i was feeling i the dumps and feeling sad.. Hed just go on by ... Its a big set of shoes to filll to call yourself an empath..
Penelope Christiansen
Penelope Christiansen - Måned siden
The dislikes on this video is just Shane making 2.3k accounts
Lisa Breeze
Lisa Breeze - Måned siden
I think you're in the algorithm..
AmaiKiomi - Måned siden
I can't believe I used to defend his actions a few years ago, he's horrible what the fuck and I idolized him as a kid
thzrn †
thzrn † - Måned siden
i think what he means by empath is he likes to have those deep conversations with people...i also enjoy those kind of convos but that doesn't mean im empathetic (it's hard for me to empathize idk)
tinamy - Måned siden
i fucking hate him and i used to ADORE him. he's disgusting and i hope he rots
Matthew Weston
Matthew Weston - Måned siden
Saying he is am empathy is his excuse to be able to make the videos in the tone he does that allows them to become basically free passes on horrible people. Then people know they can get on his show when lots of drama surround them, bringing lots of vies to Shane, while giving them a pass. This way he always has hot new content and money. He isn't an "empath" he's a fucking idiot.
Tania C.
Tania C. - Måned siden
Just because someone claims they are empathetic person , doesn’t mean they were or claim to be perfect. And because these “old clips” show non perfect aspects of him doesn’t mean it’s ok but ... jeez lol give him a break
Creator - Måned siden
He could very well be a dark empath
This Face Believes You
This Face Believes You - Måned siden
12:37 and _that_ ladies and gentlemen, is when Shane Dawson became obsessed with “sociopaths” on YouTube...
GregoryPaulSmithGPS - Måned siden
Holly Ann
Holly Ann - Måned siden
I actually came across this movie before I knew who he was. My husband and I started watching it and were really confused that he was the male lead who was supposed to be this popular, attractive guy. It just didn't make sense to us why they would make that casting decision. We turned it off maybe 20 minutes in. We usually love watching bad movies. They're usually fun to watch, but this was too cringey. We just couldn't take it.
Unfrogable - Måned siden
I absolutely despise that fake falsetto-like Shane Dawson uses nowadays
Jennifer Lynn
Jennifer Lynn - Måned siden
Jeffree scares me in a way that I’d never want to be friends with him.
TheNuggetBoi69 - Måned siden
Shane could do the worst thing in the world and then act like he can come back to the spotlight as a "good guy." But he isnt, he acts like he is the best person in the world but to be honest he is the farthest thing from. Like he blames stuff on his "past trauma", he is old enough to go to a good therapist, he has the money and everything but i think that if your trauma is going to make you do and say horrible things like he has done in the past then you need to go to therapy and stop making clout from your issues
carly barker
carly barker - Måned siden
as someone who is 𝗮𝗰𝘁𝘂𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 an empath.... i feel like i can confidently say that there is no way in hell shane is an empath.
ElizabethNightingale - Måned siden
Empathy is literally the worst, everyone acts like its such a great trait but let me tell you fucking crying over damn TV commercials is not fucking fun....
Brian Gohjira
Brian Gohjira - Måned siden
Woo I'm picking up some Ellen vibes...
Wendilee - Måned siden
~The definition of~
•S H A N E•
Nicola H
Nicola H - Måned siden
The obi wan “well hello there” had me in stitches 😄
Daria Johnson
Daria Johnson - Måned siden
I personally don't think Shane had much part in the Tati thing. I wouldn't put it past Jeffree but I find her blaming Shane is questionable. Either way I did not agree with her video and honestly I rolled my eyes too. I'm sorry for what she went through but I don't think it was the time to bring that up. She started the drama with James and then when it backfired she played the victim. No one should have to go through sexual abuse, and I feel for her in that case but it felt like she was trying to make herself the victim in the situation
I'm The Ray
I'm The Ray - Måned siden
I don't get how anybody can still like Shane Dawson after everything he's done
Ruby Blue
Ruby Blue - Måned siden
“It was a different time online” can be a reason, sometimes, but that doesn’t make it okay. Something can have happened because it was considered normal but that still makes it bad and should still be called out because they still should’ve known better
Velvet Aeon
Velvet Aeon - Måned siden
Shanaenae was created by Martin Lawrence btw.
Your Mom
Your Mom - Måned siden
Oh how wrong you were....
Evie .G
Evie .G - Måned siden
I’m an Empath, Shane Dawson is a Sociopath. They are the extreme opposite of each other. A sociopath will mimic feelings and empathy when it suits them, but they don’t feel it.
Audrey L
Audrey L - Måned siden
Ok I agree with everything you said, but, it was actually a documentary series where he was supposed to use the exact same script as his competition. It wasn't self funded, he got the funding from the people who ran the show. Who if I'm correct are Zachary quinto and someone else. I get why you didn't know that though cause Zachary Quinto thought the movie was so bad he took his name off of it. Shane's movie though absolutely horrible compared to Anna's (who he was going against) but it won since he had an internet following at the time. The script wasn't his, it was kind of egotistical he put himself as the lead though.
The Spice Corner
The Spice Corner - Måned siden
I really miss when his videos were actually good. I miss when Garret and Drew were with him, making those spooky videos. That was actually fun, but... I really used to like his channel! He was really a funny dude but.. just, god. So much shit’s gone down.
Kieran Yong
Kieran Yong - Måned siden
ngl the shane in the movie looks like a dollar store justin bieber
Ms. JayElleAye
Ms. JayElleAye - Måned siden
It seems as though people calling themselves “empaths” are actually the most narcissistic, manipulative, toxic people.
Lillian Reichel
Lillian Reichel - Måned siden
Shane is such a hypothetical piece of dirt. Using excuses of his disorders to get fans to feel bad for him, being an asshole to others, and abandoning people who cared for him to get more money is so immature
ً‎ً ً
ً‎ً ً - Måned siden
Miss Madness
Miss Madness - Måned siden
I’m actually an empath, so everything Shane has said or done... doesn’t make sense.
Being an empath also means feeling others feeling and pain, sometimes confusing it as your own, not to mention he would have this ability for some time, not just realizing it now.
crewmate - Måned siden
its make feel so betrayed in a way, cause i had spent hours defending him, even to my own god damn family, only to find out he literally lied about **everything** and had been an absolute stuck up dick. the best acting he ever did was him being a quote on quote, “empath” (and not even that acting held up well, clearly).
pokeyunicorn 222
pokeyunicorn 222 - Måned siden
I've been empathetic my whole life shane is definitely not an empath hes just a liar and a prick
pokeyunicorn 222
pokeyunicorn 222 - Måned siden
Shane:I'm so poor boohoo!(literally a millionaire)
Me:gets paid minimum wage and lives in a house that's literally falling apart
pokeyunicorn 222
pokeyunicorn 222 - Måned siden
@Sharkratty I'm 16 and I work fast food
Sharkratty - Måned siden
You’re a child how do you get paid minimum wage
Kimberly Nicole
Kimberly Nicole - Måned siden
Empathy is also elective. You choose who you empathize with. So, Shane rolling his eyes at Tati, is normal behavior of anyone who is in conflict with someone. His own emotions trump attempting to empathize with her. I don't believe Shane is an empath, I think he's clever & a good sale's person. I think there is a big misunderstanding that empaths can't be aggressive or get angry. That's fundamentally not true! We understand emotions & we feel them all. All the time. A lot! And our own emotions, especially passionate emotions like anger or fear can manifest explosively. I think it shocks a lot of people. Because we are so normally the caregivers & supporters, when we get worked up & if we let loose people are really taken aback as if they don't know who we are. It's not that we're different people, it's just you're not used to seeing us projecting about ourselves, because we are almost exclusively, supporting & listening to others.
Kimberly Nicole
Kimberly Nicole - Måned siden
I think being an "Empath" is looked at a being, like you've said about the way Shane was talking about Sociopaths, as something "supernatural". It's not. For example, the excerpt about empath's feeling the pain or happiness of someone else is true, in a way. As it said, someone losing a pet. You didn't lose a pet, but you can feel the pain your friend is feeling due to a deep feeling of understanding of your friend. It's not the pain they are feeling, it's the pain of understanding how they feel. For instance, in your mind you think "if I lost my pet, how would I feel?" then that emotion & feeling literally comes to the surface & you feel it as if it's actually happening to you. That's why "empathy" means understanding someone else's pain. You don't "catch it" from someone else telepathically or something. It doesn't rub off on you. It's simply the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes & relate. It's not something supernatural or exclusive or weird or anything like that. It basically comes down to understanding other people. That's all. When it comes to noticing someone is problematic, that's not the way it works. We can obviously tell when someone is problematic but we don't inherit their manipulative feelings & act like them. Being empathetic simply means, understanding how someone else is feeling not becoming who they are in their presence.
Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag
Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag - Måned siden
As an empath I feel offended in so many ways
Diana Quinones
Diana Quinones - Måned siden
Omg thank you! I thought the same thing I didn't saw anything because AMERICA IS SO FUCKING STUPID WHEN IT COMES TO COMMON SENSE
Diana Quinones
Diana Quinones - Måned siden
No honestly gen z was the worst year ever
Nina C
Nina C - Måned siden
I’m an empath, I always have been. The way he’s coming off is an insult to people who are empathetic. I’m not gonna lie and say I don’t get angry but this I feel like the way he’s acting is just that, an act.
Evie Elliot Gerzio
Evie Elliot Gerzio - Måned siden
Im not a fan of Shane, and he definitely isn't an empath.but empaths tend to attract sociopaths, until they learn to see the patterns, which, if he really was an empath, he should have learnt already on his early 20s, so him being drawn to Jeffrey starr is not even remotely acceptable
Dragon fly art
Dragon fly art - Måned siden
I think it's kinda funny we all think 2020 was the worst year I thought that until I studied the spanish flu and let me tell you we have it easy compared to the people who lived through that or the people who didn't.
Looping Dragon
Looping Dragon - Måned siden
Every clip of Shane makes me think he really needs a good scrub in the shower....
Rebecca Webb
Rebecca Webb - Måned siden
Oh here we go agin
Ramen Gaming
Ramen Gaming - Måned siden
Lol I DONT CARE this has been going on for too long I swear if I hear another thing about someone who got cancelled 1-12 months ago
Nightlife _Artz
Nightlife _Artz - Måned siden
then don't watch it
Leo Dieter
Leo Dieter - Måned siden
Did anyone else ever wonder if the cat was ok the whole time? Just me? ((And no not referencing the Shane jumping his cat, just in general))
Jen F
Jen F - Måned siden
TROS was indeed horrible I'm still trying to bleach it out of my brain 😵😬
Brooke Ashton
Brooke Ashton - Måned siden
I never really watched Shane Dawson's stuff, but I do remember my sister really enjoying his content. I always felt uncomfortable trying to watch his content for some reason. Maybe it's because I have been told I might actually be an empath, by a therapist. I always felt like he was fake.
Letterborne - Måned siden
The thing about empaths is it doesn’t mean they are good people or always doing the right thing. It just means that they can feel other people’s feelings and get easily overwhelmed with them; it can, but doesn’t have to have anything to do with what is usually understood as being an “empathetic” person. Case in point, when I took a vacation with my friends and we went to the beach one night to drink, one of my friends hurt her knees and we had to help carry her through the whole city; the whole thing overwhelmed me so much that I kept on drinking and crying while we were going home, to the point that my friend was more worried about me than herself, and it started a fight between me and everyone because I was considered selfish and wanting to get all the attention to myself. So it doesn’t really mean _behaving_ empathetic, it’s more _being_ it. That doesn’t mean people can’t be it, I’m just trying to say that there is no correlation whatsoever.
I don’t think Shane is an empath though, he doesn’t seem to understand what it means and nothing in his behaviour shows that he cares, at all. Even though I f*ck up and overwhelm other people because I can’t cope with their feelings, I feel horrible about that too and always try to be better, while Shane just seems to believe he is an awesome person.
Elp Smith
Elp Smith - Måned siden
I don’t trust anything from The Chair. That whole show was built to destroy Shane’s career and propel the woman he was competing against. When it had the opposite effect someone from the show (who also happened to be her husband) wrote an article to smear him which also did not work until right now.
Elp Smith
Elp Smith - Måned siden
@v.anessa I’ll try to find some sources but honestly I don’t know why anyone would trust a reality show to show someone’s real personality anyway. It’s all manufactured drama.
v.anessa - Måned siden
do you have sources/videos about this? im genuinely interested cause this isn't a perspective I've heard before
Invisible - Måned siden
Aint got shit on hitlers years tho
QUEEN of PEANUTS - Måned siden
Ah yes, i love to see this “nice” person use capitalism against his employees so cool
L Kb
L Kb - Måned siden
I nabber, narcissistic people and empaths are attracted to each other. Empaths wanna fix them and narcissistic like their vulnerable personality and they feed off them
Dogherder22 - Måned siden
lena hunt
lena hunt - Måned siden
Can you just leave him alone it’s In the past and he apologized get over yourself seriously we all make mistakes that’s what makes us human Jesus Christ 🙄
Nightlife _Artz
Nightlife _Artz - Måned siden
nah he's a serious problem
Alina - Måned siden
Past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour.
Breezys - Måned siden
Ive always said this - anyone who rattles on excessively about how much of an empath they are is actually an intense narcissist. And they may not even know it. But I think Shane's manipulation is intentional.
Oooh La La Andrea
Oooh La La Andrea - Måned siden
Wait why am I not subbed anymore? 🤔
Herr TodsFeind
Herr TodsFeind - Måned siden
H Haza
H Haza - Måned siden
I miss Shane❤️
Alyssa Reminiec
Alyssa Reminiec - Måned siden
Why not do a video on how Jeffree Starr has been a complete arsehole to everyone!
To burst Shane Dawson's bubble...He is so fos that he stinks !
Sylvia A.
Sylvia A. - Måned siden
I'm all for listening to different channels. But if your goal is to gain subs simply from rehashing information we already know, not cool.
vagabondpaw - Måned siden
i started watching shane dawson when i was 8 years old & i followed his channel through the years and through his shifts in content and for a long time i genuinely thought he had learned from his mistakes and grown as a person. but as people make videos like this, showing clips i first watched when i was too young to understand why it was wrong, im realizing that a person like him can’t change. i’m devastated that i allowed him to manipulate me for so long and i’m frustrated with myself for believing such blatant lies. i guess what im trying to say is even as a lifelong fan of his, i think there’s just no going back from everything he’s done. i hope he’s never able to manage a full return to youtube and that we can just be rid of him once and for all
StandWithMe - Måned siden
Well if Shane doesn't even want to listen to critique, how could he have grown as a person? It seems he has surrounded himself with people that will only/mostly comfort him when he gets backlash from doing something wrong but that's not how you learn sweetie.
alex few
alex few - Måned siden
I don’t know who looked at Shane’s content and said “you know what.... let’s give him a movie” in the first place. I don’t have remorse for the production team on this one lol
Thegpshow 2197
Thegpshow 2197 - Måned siden
I could forgive a spoiled child for acting like Shane but the man himself has no excuse
taylor gelvin
taylor gelvin - Måned siden
“2020 is the worst year ever”
1940’s: What was y’all wars like?
Hi5The3, 1s
Hi5The3, 1s - Måned siden
I like how your extremely honest with what you say
melmelmog - Måned siden
I feel like you don't understand what an empath is
fairvercna - Måned siden
Anyone who’s ever worked on a film set knows that directors are almost always egomaniacs. It feels like Shane is both an egomaniac AND trying to be extra abusive for the camera. Super gross
KissTheRain - Måned siden
I understand that you are expressing your opinion. But it is not right to call him out on everything he's done. Shane has done things that were deemed offensive. But it's their lives! They are living through this hate. He already is going through a lot yet we keep dragging it on and on. Yes we've heard everything there is about it, everyone has there own opinions. Can we not just look past this? Can we just move on and stop pressing this hate against people.
Shameka Washington
Shameka Washington - Måned siden
Dee Marie Dubois
Dee Marie Dubois - Måned siden
I totally agree. I have more empathy in my little toe than Shane has in his entire body.
Hannah H
Hannah H - Måned siden
the venn diagram of self diagnosed empaths and narcissistic emotionally indulgent people who project their emotions onto others is nearly a circle and you can’t change my mind
Human Being
Human Being - Måned siden
When demonstrating/practicing empathy the this sentence has no place “being a victim of _______myself”
Also. History. The past. All relevant
montse C
montse C - Måned siden
Where was the “LEAKED” footage?
Ash - Måned siden
Dude, people change and mature. Not saying that shane did but to bring up shit from his past isnt fair. We already knew this and still have given a chance. Show something recent, something that actually represents him today, stop yelling for nothing.
MarsTM - Måned siden
the forging of this movie feels so so reminiscent of what The Room was and its backstory ldkjflskjdflksjf