Trisha Paytas's TikTok Is Worse Than You Thought

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Trisha Paytas is an american vlogger who we will be talking about today. Trisha Paytas was recently involved in a scandal with H3H3Productions and Hila Klein where she tried to expose both Hila and H3H3. Today we will talk about that but also Trisha Paytas' recent situtions with Dixie D'Amelio, Charli D'amelio and James Charles. Trisha has been calling out everyone lately (as always), even Jeffree Star.. today we will discuss why this is bad.
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This video is an opinion piece about Trisha Paytas. Trisha is known for her Mukbangs and friendships with people such as Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star, H3H3 and even the Vlog Squad. But maybe not so much Gabbie Hanna.
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iNabber - 2 måneder siden
I get scared sponsored videos won't do well, so be sure to like this video and comment on it! get it in the algorithm and lets continue building to 700k!
Snac Time
Snac Time - 2 måneder siden
Can you make a video on pyrocincle on what’s happening with him
Zener Rocks MC
Zener Rocks MC - 2 måneder siden
Can we please get the unedited version of you petting Kenji?
Elle Adela
Elle Adela - 2 måneder siden
I hope you are taking Spanish seriously - its easy enough to learn. We would also appreciate the respect and not have you come to Spain and march around the place like you own it barking in English at every one :)
Nikitta N.
Nikitta N. - 2 måneder siden
@Anem G i have bpd n i understand where you're coming from but i don't really think that's an excuse for all the negative effects of the things that we do
Anem G
Anem G - 2 måneder siden
I normally agree with your takes but I think you seriously need to consider that she has a mental illness. Saying she liked Hila and then didnt fifteen minutes later is literally borderline personality disorder. Its not an excuse- but you should reconsider how you frame your videos. Kind of disappointing.
ashley raey
ashley raey - Dag siden
This video didn't age well.
Jessica Towert
Jessica Towert - Dag siden
She was right
Zinc Time
Zinc Time - Dag siden
yeah but info came out that shows james may actually be a predator 👀
The.Synikal :v:
The.Synikal :v: - 4 dager siden
She has no real friends she is so fake who would want to be friends with someone who is just gonna make a slanderous video about you
SacrifceHer - 6 dager siden
Watching this in February and it’s crazy to look back and see how much Trish and Ethan and worked on their friendship
MintDrakes - Måned siden
spanish viewer here, your spanish is lovely.
Odd_ - Måned siden
Me having a good day, watching his videos; :D
Me suddenly realizing that he has a Stitch plush in the right top shelf; "O MY GOODNESS! THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE! 🥺"
Steel_Warfare - Måned siden
When people are finished hating on thomas the tank engine for being fictional can we actually try look into stuff like this?
Mia #1
Mia #1 - Måned siden
Congrats on 800k
Momo Wilmes
Momo Wilmes - Måned siden
iNabber: “...mi amigos”
Me: ah yeah, definitely a beginner. it would actually be “mis amigos”, as it’s plural, “mi amigo” is singular, but I’ll let it pass bc you’re my favourite commentary channel.
No Sleep
No Sleep - Måned siden
To the people that still 𝕤𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕙𝕠𝕨 support Trisha, yall're being kinda coocoo and it's time to take a break from the internet reflect on your life choices.
Walter Reed
Walter Reed - Måned siden
The word “fuck” is part of American culture. Id prefer if you did not judge that. Thank you.
ye2low - Måned siden
Yasssssssss she's the female Jake Paul
Garbage Salt
Garbage Salt - Måned siden
"sorry short kings" reminded me that i'm 5'3"
Sam White
Sam White - Måned siden
oh yes 202022
X_ Odeus
X_ Odeus - Måned siden
From the live
X_ Odeus
X_ Odeus - Måned siden
From the live
No. - Måned siden
I want to see her in a fight with thatveganteacher.
Kasey De Merchant
Kasey De Merchant - Måned siden
So I take it she is nuggie queen and your the nuggie king??
Softie !
Softie ! - Måned siden
Sometimes I wonder how the YouTube Community would be without certain Youtubers
m0nstr 3n3rgy
m0nstr 3n3rgy - Måned siden
this man speaks faxx and is funny, in conclusion, he is god.
Kairi Nannup
Kairi Nannup - Måned siden
Is it possible that she could one day realise “oh no I made a lot more than a whoopsie daisy I’m gonna head out” and then delete all her offensive videos, apologise sincerely and try and be a better person. *yeah I know she won’t do that but if she did that’d be cool*
Lize-Madri Theron
Lize-Madri Theron - Måned siden
It's really a catch 22. People like that thrive off the attention they recieve from people like inabber who warn others against her, but it's necessary to warn against people like her.
• Hxii •
• Hxii • - Måned siden
I never thought being called a dumpling by a stranger would make me so happy
Elliying1 - Måned siden
about the F word in every sentence. Finally someone other than me is bothered
jazzy Bean
jazzy Bean - Måned siden
I only swear to show the intensity of my fury "in [word] form"
Nacomy Aracena
Nacomy Aracena - Måned siden
Me? I'm a beautiful dumpling? :o
Atom Kuehne
Atom Kuehne - Måned siden
Can't wait for the ultimate exposed video in two thousand twenty-twenty-two
simper simp
simper simp - Måned siden
i still don’t get america and i’m american
Jessieca Manning
Jessieca Manning - Måned siden
Why does Trisha look like chucky?
ThisIsEJMusic Unofficial
ThisIsEJMusic Unofficial - Måned siden
These kind of people put the f word in every sentence cause thats how shallow their thinking capacity is
AliveC4t - Måned siden
Trisha is 1) gross 2) annoying 3) really really duuuuuuuumb 4) overrated
Why does anyone give her attention? She doesn’t do anything interesting. Literally. She has never once done anything interesting or intelligent.
Noy Gamer095
Noy Gamer095 - Måned siden
Noy Gamer095
Noy Gamer095 - Måned siden
Lofi Cleanse
Lofi Cleanse - Måned siden
" being friends with a minor is predatory. " hell no. Being predatory is predatory.
R Hobbs
R Hobbs - Måned siden
Honestly I kinda agree about the tik tok girl, I don’t like the people on there who’s only “thing” is dancing around like why is that a thing that makes you famous now? It is boring indeed. Also, she’s not a minor according to my country so I don’t see a problem with her being friends with that dude, they both got internet famous at a young age so they both understand each other’s situation in my opinion. Trisha has and will always be a troll doing and saying everything she can for shock horror and attention, surely nobody takes anything she’s saying seriously do they? It’s just like a soap opera, overly dramatic fake storylines to kill a couple hours a week
Hydra - Måned siden
gotta be honest... she looks like a bean
GhostlyGay - Måned siden
In 202022 (2022)
Sasori of the Red Sand
Sasori of the Red Sand - Måned siden
"Hello my beautiful dumplings"
Bold of you to assume I'm beautiful.
Katie Harvey
Katie Harvey - Måned siden
Love watching your videos. I always keep up to date on them and watch them as soon as I can because they are so informative and help keep me away from these terrible and dangerous people that I might otherwise find myself getting sucked into. Thank you iNabber. x
Sir Lord Noob
Sir Lord Noob - Måned siden
That episode was way too personal and should not have been posted. They're fine now but geeeeez
Angal123 1235
Angal123 1235 - Måned siden
Tirsh is not funny
Ed: omg I don't amgne iget thes much Likes
Angal123 1235
Angal123 1235 - Måned siden
Angal123 1235
Angal123 1235 - Måned siden
C-had The single dad
C-had The single dad - Måned siden
You can't break down trisha paytas. She like an enigma.
That one Weird-guy
That one Weird-guy - Måned siden
Obligatory comment to help the algorithm!
reptile queen
reptile queen - Måned siden
Why does Trisha always look like she's stuck in the 90's
MacheteSquad121 - Måned siden
tremblinggod no i dont want a last name
are we ignoring the fact her sweater says jewicorn?
Anton Haq
Anton Haq - Måned siden
Why anybody eould give a shit whst that awful blob Paytas thinks, baffles me. She's an example of vileness in human form. The best way of dealing with these kind of supposed celebs is to totally ignore them.
random nerd
random nerd - Måned siden
i sub
PX9 - Måned siden
10:30 he is also gay
Lauren McGough
Lauren McGough - Måned siden
I feel like Trisha likes drama and her mental instability is taking a toll. This will come off harsh but I'm starting to believe it's all for clout, nothing is real with her, but I dont know :/
She is indian Rakhi Sawant 😂
AC Palmer
AC Palmer - Måned siden
What are your opinions on Darth Plageus the Wise?!
gamekilla - Måned siden
don't mind me just commenting to help iNabber and Kenji in the youtube algorithm.
Sienna N. S.
Sienna N. S. - Måned siden
i thought trisha was cosplaying chucky with that striped shirt 💀
MARY AKA Kanyonatic Uk
MARY AKA Kanyonatic Uk - Måned siden
New subscriber , hello ❤️
Yami X
Yami X - Måned siden
IN 20002022
Sarah Singing
Sarah Singing - Måned siden
It’s funny to me how Trisha always says, “your life is on the internet. Don’t expect people to NOT talk about you,” but when SHE gets talked about she turns on the camera, breaks down, and gets completely angry at everyone who yells at her or talks about her. Like?? Sis?? You’re ALSO on social media?? Ik it’s an act (probably) but it still makes me completely angry because just shush PLEASE-
valixrae - Måned siden
I have no idea how anyone can still condone her behaviour and treatment of others. Her appearance on America's got talent and her cringe worthy interaction with Howard Stern should have been it. It's really, reeeeally sad.
magpies in space
magpies in space - Måned siden
why is this old lady still on this platform? is this all not harassment and hate speech? which is all against the guidelines
Ashley Floyd
Ashley Floyd - Måned siden
The master-bater part fucking ANNIHILATED ME
J - Måned siden
These comments are so disappointing. Honestly was on trishas side for that one
Leslie Sackey
Leslie Sackey - Måned siden
Do I think that Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae, and other famous TikTokers are boring, can’t dance, and will fade into obscurity; yes. But I would never imply they would end up prostitutes because that’s disgusting and immature to say to a bunch of children. And also the two are still successful and will still reap the benefits of their careers. You can dislike someone’s content and criticize them but don’t insult them or say disgusting things about them.
Dz Xn
Dz Xn - Måned siden
Can I learn how to make content on skillshare, I used to want to be a youtuber...
ThatBasicDeir - Måned siden
i don't know if Trisha is trying to fabricate the attention she gets by creating drama, I think she is deeply troubled and genuinly doesnt understand how being "appropriately" social works. I don't think she does this for attention, I believe she needs help, like therapy.
Avalon - 2 måneder siden
I love you but trishas fans are mostly adults and she also has a personality disorder
Yuggy Daggy
Yuggy Daggy - 2 måneder siden
At least I’m someone’s beautiful dumpling
Cale Sucha
Cale Sucha - 2 måneder siden
hope im next
Deanna Jackson
Deanna Jackson - 2 måneder siden
Trisha Paytas needs to go sit down somewhere.
Shirene Ng
Shirene Ng - 2 måneder siden
Sorry, two thousand and twenty twenty-two? 😂😂
Amal - 2 måneder siden
LOL these dumb YouTubers really be trying to fight everyone
fishhuh - 2 måneder siden
every podcast episode Ethan slowly dies inside a little more
Tia Fabi
Tia Fabi - 2 måneder siden
James Charles does focus so much on drama.
Tia Fabi
Tia Fabi - 2 måneder siden
"I brought life to the H3H3 podcast" like girl go away lol Ethan and Hila are being way too forgiving of her shit behavior
Tia Fabi
Tia Fabi - 2 måneder siden
She cannot keep just doing shit things and saying sorry as if that makes it better
Leo - 2 måneder siden
Trisha: omg James is a predator
also trisha: faking being trans, faking having DID, exposing her own body everywhere, dressing up sexually as child characters
Daddy Chloe
Daddy Chloe - 2 måneder siden
Just because a 21 year old is friends with a 16 year old isn't predatory it would just be weird if he was friends with the 16 year old only but he's friends with the parents and the entire family. He's 21 years old it's not like he's 40 years old. generally that's only a 5 year difference, and hes friends with her parents. Honestly I feel like everybody attacking her over the staged TV show was uncalled for and the fact that a grown woman is attacking a 16 year old is absolutely disgusting and weird.
sakurashounen - 2 måneder siden
Every now and then she needs to say some shit to prevent everyone from forgetting she exists.
MelatoninHours - 2 måneder siden
am I the only person that heard Frash say "two thousand and twenty-twenty-two" when he tried to say 2022? 1:25 haha ly Frasher (and Kenji)
Jerome Sankara
Jerome Sankara - 2 måneder siden
Angelita - 2 måneder siden
Does Trisha even know James is gay? Like tf
Śÿštêm Ęrrør
Śÿštêm Ęrrør - 2 måneder siden
“Hello my beautiful dumplings” makes me forget all of my insincerity’s for a bit lol so thanks
ellie-in-plaid - 2 måneder siden
Me: gets called a beautiful dumpling
Me: 😍🥰🥳💖💍🎉😍🥰🥳💖💍🎉
* Erin *
* Erin * - 2 måneder siden
iNabber: mi amigos
Me: good luck, learning a language is hard so well done for starting... but it’s mis amigos...
MintKit - 2 måneder siden
Do the thumbnail arrows confuse anyone else?
shshshs_shutup - 2 måneder siden
the undertale music during the sponsored part made me subscribe
K O - 2 måneder siden
I don’t know much about Trisha Paytas, but any adult who bullies a kid online is the lowest of the low. Anyone who tries to gather hatred for any other human and use their influence to create an angry mob towards another human is a trash can. It absolutely disgusts me how these influencers can sleep at night and pull money from content designed to “take down” another human being. Dumpster fire.
Ain Leigh
Ain Leigh - 2 måneder siden
Trisha "Jews are traditionally unattractive" paytas
Troublesum FromCincinnati
Troublesum FromCincinnati - 2 måneder siden
Is that Ela chick ethans wife or sister? I’ve heard it both ways now. Wtf!?
Rouge But Here
Rouge But Here - 2 måneder siden
W#47 7#47 c#!N d0?
Melissasaurus - 2 måneder siden
I just got a new job and i need to brush up on microsoft excel, so I very much appreciate your sponsor!! Going to take some classes with that free trial ❤
What are you gonna do with that big bat? ?
I strongly dislike Trisha, I hate how she has mocked so many different communities and people still watch her and think she’s “funny.” How is it funny to mock DID, Trans people, and sexualize gay men?? That’s not funny it’s disgusting.
J ,
J , - 2 måneder siden
I don’t like that woman
Rebecca nash
Rebecca nash - 2 måneder siden
Acts and looks like a bloody troll. Ergh eww.
Aj - 2 måneder siden
i fear for the year two thousand twenty twenty two
coquibug - 2 måneder siden
luv the undertale music...!!
Timeturner - 2 måneder siden
_gasp_ A young adult has friends who aren't quite 18 yet? He _talks_ to people and doesn't exist in a vacuum??
The scandal of it all! 😱
mansa neekttv
mansa neekttv - 2 måneder siden
mansa neekttv
mansa neekttv - 2 måneder siden
Coast ?
Coast ? - 2 måneder siden
The Star Wars jokes made this video