Zoe Laverne Is A Dangerous TikTok PREDATOR

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Zoe Laverne is a famous TikTok star with millions of followers, known for her tiktoks, feud with Charli D'Amelio and also for being exposed for grooming. Today we are going to discuss all of this. This whole video is an opinion.
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iNabber - 3 måneder siden
yoooo if this video hits 40,000 likes ill review the scooby doo movies BOI
☆ 《 _LeafyTea! 》★
☆ 《 _LeafyTea! 》★ - 7 dager siden
alright you reached it, review them now or i cry
idk stuff
idk stuff - 7 dager siden
Review them, tim.
Phåbøňēķþhųm - 26 dager siden
@iNabber lol
I am not okay.
I am not okay. - Måned siden
Tinky_winky 448
Tinky_winky 448 - Måned siden
Where is it my man
Adia Aguilar
Adia Aguilar - 2 timer siden
I heard about this when it happened. It sickens me so much.. I’m 20 years old and my brother is 13. He’s a literal CHILD.
The fact that her mom is defending her too... I bet she wouldn’t defend it if her daughter was 13 years old and she was kissed by a 20 year old man.
Oh Dot
Oh Dot - 3 timer siden
I agree with you about brain not being fully developed actually about a month or two i realized i was groomed at first i was in denial but now im sure i was. I didn't realize until barely since i never really put much thought to it and i was barely 12 and my groomer was an adult and i thought it what he was doing was ok but now i see its not.
TheGalaxyBunny - 10 timer siden
i'm 13 and i understand "yo that's a crime i'm tryna get a job not a cell mate"
Black Pocahontas
Black Pocahontas - 14 timer siden
Mannnnn let this been a 19 year old guy ....
A fellow Weeb
A fellow Weeb - 3 dager siden
alex gutierrez
alex gutierrez - 4 dager siden
you saying that it's not all tiktokers but it's still odd that it keeps happening is basically the "if I had a nickel for every time [blank] happened, I'd only have two nickles... which isn't a lot, but it's weird that its happened twice"
Amyaa Fetko
Amyaa Fetko - 4 dager siden
7:20 every time I watch a video on this situation and this pops up I physically recoil.
Chloé - 4 dager siden
Am I only one who is entertained by INabber's patience to not get extremely psychopathic about her words and still keeping his cool? I would have needed a wig in the first 20 seconds. How can you stay so calm as you are?
Aziz - 5 dager siden
Im depressed at age 13 and i still don't wanna kiss someone
Breonna Van Dam-Colvin
Breonna Van Dam-Colvin - 5 dager siden
She suggests he consented to the kiss. Does she realize a 13 year old can’t give consent??? Like most states have the age of consent at 18 so therefore if someone were to give “consent” before that they don’t have the mental ability to do so.
Gamer's Theater
Gamer's Theater - 7 dager siden
if the roles were reversed the guy would be shot dead in the first 10 seconds, if a women were to grab a kid's privates in public would be congratulated, but a guy who looks at a little girl is called a predator
Gamer's Theater
Gamer's Theater - 7 dager siden
"you groomed a 13 year old"
people 1000s years ago: first time?
not supporting her i swear
Constanze - 7 dager siden
I think tik tokers should just have there brains scooped out
soallage77 - 8 dager siden
I was sexually abused by my dad until I was 14 and yes I still feel guilty because it happened and yes I feel it was my fault even though I was only 2 when it started. I have depression and yes I have bad days and I tried committing suicide twice a few years ago
it is i
it is i - 8 dager siden
(i just found out as of rn its feb 23rd)
Always Hangry Girl
Always Hangry Girl - 9 dager siden
I'm offended that this matter hasn't had enough attention. Imagine if a 19 year old guy kissed a 13 yo girl. How does it sound when the roles swapped?
Bri P
Bri P - 9 dager siden
um.. wow that's a stretch. I'm not condoning their relationship by any means and it's good that they broke up but I mean.. "pedo" "predator" "groomer" those words are thrown around so willy nilly... And what did you want to happen to her? Jail?? omg people need to get a clue.
Ashtynコリンズ - 12 dager siden
bruh the voice at 14:20 makes me want to bang my head against a wall
Ttvzxlo - 13 dager siden
When you said she like coming on live stream s I was like 😅😅
IronSurfDragon - 15 dager siden
"All we did was kiss"
"He made me happy in so many ways"
Colbyjack365 - 16 dager siden
omg this is why i hate straight tik tok
Wren Viennice
Wren Viennice - 16 dager siden
All you said make sense and I couldn't agree more.
Rachel O'Neil
Rachel O'Neil - 18 dager siden
If this was a guy she’d be in jail by now.....
PriapusV2 - 18 dager siden
She needs hard therapy than jail sentence
1Thug1Luv The Movement
1Thug1Luv The Movement - 18 dager siden
This is America
Nina :D
Nina :D - 22 dager siden
Yanicel Esquivel
Yanicel Esquivel - 22 dager siden
i cant believe no ones doing anything about this, she doesn’t need to be canceled, she needs to go to jail. getting canceled doesn’t do anything. he’s 13, if the genders were flipped the person would have been dealt with already.
mkultra 1000
mkultra 1000 - 24 dager siden
Some of my coworkers are teenagers and I get along with them well enough but I just don't understand how grown-ass people are attracted to teenagers like honestly they annoy the hell out of me sometimes. Plus there's nothing to relate to.
turtle4614 - 24 dager siden
Imagine if she wasn't cute and white. Then she'd actually be in prison or charged right now instead of being click bait on YouTube.
spiderDawid9748 - 24 dager siden
i am british
Mizuki Kaze
Mizuki Kaze - 26 dager siden
I think you’re overreacting and it’s really not that bad

I enjoyed The Last Jedi movie; everyone has their own opinion on the subject thank you
Phåbøňēķþhųm - 26 dager siden
I wonder why people dont subscribe to you your amazing
OceanWolfGamer - 27 dager siden
Why does an adult cry for nothing? When it was all her fault and deserves to be called out for it.
Emma Murabito
Emma Murabito - 28 dager siden
fun fact! I made a tik tok about her and her scandal that got I think over 30k views and over 5k likes until her fanbase the “zoenuts” reported it and it got taken down for bullying and harassment, while they were also calling me ugly and making comments about my looks in the comment section as if that isn’t bullying. I reuploaded it though after it getting taken down again a few times and it’s still up and at the top of the sound I used so that’s good! great video as always king! 🥺💗✨
Niki Prytherch
Niki Prytherch - 28 dager siden
9:58 bro her eyelashes are thicker than all the bushes in the world combined
Un Funi
Un Funi - 28 dager siden
Bro, we need to be doxxing the ppl who actually deserve it.
Feña B
Feña B - 29 dager siden
As a 18 y/o i don’t even know any 16 y/o like tf is she doing
Lucid Axel
Lucid Axel - Måned siden
I have depression and I can tell you being a predator is NOT a symptom
Ultra instinct Goku
Ultra instinct Goku - Måned siden
She literally ruined her own life
ബീൊൈ 1
ബീൊൈ 1 - Måned siden
What came from that situation?
Codes1973 - Måned siden
scooby doo where you at
Codes1973 - Måned siden
heres 40k likes
vertigoshock peep
vertigoshock peep - Måned siden
Her brain is as developed as the kid’s
Adowg 2007
Adowg 2007 - Måned siden
This is so FUCK up
ExcaliBurn GD
ExcaliBurn GD - Måned siden
Shotacon?? Is actually real in this 3D life
Hank Says Hi hehe
Hank Says Hi hehe - Måned siden
Me: Bruh u mad 😡

Also me: Wait what is going on in this video?
Buddy Boi
Buddy Boi - Måned siden
This makes me r e l l y uncomfortable

Mainly because my irl name is Zoe and my brothers name is Connor
I really hate this whole situation even more now
Hug Dispenser
Hug Dispenser - Måned siden
Hey I know I’m two months late but I hope you can talk about someone I used to follow that I stopped hearing about a while ago. Dr1ven. Eric Zinc. He was caught for being predatory on only fans or something like that which is very much a red flag as he started a whole community on tiktok, YouTube, and discord. He used to talk about mental health and his struggles with it. It pained me to hear about him in a negative manner tbh but I was pained because I was fooled by him.
Kk The Potato
Kk The Potato - Måned siden
It's a giant mushroom! Maybe it's friendly!
Hope Zyla
Hope Zyla - Måned siden
I don't even think she gonna go to jail because she can probably easily pay her way out
Hope Zyla
Hope Zyla - Måned siden
And I bet no one would call the cops and get her in jail Like I Bet
Tiffanie Lynn 27
Tiffanie Lynn 27 - Måned siden
It’s gross for sure. There is something seriously wrong with you if you’re “catching feelings” for a child. She’s needs to gtfoh with her sob story.
ellen kavanagh
ellen kavanagh - Måned siden
I'm English love your vids!!!!
she's lying: me: who studies deception :D UR RIGHT
Carter Spitfire
Carter Spitfire - Måned siden
I know this video is a bit old, but I've been watching a lot of your videos lately and I just genuinely want to say thank you for putting trigger warnings. Not a lot of creators seem to do that and it genuinely feels nice to know that you care about triggers and want to make sure your viewers are comfortable! To the nugget king, iNabber! Also I just want to say thank you as well for posting a lot of amazing videos and cheering us up with your jokes, I can't wait to watch more in the future!
Shungite Master
Shungite Master - Måned siden
I’m so confused, why must you apologize for being British? (If you don’t mind my asking.)
Alien April
Alien April - Måned siden
As a 13 y/o I understand why my mom doesn’t let me have tiktok now. I am truly blessed for a parent like her-
꧁Floofy_ Fox꧂
꧁Floofy_ Fox꧂ - Måned siden
Is she in jail tho ? 🤔
FighterPilot X
FighterPilot X - Måned siden
At 3:00 when she flips off the camera she's using the wrong middle finger. If she wanted to truly insult someone she would have put her thumb in her palm rather than sticking it out
꧁Floofy_ Fox꧂
꧁Floofy_ Fox꧂ - Måned siden
Who else gets into the drama after like two or three months-
Stephen Wilbur
Stephen Wilbur - Måned siden
Because tictok and most social media are run by the same kind of people as her .
Stephen Wilbur
Stephen Wilbur - Måned siden
Oh let's get mom and dad in our crime now !!
Stephen Wilbur
Stephen Wilbur - Måned siden
Never been a symptom of my depression and I've had it for 54 years . She stopped because she was famous and got caught grooming a child . And now she's afraid that she will go to prison and find out she's got pretty lips to motor boat grandmaws pee pee with . Also she wouldn't do anything without his consent . Kind of hard for a child to give it don't you think . That's why there is a consent age usually at least 16 .
Mie Williams
Mie Williams - Måned siden
I love those accent
Sharkinzy - Måned siden
Didnt know pedophilia is a symptom of depression havent fekt that one yet
Rose Samples
Rose Samples - Måned siden
Love your vids
ShinyDiamonds45 - Måned siden
My cousin STILL supports her
I tried to explain to her that she’s a PREDATOR and she didn’t even care bc “she was abused” LIKE THAT DOESNT MATTER
The Lady’s Glove
The Lady’s Glove - Måned siden
I am 17 and will gladly go watch South Park
Blue 2003 Toyota Echo
Blue 2003 Toyota Echo - Måned siden
Wtf. 13 year olds have smooth brains. They don’t understand Jack shit about consent
Olivia Ware
Olivia Ware - Måned siden
I need law and Order special victims unit
Assi Yeets
Assi Yeets - Måned siden
Let me guess? Zoe copyrighted this vid right?
The Batzinator
The Batzinator - Måned siden
Why is a 19 year old bestfriends with a 13 year old to begin with?!?!
Kolini Manu
Kolini Manu - Måned siden
i just graduated high school...i saw some kids in their uniform today and omg i don't understand how you could ever
Suchwowitzmads - Måned siden

When he said " I was friends with a groomer" in my head I pictured some pet groomer brushing some clients dog with bags under his eyes and just looking dead inside 🤣
Endshock8042 - Måned siden
Can we get the FBI like this is about 3 years of jail time what she did and should be condemned for this
ThatGuy Sonny
ThatGuy Sonny - Måned siden
First of all who’s *driving* while they’re filming?
Luci a fucking satanic gay goose
Can someone just bury me in the fucking ground or launch me into space so I don't have to deal with these influencers shit?
Vanessa Ultimo
Vanessa Ultimo - Måned siden
"I wouldn't do anything without his consent"
Let's say it together:
Children 👏can👏not👏consent 👏👏👏👏
Kat Monk
Kat Monk - Måned siden
I’m depressed and been like that for a while but NO NO BRO I LITERALLY FIND PEOPLE A MONTH YOUNGER THEN ME GROSS LIKE WTF
Junicorn 27
Junicorn 27 - Måned siden
Yass @iNabber is in da gaang
CouldntImagineBeingCookie - Måned siden
Not her still getting millions of views because of her 7 year old fanbase who dont know any better
Ozimine - Måned siden
are you literally apologizing for beeing british at 0:20 or so
A-10 Warthog
A-10 Warthog - Måned siden
You’re British I’m unsubscribing this is just unacceptable
yerixrevluv - Måned siden
I wanna know why tf she took a video of it in the first place like????
Carissa SmilesMUA
Carissa SmilesMUA - Måned siden
I know this isn't a Mini Ladd video, but when I saw what he did I was heartbroken. I genuinely liked him and looked up to him. My brother and I finally found a YouTuber we both liked! He even went to a live show in Portland, OR! So when I saw what he did I cried because I thought that he was good. I thought that he wasn't like my other idols who then betrayed not only me but their entire fanbase! It's just so disappointing
Gaia Dawson
Gaia Dawson - Måned siden
I used to support her, but now I know who she truly is and I am ashamed of ever, ever being one of her fans and defending her.
Gaia Dawson
Gaia Dawson - Måned siden
@Markitroman _ thank you:)
Markitroman _
Markitroman _ - Måned siden
It be like that. But you’ve changed and grown. Be proud of yourself, friend. ✨
Kay Catti
Kay Catti - Måned siden
I was groomed online when i was 13.. im 14 now
Michelle Bachelder
Michelle Bachelder - Måned siden
The jaded orange successfully divide because visitor ironically drown past a swanky fridge. rainy, juicy quiet
OmniKannonXYZ - Måned siden
Funny thing zoe isnt gonna be arrested cus shes a girl imagine what would happen if the roles were reversed and a 13yr girl was groomed by a 19 yr man
Timothy - Måned siden
Me being 13 and thinking i was mature
Harry Williams
Harry Williams - Måned siden
I only understood 30% percent of these words but yes this person is bad
Your Neighborhood Deadpool
Zoey Laverne is such a mess, I’m glad Cody and her ended it. She’s almost a psychopath
Ashlee Doodles
Ashlee Doodles - Måned siden
Bruh giving the state im from bad rep cmon man. DEPRESSION DOESNT MAKE YOU A PREDATOR! Also consent in Indiana is 16! Not 13 its 16! She is a predator and just an awful person!
Carter Conway
Carter Conway - Måned siden
1m TikTok followers is the equivalent of 500k YouTube followers so...
Niphe - Måned siden
Hold up, why does every youtuber think 13- 14 year old people are bad, are way too childlike. I do not remember playing with legos on my 13th and shit.
Edit: maybe a little. But i was not a big dumdum! I wasn’t stupid!
Chris Maddox,Safe place for all
“It just happens we were both in a dark place”. Ya sure. But she is a legal adult. That’s a 13 year old, you being in a dark place still gives you no right to kiss a 13 year old child! Either way a 13 year old child can not and I shall make this clear can not legally consent. And I’m going off by what my mother has taught me. And I’m 11 and seeing that just brings up a whole black hole of problems that give me less hope for our society every day. Name one toxic community I could name one! And it’s the people who see this!
-From chris
Niphe - Måned siden
Mister nabber, what do you think about Sweden? Other British people seem to think it doesn’t exist.
zack walker
zack walker - Måned siden
Zoe is adopted. Her mom is her aunt.
Lollie - Måned siden
Honestly I didn't know they existed before this video
Skye Dino
Skye Dino - Måned siden
Switch the genders here: A very popular MALE TikToker was caught grooming a 13-year-old girl! That would have EVERYBODY demanding his arrest! Why is it different for a female?!