Tony Lopez Is A Dangerous TikTok PREDATOR

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Tony Lopez is a TikTok star with more than 20 million followers, but just like Zoe Laverne he is someone who was recently exposed for grooming and predatory behavior. Today we will be talking about that.
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iNabber - 3 måneder siden
hey i would appreciate if you liked this video and commented as youtube sometimes suppresses sensitive topics like these! so give it into the algorithm :)) also subscribe and share this please!
Annsofie Artang
Annsofie Artang - 4 dager siden
"Tiktok is a safe place to be 😀" Bro Tiktok is worse than NOburn, and NOburn is the w i l d w e s t
Just Jose!
Just Jose! - Måned siden
Yo Nab
Tanyia Freeman
Tanyia Freeman - Måned siden
I ain't given you a like until you say you care about what he did.
Orange Dragon5
Orange Dragon5 - Måned siden
@Kane Coggins tony Lopez caught a case lol 😂
Kane Coggins
Kane Coggins - Måned siden
Tony Lopez just got sued
Madison Slaughter
Madison Slaughter - 2 timer siden
Oml this is the first video of his I'm seeing and he is just adorable!!!! He just looks like an absolute sweetheart sorry if that sounds weird tiz not my intention.
Audrey S
Audrey S - 18 timer siden
tbh, I don't think corporations care that much.
I mean, these people make money, and only until it truly starts getting people off the app (in this case, TikTok is filled with children and teens), so that's not gonna happen.
I mean, I hope it does, but it probably won't.
Ara Jung
Ara Jung - Dag siden
if he really and truly is guilty for his actions and wants to hold himself accountable naturally he should quit social media
The 3 Avakin Models
The 3 Avakin Models - Dag siden
who is here after ondreaz groomed someone
coolgooseman - Dag siden
10:51 He fucking changed into mace windu
Hannah Hodgson
Hannah Hodgson - Dag siden
Jesus Christ.
Zeno Icy
Zeno Icy - 2 dager siden
He would of not stopped unless the media caught him
Danielle Butcher
Danielle Butcher - 2 dager siden
Why didn't they give him a social media ban xx
Elisha Smith
Elisha Smith - 3 dager siden
Livi Smith
Livi Smith - 3 dager siden
Just take the money off him and put him in jail they have proof SO PUT IHIM IN FREAKING JAIL
Anna Tao
Anna Tao - 4 dager siden
the fact that he did it on snapchat is so scummy because the messages disappear
Annsofie Artang
Annsofie Artang - 4 dager siden
I really hope Frazier knows how adorable but also wonderfully masculine and attractive and he is 🥰
Tobio Kageyama
Tobio Kageyama - 5 dager siden
Y'all how can you be a fan of this declined credit card he's so ugly like wtf
Tired Bee
Tired Bee - 5 dager siden
This is one of the reasons why I’m a lesbian ✨
Cc Gaming
Cc Gaming - 5 dager siden
Atleast he apologised!

Sorry an idiot had my phone for a second
Rebecca - 7 dager siden
Ugh, Tony’s tone in his apology video is reminding me of the voice my brother put on when he was BS-ing as a teenager.
kora Bleijerveld
kora Bleijerveld - 9 dager siden
No to him jas to you
patricia edwards
patricia edwards - 10 dager siden
Omg tony lopez is so toxic😭🖐 i cant even i-
Sovietsky - 15 dager siden
the fucking chats on all these live streams. In that first apology clip I saw someone say "haters gonna hate, they just jealous"... what the actual fuck.
vsxn - 21 dag siden
If people still support Tony Lopez

Kelsey gretchen
Kelsey gretchen - 23 dager siden
Honestly I think people do horrible things knowing they will go viral for doin it.. do and say things they shouldn’t cuz it’ll blow up
•Spookz •
•Spookz • - 24 dager siden
Indee Watson
Indee Watson - 25 dager siden
Stop calling yourself a young man, you are an ADULT
Ella Jones
Ella Jones - 25 dager siden
If a stereotypical unattractive guy was doing this it would be so different in they eyes of these girls
Kbeast - 26 dager siden
“HE SHOULD BE IN JAIL” that’s why we need to fix our systems.
yes - 26 dager siden
"im so sorry for all the stress you probably been through" what about the victims
yes - 26 dager siden
"Tony don't listen to the haters they're just jealous"
jealous of what? that we aren't criminals?
Brayden Ross
Brayden Ross - 27 dager siden
I ship tony and jail
F.N.O.14 - 27 dager siden
You don’t have to be rude that’s not gonna do anything
Mia Tipton
Mia Tipton - 16 dager siden
@F.N.O.14 oh how mean calling out a pedophile
F.N.O.14 - 17 dager siden
@_____________________ yall just mean these days :)
_____________________ - 17 dager siden
Neither is defending him :)
Not Chris
Not Chris - 27 dager siden
Ahhh the straight side of tik tok is always ✨ p r o b l e m a t i c ✨
Izzy Jones
Izzy Jones - 28 dager siden
Y’all I just checked his comment section and it’s filled with hate and jokes about how he should be in jail
brian guerrant
brian guerrant - 28 dager siden
and this is why im not on straight tiktok
Ivan Ivan
Ivan Ivan - 29 dager siden
This is what pretty privelage is being a predator and giving a two second apology and carrying on with it and life not in jailllll
Mayra Diaz
Mayra Diaz - 29 dager siden
We love how he brushed his scandal under the rug 😐😐😐😐
Stupid Toaster
Stupid Toaster - Måned siden
Are we not going to talk about that one comment on his live that said that he looks like a highlighter?no *alright-*
_____________________ - 17 dager siden
Thought I was the only person who saw that😂
Puffi Chip
Puffi Chip - Måned siden
“I should have taken accountability for what I did *sigh”
Issachar onur
Issachar onur - Måned siden
He should lose all his fame for this 🤮
Issachar onur
Issachar onur - Måned siden
😩😭😭 this Isn’t fair on the young girls just because Tony Lopez is a millionaire or whatever does it mean he can get away with it this disgusting behaviour
DynoSFX - Måned siden
He got made at me on Tiktok when I said his song was probs wrote by a 13 year old😂
WildCraft Studios
WildCraft Studios - Måned siden
Exactly. Also the shadow banning problem is a big issue too, they are banning completely really enjoyable, normal accounts whilst doing nothing about literal groomers that are full on famous. Complete stupidity.
Colony Of Oranges
Colony Of Oranges - Måned siden
3:32 pause the video to see that someone says the haters are jealous of Tony, what are we jealous for? The fact that we're not predators?
Topaz Gaming
Topaz Gaming - Måned siden
I'm saying this as somebody who had no idea who Tony Lopez is, and hasn't watched this video yet, but that face in the thumbnail makes me projectile-spray blood out of my eyes
Anarre - Måned siden
Someone is his live comments seriously said, "Don't listen to the haters, they're just jealous." What the actual fuck...
Sarah Eslick
Sarah Eslick - Måned siden
Tony Lopez looks like a person who is named tyler
Aka Allie
Aka Allie - 4 dager siden
Or a person named onision idk
Riell 246
Riell 246 - Måned siden
No wonder my father doesn't allow me on the app...
Angel Mputu
Angel Mputu - Måned siden
Why do people still support him
Liv Yeet ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Liv Yeet ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - Måned siden
please can you cover ondreaz lopez? he’s tony’s brother who was accused of similar things to tony. his victim is 14. only if you feel comfortable doing so ❤️❤️
dtms - Måned siden
The people in his chat that are apologizing to HIM and sympathizing with HIM make my blood boil. So gross.
Guineapig1227 - Måned siden
People can say ‘“looks don’t matter’’’ all they want, but at the end of the day they do in social situations. People judge each other on looks a lot of times, kidnappers with a suit and tie aren’t as likely to get caught as one with baggy or seemingly strange clothing.
In my opinion, if this guy wasn’t considered attractive the situation would be so different. When the internet finds someone who was admitted to a crime, people should be disgusting of what was done. They shouldn’t be saying things like “don’t listen to the haters” and “who cares”. Meanwhile with someone who isn’t as attractive who has done the same crime, I find that people hate them a whole lot more. The reason why tik tok, Instagram, or wherever this person posted on , didn’t kick him off their website is because he is getting so many views and likes.
This is all just my opinion, tell me if you think I’m wrong or disrespectful on the replies. I would like criticism on what I said if anyone thinks it’s inappropriate!
ls 02
ls 02 - Måned siden
“I know it was wrong”
Then why did you do it in the first place?..
Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas - Måned siden
He didn't even looked the camera in the eye.Punk ass.
Gavin - Måned siden
SPORKBOI - Måned siden
im 13 and i cant imagine liking someone more than a grade level above me and its been that way my whole life. tony lopes is a grown adult. how does he not realizethats wrong?! i feel so bad for everyone involved:(
Boo - Måned siden
iit look2 liike he2 readiing a 2criipt iin the "apology" liive
(it looks like hes reading a script in the "apology" live)
aspurr - Måned siden
dude listen i see floral shirt i run to the vid
AppleDoesStuff - Måned siden
when people lie they tend not to look at the person or people
AppleDoesStuff - Måned siden
by the way someone said i quote " dont worry tony there just jealous" like wtf
Colony Of Oranges
Colony Of Oranges - Måned siden
I was like: what are we jealous for? The fact that we're not predators?
Zamerus - Måned siden
Just gonna say, If he was actually holding himself responsible and accountable for his actions, he would have turned himself into the police. Plain as that. Not continuing to excuse himself and remain on a platform where he has a ton of minors in his audience. Because he as a person, as unfortunate it is, has the wiring in his brain to be attracted to children, and should not be in the position to talk to them like this.
Heck N' Frick
Heck N' Frick - Måned siden
There are two justice systems in the US
The Lady’s Glove
The Lady’s Glove - Måned siden
They buy the likes.
-Yours Truly-
-Yours Truly- - Måned siden
This is why I only read fanfics on wattpad😌👌✨
Arbeter 3333
Arbeter 3333 - Måned siden
He spelled scandal wrong
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager - Måned siden
More like toe Lopez
ainsley harriot
ainsley harriot - Måned siden
Aaaaaaand he's still getting love and support, God I hate stans
Axtism • - •
Axtism • - • - Måned siden
people who still like this guy because its a "mistake" and that still say "we all make mistakes its ok" just say that yall be driven to the looks and not what they did which is wrong and almost a crime
FallOut Sheppy
FallOut Sheppy - Måned siden
17:35 "Loe Zaverne"
LIKE YOU - Måned siden
the amount of times you say "at the end of the day" is not enough.
Lily •_•
Lily •_• - Måned siden
#arresttonylopez pass it around, get it trending *let's goooo*
Player - Måned siden
Well, Tony Lopez was an *innocent* person.
it is i
it is i - Måned siden
Quiet Girl
Quiet Girl - Måned siden
"we love a scandle"
YH a scandle...

Not a grooming game
Quiet Girl
Quiet Girl - Måned siden
#aressettonylopez #aressetzoeleaverne
Connor Aindow
Connor Aindow - Måned siden
It’s so funny the way he says irresponsible when it’s illegal 😂😂 hope he goes to jail and gets taught a lesson
Matthew Weston
Matthew Weston - Måned siden
Zoe Laverne and him need to be in front of a judge.
storyshift gaming
storyshift gaming - Måned siden
Prince Gumball
Prince Gumball - Måned siden
Y isn't he and z*e arrested wtfe
Kaleesh Synth
Kaleesh Synth - Måned siden
Looks like as long as your attractive and popular you can get away with anything.
Your Neighborhood Deadpool
Winning an argument against a smart person is difficult but winning an argument against an idiot is impossible
-Someone who actually has a fucking brain
Tactic - Måned siden
Oompashreka The dumbass
Oompashreka The dumbass - Måned siden
It’s always the slightly chubby (in a good way) British or Canadian guys who are based AND funny
Tsuyu asui
Tsuyu asui - Måned siden
He looks like a used highlighter
4KAyden - Måned siden
k I watched enough of this awful video what the hel is wring with you if you dint like tony fine but the audacity to make a video about him and tiktok and still calling him a predator after 7 or 6 months later it’s absolutely childish grow you and keep people name out of your damn mouth because you can be worst then tony at any time and u most definitely will do worst trust me everybody has bad experiences and people grow from it and they make mistakes th become better so if u don’t know this then WHAT THE HELL ARE YOH DOING ON HERE and btw they have to learn from there decisions you cannot live withought mistakes so what the hel is wrong with u if u don’t know this then get ur ginger hair as and go back to PRE-SCHOOL!
4KAyden - Måned siden
And bra “nobody cares what your feeling like” no hate but if you don’t leave him the hell alone
4KAyden - Måned siden
I didn’t approve what tony did but... what...... so EVER you will make mistakes in life ... and You WILL make bigger mistakes then Tony did and when you do make sure you ALL who are addressing and hating on tony Are addressing to what U did
4KAyden - Måned siden
Let’s see your on a topic that happend lets see how many months ago 1....2.......3......4......5....and more ?
Sarah T
Sarah T - Måned siden
Never mind sorry
Sarah T
Sarah T - Måned siden
Your just jealous he’s a good guy
Baary Saka
Baary Saka - 23 dager siden
Ur probably a 15 year old white girl
Fernando C
Fernando C - Måned siden
hes not a good guy if hes talking to girls wayy younger than him
Shadowblade - Måned siden
evil_potato12 - Måned siden
i got surprised when the undertale music kicked in
Sabrina Cyr
Sabrina Cyr - Måned siden
I really like his videos and what he adresses. I totally agree with him and I throw a like. I just thought it won't hurt to share my critic 😅 I just think he repeats himself a lot and it's sad because by the middle of the video he is already loosing me. I might be the only one, thats okay, but if not maybe it could just be used as a tip/ learning critic.
Mandox_ - Måned siden
algorithm go
Jesse pierce
Jesse pierce - Måned siden
Hey boss I totally agree with you that what he has done is deplorable but you really need to calm down on the "he broke the law so he has no morales and is a complete criminal that needs to be behind bars. If you were automatically deemed a criminal with no Morales just by breaking the law then their would be a very very select few people who wouldn't be "criminals". People shoplift candy, clothes, people J-walk, people break stupid old laws like "you can't get married to the same man 4 times in Kentucky" that right there is a perfect example of just how because something is illegal doesn't mean it has anything to do with your morality or with mean you should be labeled a criminal
Jesse pierce
Jesse pierce - Måned siden
please don't mistake that comment as an excuse or me trying to defend that Lopez guy either, he seems like a creep and if he did what he's accused of he should be kept away from a platform like tiktok and trained/educated in how to avoid those situations
scp - Måned siden
"𝙰𝚐𝚎 𝚒𝚜 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚊 𝚗𝚞𝚖𝚋𝚎𝚛"
𝙰𝚗𝚍 𝚓𝚊𝚒𝚕 𝚒𝚜 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚊 𝚛𝚘𝚘𝚖. 911 𝚒𝚜 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚊 𝚗𝚞𝚖𝚋𝚎𝚛.
Discoboogie Nights
Discoboogie Nights - Måned siden
TikTok seems like the Wild West of social media. The land of predators, and communist lol
lol wut
lol wut - Måned siden
this may sound very off topic but your shirt looks very nice :)
Kazuichi Souda
Kazuichi Souda - Måned siden
And I'm Still Wondering Why People Support Him
ainsley harriot
ainsley harriot - Måned siden
Because he's attractive and famous, bet those same people would want him in jail if he was ugly and a nobody
The Sins
The Sins - Måned siden
GalacticSlime - Måned siden
I can't believe tik tok just lets this happen - it's an app full of children and this can be very damaging :(

Also enjoy your sleep and chicken nuggies
DefNot Lesi
DefNot Lesi - Måned siden
ive never seen him before till today but he looks like a dollar store Caylus